Best Children’s Shoes for Wide Feet

Children with wide feet often find it challenging to find a pair of footwear to match their requirements. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t enough quality products available on the market for such kids, but simply that you need to pay a bit of extra attention when picking out their shoes.

To make your task a whole lot easier, we’ve selected 10 of the best children’s shoes for wide feet.

Here is the list of our final selection for best children’s shoes for wide feet:


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How To Pick the Best Children’s Shoes for Wide Feet

Here are a set of useful pointers to help you find the ideal pair of shoes for children with wide feet:


One of the most important elements to consider when picking out toddler shoes best for wide feet is the shoes’ support. Make sure to pick out shoes that offer a stable feeling to children when they walk with them.

This involves having rounded edges on soles, ample flexibility, and rubber soles with excellent traction. These elements combine to increase the support offered by shoes and decrease the discomfort of wearing ill-fitting shoes of wide feet.

A good example of the best shoes for toddler that offers great support includes the Crocs Kids’ Classic Clog.


Shoes come with all types of closure systems, and the size of the closure can also vary significantly from brand to brand. You can pick between shoes with a loop and hook system, slip ons, and velcro enclosures. Each of these design choices offers varying levels of fastening for the child.

Slip ons and velcro enclosures, for example, make it extremely simple for a child to wear their shoes and take them off at a moment’s notice, but they are not as stable as shoes with a hook and loop system.

The size of the best toddler shoe enclosure also plays a part in determining your child’s comfort levels. Shoes with wider enclosures will be more comfortable to wear and take off than models with narrow enclosures. A classic example of this is the Adidas Kids’ Grand Court Sneaker, which offers a wider opening for kids.


Children with wide feet often feel highly uncomfortable when wearing regular shoes. Apart from picking out extra wide shoes, you can also look for shoes that offer midsole cushioning to increase their comfort levels. Shoes with PU or EVA foam cushions are particularly great in this category.

One of the shoes featured on our list that fits this bill is the Nike Kids Star Runner 2 (GS) Sneaker.


Another simple method of improving children’s comfort levels with wide feet is to look for shoes that offer a certain degree of breathability during usage; this can come from the design of the shoes and the choice of materials.

Some of the best materials to look for in children’s shoes for this purpose are leather or mesh fabric. These materials allow moisture to escape the shoes and offer space for the odor to release during extended usage. An example of this can be seen in the Nike Kids Star Runner 2 (GS) Sneaker.


The weight of one’s shoes plays a major role in determining the duration a child can wear the shoes without feeling any discomfort. Generally, you should seek out lightweight shoes to ease the burden on your child’s little feet and allow them to frolic with ease.

Shoes with rubber soles and a mesh upper, in general, tend to be lightweight models, and they’ll greatly boost comfort levels during extended usage. A great model with this configuration is the Adidas Kids’ Duramo 9 Running Shoe.


Reviews of the Ten Best Children’s Shoes for Wide Feet

This is the heart of our article, where we review the best shoes for children with wide feet based on the various criteria mentioned above.

Our Overview

Are there any casual shoes more comfortable than a classic pair of crocs? We think not, which is why this product takes the top spot on our list.

These are made using 100 percent Croslite foam and feature a synthetic sole; this makes the shoes highly comfortable, light, and durable in the long run.

Much like the adult version of the crocs, these miniatures also offer an easy on and off design; this makes it extremely favorable for kids as they prefer to swiftly wear and take off their shoes during their hyperactive days.

This lightweight model is also available in a variety of colors, thereby offering your children the option of picking out the model of their choice. These durable shoes are ideal for running around in the playground and kicking up dirt willy nilly.

Thanks to the use of the Croslite foam, the shoes are also extremely flexible and can be worn by boys and girls.

One common complaint among consumers is that these shoes shrink over time if your child is using them to play in the water. Make sure to plan accordingly by picking up a larger size.


  • Made entirely using 100 percent Croslite foam with synthetic soles.
  • Easy on and off for children.
  • Light and durable.
  • Available in a wide range of colors.
  • Flexible and can be worn by either gender.


