How Do Adidas Shoes Fit

Adidas shoes fit true to size, much to the relief of most of their users. After nearly a century of offering world-class footwear to their customer base, they’ve clearly recognized the importance of creating shoes that run true to size.

Despite this, there are a handful of details worth noting before picking up a pair of shoes from the brand. If you’re looking to pick up some of their shoes, it’s useful to understand the sizing of the brand in relation to your own feet.

To make everything a whole lot easier for you, this guide offers answers to precisely this question—how do Adidas shoes fit?

Here’s a quick overview of what we’re covering:

  • Adidas shoe size chart.
  • How to measure your feet for Adidas shoes.
  • Using the Adifit insole for kids.
  • General sizing guidelines for Adidas shoes.

Adidas Shoes Fit

Adidas Shoe Size Chart

Adidas has made the sizing charts available for all their footwear on their website. These are generic sizing charts that you can refer to to get a basic idea of the size of various Adidas shoes. The Adidas sizing chart for adults (both men and women) can be found here, while the Adidas size chart for junior-sized shoes can be found here.

The brand provides half-sizes for most of their adult line of shoes. The only exception is for the range of shoes for men between the ages of 15 and 19 years.

In the above linked adult shoe size charts Adidas, the measurements available are those made from heel-to-toe. The sizes are also available in US, UK, JP, and EU sizes.

The junior charts pretty much match this as well, except that there aren’t any sizes available in the JP section.

How to Measure Your Feet for Adidas Shoes

It’s always advisable that you try picking up shoes in-store to help you determine the ideal fit for your feet. If, by any chance, you’re unable to do so and you’re ordering the shoes online, you need to measure your foot on your own to determine the right size.

According to Adidas, there’s a simple way to measure your feet or your child’s feet in order to land on the perfect Adidas shoe sizing. You can do this by following the instructions below:

  • Place a blank piece of paper against a wall.
  • Stand on the paper while ensuring that the heel of your foot touches the wall.
  • Use a pencil or pen to draw around your feet and accurately capture its shape.
  • Find the longest toe on your foot and mark it on the paper.
  • For most, it would be the big toe, but some people have a longer second toe.
  • Measure the distance between your longest toe and the heel of your foot.
  • You’ve now determined the length of your feet, which you can use to match up with the sizing chart provided by Adidas.

Additional Guidelines

Here are some pro tips to help you perfect the process of measuring your feet:

  • Use the assistance of another person to draw around your foot if possible. This will help you get accurate measurements as this entire ordeal is all about accuracy.
  • Make sure to factor in the space you’ll need to accommodate socks inside your shoes. You can also consider wearing your regular pair of socks for the sake of improved accuracy while comparing with the Adidas size charts.
  • Most feet tend to swell up after a long day, which is why it’s best to carry out the measurements at the end of the day instead of at the beginning.


Using the Adifit Insole for Kids

If you’ve just picked up a pair of Adidas shoes for your little one (children up to seven years), you’ll notice that they’ve come with the adiFit insole. You can use this insole to determine if the size you’ve picked for your child will accurately match their foot dimensions.

You can use the insole by following these instructions:

  • Remove the special insole and place it flat on the ground.
  • Get your child’s foot and position it in the space provided on the insole with the heel aligning at the end of the insole.
  • If your child’s foot fits within the marked zone on the insole, the shoes will fit them well, and you can continue to use them without worries.
  • You can use the insoles to observe the size of your child’s foot over time. Once the foot outgrows the marking on the insole, it’s time to pick up a new pair of shoes.
  • Much like in the case of adults, it’s best to ask your child to wear a pair of socks before the step onto the adiFit insole for an even more accurate reading.

General Sizing Guidelines for Adidas Shoes

These are some general guidelines that you can use to pick out Adidas shoes for yourself or your child. These will give you even more information about how Adidas shoes fit.

Don’t Assume

You might be a brand loyalist when it comes to Adidas shoes and may have numerous products from their selections, but it’s always dangerous to assume that a particular size will consistently fit your feet.

Our feet are constantly changing from time to time, and you may notice variations even within a year. People with medical conditions such as diabetes can expect their feet to swell up more than average. This is also true in the case of women going through pregnancy.

Therefore, it always helps to conduct up-to-date measurements when you’re picking out a new pair of shoes.

Accuracy Is Key

The measurement tips above are vital in helping you get the perfect shoe size for your feet. Eye-balling it won’t get you very far when it comes to picking up shoes online.

An inch or even half an inch can make a huge difference when it comes to the ideal fit and an uncomfortable fit. Following the tips above will greatly improve your accuracy in this process.

Consider Your Orthotics

If you’re a person dealing with any particular foot condition and you’re used to wearing orthotics more often than not, it’s best to factor in this element during your measuring process.

Orthotics tend to be thicker than your average insole and can take up more room than you expect in a new pair of shoes. Wearing such thick insoles can make the shoes feel smaller than they really are, and this can throw off all your best measurements.

Make sure to measure your insoles or orthotics before finalizing your purchase, and based on the size of the model, you should consider purchasing a half size or full size larger than you normally would.

Recognizing a Bad Fit

As Adidas makes a wide range of shoes in various molds, don’t take it personally if a shoe doesn’t fit you perfectly. In fact, it’s better to return the shoes and try another pair instead of making do with an ill-fitting pair.

Look for the tell-tale signs that your shoes aren’t fitting well. You can notice this when you’re walking or running with ill-fitting shoes as they tend to slide out of place during your stride. This occurs when your shoes are too big.

On the flip side, if you’ve picked out a smaller pair for yourself, you’ll notice the insides of the shoes pressing against your toes and causing constrictions on your feet.

If you continue using such a pair, you’re likely to cause pain and damage to your feet in the long run, and this can lead to deformities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Adidas Shoes Fit True to Size?

Yes, Adidas shoes do fit true to size. This is true for the vast majority of their selections. A few of their models, however, may be smaller or bigger than a regular fit. Examples of such models include the Ultraboost series, the Gazelle series, and the Cloudfoam series.

Do Adidas Ultraboost Fit True to Size?

The Adidas Ultraboost does not typically fit true to size, and Adidas recommends that you should look to go half a size higher when picking out the Ultraboost 1.0 or 2.0. These are lightweight, well-cushioned shoes that are specifically designed for runners.

Impossible Is Nothing

Adidas is a brand that believes in the impossible, and this is why they’ve managed to stand tall among the competition for decades. They produce some truly world-class products, and you cannot go wrong when picking out an Adidas shoe.

The only element you need to focus on your end is nailing the sizing of the shoes. By using the tips and guides provided in our article, you’re sure to find the perfect Adidas pair, and you’ll be ready to start chasing the impossible yourself.


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