  • Waterplay can cause shrinkage in shoe size.

Our Overview

This is another pair of the best toddler shoes that’s popular among adults and children alike. Converse is known for making shoes on the wider end of the spectrum, and this choice trickles down to the kiddy version as well.

The Chuck Taylor low-top version of the classic Converse features a rubber toe that maximizes the shoes’ longevity and durability. The upper material is made of canvas that helps increase the shoes’ breathability while also keeping the overall weight low.

Your child’s safety is also preserved in these lace-ups thanks to the rubber toe that helps keep their feet dry and offers additional protection from inadvertent toe stubs. Thanks to the use of rubber soles, these lightweight shoes are effortless for your children to wear and take off.

The low top design also negates a major inconvenience for kids that results from shoes rubbing against their ankles to cause irritation.

You can pick up these All Stars in any color your child desires as they’re pretty much available in all variants.

The only downside we can think of for this classic model is that the low top design doesn’t offer any ankle protection whatsoever.


  • Rubber sole is durable and lightweight.
  • Toe offers additional protection.
  • Canvas material is lightweight and breathable.
  • Available in a large set of colors.


  • Zero ankle protection.

Our Overview

Native is a great brand that produces high-quality products for kids, and this model ranks very highly in our books for its overall quality and features.

Children absolutely love slip-ons for their immense comfort and ease-of-use, which is why Native has chosen this popular design style for this particular model.

You’ll notice that there are holes dispersed throughout, to help with the breathability, keep the weight to a minimum, and offer a constant source of ventilation; this makes this pair the perfect set of summer shoes.

Thanks to the use of rubber as the core material in these shoes, you’ll be able to clean them whenever they get mucky easily, and they dry up in double time as well.

If you find the right size for your child in this model, you can be guaranteed that the shoes won’t cause any blisters or abrasions as the rubber used inside the shoes have a light texture to prevent injuries.

This also makes them extremely comfortable, not to mention odor-free, thanks to those numerous holes.

The only downside to consider is that these are a popular pair of shoes for children with wide feet, and there are plenty of knock-offs currently circulating in the market. Make sure to pick up an original pair to prevent any damage to your children’s feet and ensure durability.


  • Easy to wear slip-ons.
  • Odor-resistant design.
  • Highly breathable.
  • Lightly textured interiors to prevent injuries.
  • Can be used for water play.


  • Beware of knock-offs in this model.

Our Overview

Adidas is a world-renowned brand that produces some of the best shoes for toddlers. They have a handful of products available for children with wide feet, and we feature two of them on our list.

The Grand Court model is first up, and this one takes after the distinctive look of Adidas sneakers. Although they aren’t available in a wide range of color options, you can still pick these out in the classic white, black, and grey.

Synthetic is the choice of material for these sneakers and makes for a light and robust footwear. The soles are made entirely out of rubber to help further boost the shoes’ durability and enhance the overall grip.

The design also features a big opening that’s between one to three inches based on the size you’re seeking; this allows children with wide feet to easily wear these shoes without facing any discomfort.

You have the option of picking up the model with either a velcro or lace closure based on your preferences as well.


  • Synthetic upper and rubber soles boost durability.
  • Classic Adidas design.
  • Large opening for children with wide feet.
  • Available in velcro or lace closures.


  • Limited color options.

Our Overview

The second Adidas product on our list is a pair of quality running shoes ideal for both genders. The design features an athletic upper layer combined with your standard mesh for increased flexibility and breathability.

A synthetic outsole, along with a rubber sole, can also be seen in this product; this helps boost the product’s durability and helps keep the overall weight to a minimum.

Despite being a child’s shoe, this model is packed with various premium features to maximize your child’s experience; this includes the use of the Cloudform Midsole that allows for an incredible step-in comfort every time your child wears these shoes.

On the other hand, the outsole relies on the classic Adiwear outsole design to help increase longevity. You even have an extra wide opening at the mouth of the shoe to help children with wide feet have easy access.

You can pick this model up in multiple color options to best match your child’s personality.

The only major downside of this model is that customers have had issues with the quality of the laces used in these shoes; they could be a lot better considering the brand manufacturing these shoes.


  • Design features an athletic upper combined with a standard mesh upper.
  • Outsole is made of synthetic while the sole is made using rubber.
  • Offers Cloudform midsole technology for maximum cushioning.
  • Adiwear outsole offers high-durability.
  • Available in a wide range of colors.


  • Low-quality laces.

Our Overview

If you’re looking for a pair of high-quality wide shoes for your kids to wear in the pool or by the beach, this has got to be our top selection on this list.

These are light and highly elastic shoes that can easily offer a snug fit to your kids, even when they have wide feet.

They feature a “flowing-water” design to help curb the retention of liquid along the upper layer and allow the shoes to dry up fairly quickly after water play.

Thanks to a soft upper, a rubber sole, and a flexible outsole, these shoes are very comfortable to wear. The rubber used in the sole has also been upgraded to offer a more reliable grip and avoid any slips, and the insoles are soft and thick to give your child’s feet greater cushioning.

The only major issue with this product is that its quick-dry feature isn’t as effective as you may expect. It takes a little bit of time to dry these shoes entirely, which can be disappointing for water shoes.


  • Lightweight and portable design.
  • Non-slip shoes thanks to an upgraded rubber sole.
  • Insoles are soft and thick, offering extra protection.
  • Uses “flowing water” design to minimize water retention.


  • The quick-dry feature can be improved.

Our Overview

No “best of” list in the kids shoes category can be complete without featuring at least one Nike product. We’ve opted for this model due to its incredible design and compatibility for kids with wide feet.

This is an ideal product for sporty kids who are constantly on the move as these are one of Nike’s best running models. The design includes a rubber sole for superior grip and protection, while the upper relies on mesh to increase breathability.

Nike offers incredible traction with their rubber soles to help your child run and frolic with absolute certainty. These shoes are also highly flexible and feature the use of grooves in the design to boost flexibility during usage; this allows the shoes to twist and turn based on the necessity of your child.

A soft midsole foam has also been utilized in the shoe’s interior to maximize your child’s comfort and allow them to remain active on their feet without experiencing any pain. This feature is further boosted by the extra foam offered around the collar and tongue to heighten comfort levels.

You can also pick out this model from a selection of colors to match your child’s tastes.

The one consistent issue highlighted by the customers for this model is that the velcro quality could be better compared to similar models.


  • Mesh upper and rubber sole.
  • Durable traction on offer in the soles.
  • Great flexibility, thanks to the grooves in the rubber.
  • Comfortable midsole foam.
  • Extra padding around the collar and tongue.


  • Velcro quality can be improved.

Our Overview

This is yet another offering by Nike that’s specifically designed for girls and is ideal for little princesses with wide feet. These are a sporty pair of shoes that use a mesh upper with a rubber sole for the sake of breathability and flexibility. It also uses synthetic and leather materials in the exterior of the shoes for impressive durability.

These kids shoes use a loop and hook system to help improve the fitting; they also have a soft midsole made entirely out of foam to provide great cushioning and maximize comfort levels.

The only real issue with these shoes is their durability. Customers have noted that running and walking won’t wear down the shoes as much, but intensive sports may take a toll on the exterior.


  • Mesh upper and rubber soles.
  • Ideal mix of leather and synthetics on the exterior.
  • Loop and hook system for easy closure and ideal fitting.
  • Soft midsole made of foam for maximum comfort.


  • Not ideal for intensive sports.

Our Overview

This is a great pair of wide shoes that work for boys and girls and is the ideal choice of tennis shoes in this segment.

Using a mesh upper and a rubber sole helps provide users with flexibility and stability during high-intensity activities such as playing sports.

The mesh material also heightens the breathability of the shoes and prevents odors from building up during long hours spent on your child’s feet. The rubber sole also helps greatly by reducing the weight of the shoes and thereby reducing the load on the feet.

Fastening the shoes can be done with the help of a loop and hook system and elastic bands; this allows kiddos to quickly wear and take off the shoes as per their necessity, and we all know how many times kids tend to repeat this action with their shoes.

You can also pick this model in a wide range of colors, with plenty of options available for both genders.

Only one real drawback emerges in these shoes, and that’s the mediocre insole used by the brand. You’ll be better served to pick up a separate pair of insoles to help improve their lifespan.


  • Mesh upper that’s highly breathable.
  • Rubber sole offers great grip and keeps the feet light.
  • Easy to wear and take off.
  • Loop and hook fastener.


  • Mediocre quality insoles.

Our Overview

New Balance is yet another great brand that creates quality products for kids, and we’d be remiss not to have one of their products on our list. This model, in particular, is an excellent ruff-and-tuff choice for kids with wide feet.

This model’s exterior is made of 100 percent suede, while the soles are made entirely out of rubber. The suede is comfortable and durable, while the rubber soles offer excellent grip while keeping the model’s overall weight to a minimum.

You can pick up these shoes in three varying width sizes; the extra wide variant should fit children with the widest possible feet.

Using a breathable mesh upper, coupled with a loop and hook fastening system, makes this a comfortable pair of footwear for any child.

There’s only one real issue with this model, and it’s that the use of suede leather on the exterior gives it a hefty feel.


  • Loop and hook velcro enclosure system.
  • Rubber soles offer grip and keep the weight down.
  • Breathable mesh upper.


  • Hefty feeling due to suede.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Brands Are Good for Wide Feet?

Brands that are good for wide feet include Native, Cros, Nike, Converse, Adidas, and New Balance. Each of these brands has at least a couple of offerings for kids with wide feet.

Are Adidas Shoes Wider Than Nike?

Yes, Adidas shoes are wider and bigger than Nike shoes. The variation in size between these brands can be as large as five millimeters based on the model you’re considering.

Can You Fix Wide Feet?

Children with wide feet don’t have many options to fix the issue. However, as an adult, you can choose to get cosmetic corrective foot surgery if you feel like the discomfort generated from the wide feet is unbearable. Having this surgery can prevent any deformities that come with continually walking with wide feet.

How Often Should I Replace My Child’s Shoes?

This depends entirely on the age of the child and the speed of their growth. In general, it’s good to keep an eye on the size of your child’s feet and conduct measurements on a regular basis. Sometimes you’ll need to replace shoes in a few months, and at other times it can last you a year or two.

What’s the Difference Between Wide and Extra Wide Shoes?

The difference between wide and extra wide shoes can be accurately seen when measuring the ball-of-the-foot region. Wide shoes have a width that’s a quarter of an inch larger than regular shoes. Extra wide shoes, on the other hand, are half an inch wider than your average shoes.

How Can I Measure My Child’s Feet?

There are numerous ways to measure your child’s feet to pick out the ideal shoes for their needs. You can use a professional measuring tool that can be purchased online for a few dollars, or you can manually measure their feet.

Manually measuring involves tracing out their feet on a blank piece of paper to acquire the size and shape of their feet accurately. Now use a ruler or a measuring tape to measure the maximum length and width of their feet.

You can cross-reference these measurements with the sizing chart of various brands to land on the perfect shoes for your child.


Shoes Wide Open

It can be quite a terrible ordeal to have to wear ill-fitting shoes as a child. This is the period of their life where their hands and feet do all the heavy lifting, and having to wear improper footwear can be an absolute nightmare.

We hope that the ten best children’s shoes for wide feet featured above will do justice to your kids’ adorable feet and give them the comfort and flexibility they need to make the most of their glory days. Our top pick is the Crocs Kids’ Classic Clog simply because of the incredible balance between comfort and functionality in these shoes.

Any of the other nine shoes will work as well in allowing your kids to let their feet run wild.


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