Best Insoles for Boots That are Too Big

Yes. We all have boots that are too big. They’re too nice to simply not wear them, but doing so often leaves us uncomfortable and ready to give up on the pair. But don’t be in despair! There’s a solution to this problem: insoles for boots that are too big.

The right pair of insoles will make your boots feel smaller, creating a more comfortable and snug fit. Since we’ve identified this convenient solution, it’s logical for us to compile a list of the best insoles for boots that are too big.

This list includes the following insoles:


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Understanding Shoe Size

It’s essential you develop a good understanding of shoe size and why it’s important that our shoes fit well, or at least feel like they fit well. With such knowledge, you’ll be better equipped to buy the best insoles for boots that are too big or buy the perfect fitting pair next time.

How Do I Own Boots That are Too Big?

The question we all ask ourselves. In most cases, we would have bought the wrong sized pair. This is a common trend among shoe buyers as most people don’t know how to measure their shoe size correctly. A study showed that over 60 percent of people wear the wrong sized shoe, which leads them to develop painful foot conditions.

Another reason is that some people intentionally buy bigger boots because that’s the only size the store has in their favorite color. Which is totally understandable and nothing to be embarrassed over.

There are two other possible reasons that are commonly overlooked. The first being your feet getting smaller. Feet don’t shrink the same way we expect them to grow, but in rare cases, your foot size could get smaller.

The second reason is that your boots have been stretched out. As your boots get worn out, they stretch and could have a looser fit than they originally had when you bought them.

Are My Feet Getting Smaller?

Depending on how your body has changed in the past year or two, you shouldn’t be surprised if your feet have changed size. This is perfectly normal if you’ve lost massive amounts of weight or experience occasional swelling of the feet. There are scientific explanations for your feet getting smaller in both these scenarios.

Weight Loss

When you lose a lot of excess weight, your feet’s bone structure doesn’t change, but the fat surrounding the foot is burned off; this causes your feet to get smaller. This phenomenon only applies to people who are seriously obese. Their feet accommodate extra weight, which causes the initial enlargement of the feet.


If your feet were swollen when you purchased the now-oversized pair of boots, you shouldn’t be shocked with them not fitting. Swelling of the feet takes place during pregnancy, an injury, or diabetes. If you’re no longer pregnant or have recovered from a condition that causes swelling, your feet will have shrunk.

How To Find Your Right Boot Size

Knowing your true foot size is the first step to ensuring you get the perfect pair of boots. There are various ways to measure your feet; you could even have a store salesperson do it for you. But we found the following DIY approach to be the most accessible option.

Tracing Your Feet

Tracing your feet can be done in the following steps:

  • On a sheet of paper, draw a vertical line using a ruler.
  • Put the sheet on the floor and have one edge of it next to the wall.
  • Place your right foot on the paper, ensuring your heel is against the wall.
  • Indicate the position your longest toe reaches.
  • Do the same with your left foot.
  • Use the ruler to measure the position of the longest toe to the edge of the paper.
  • To measure foot width, indicate the points on the widest parts of your foot and take measurements.
  • Carry out this process with socks if you have a thick pair you regularly wear.

Take this tracing with you when you go shopping. Place it on the sole of a potential purchase, and don’t bother trying on the shoe if your drawing is bigger.

Have a look at our article How Should Boots Fit On You for more tips.


Why Are Insoles the Solution?

Insoles offer many benefits to the feet, even when placed in perfectly fitting shoes. They’re a great solution for boots that are too big because they fill in the gaps and push your feet forward. Not only do they ensure you have a snug fit, but you’ll also be very comfortable in them.

Excluding our desired use for them, here are popular reasons why people use insoles:

  • Foot Arch Support: A great way to treat flat feet and ensure your feet don’t flatten when walking or running.
  • Reducing Risk of Feet Conditions: Conditions associated with foot movement –– like bunions and plantar fasciitis –– are less likely with the use of insoles.
  • Pain Relief: The most immediate benefit of insoles is pain relief since they help redistribute the pressure on your foot.
  • Posture Correction: Insoles can improve and correct posture by adjusting your walking movement. There are now specialized insoles made for this purpose.

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How To Choose Insoles for Boots That Are Too Big?

To ensure the best results, you must consider a few things before purchasing insoles for boots that are too big. These considerations will help you identify the most reliable and comfortable insoles.

Size of Insole

You shouldn’t buy insoles that correspond to your foot size. Because we want to make your oversized boots smaller, you should get an insole that fits your boots. All you have to do is learn the true size of your boots and buy insoles of the same size.

Your Foot Arch

We all have different arches. Some people have a normal arch; others have a high or flat arch. You need to get an insole that corresponds to your foot arch. This will make all the difference in comfort and stability.


Insoles come in a variety of different materials, each with their own pros and cons. The most common types of materials are gel, cork, rubber, leather, and foam. Depending on your particular needs, one will be more appealing than the other.

Gel and leather insoles, for example, are very durable and will last a very long time but don’t offer the ventilation and lightweight properties found in foam and rubber insoles. Rubber insoles are quite flexible, but they aren’t as comfortable as foam or gel insoles.


Reviews of the Best Insoles for Boots That Are Too Big

The following reviews outline what we think are the five best insoles for boots that are too big. We’ve used the criteria discussed above to assess whether or not they can solve your problem. We wanted to pick products that will appeal to a wide majority of people, regardless of their foot type.

Our Overview

Abusa Sheepskin are premium insoles made to offer comfort and stability to your feet. They’re made from natural wool from sheep, which not only provides incredible insulation on winter days but contains no harmful substances that may irritate your skin.

These insoles are handmade, which shows the attention and detail used in the production process. That makes the price even more surprising; you can get this pair at just under 22 dollars.

The price depends on the size of your shoe, with insoles available in sizes 8 to 14. The furry part of the insole is 15 millimeters, and the EVA part is 5 millimeters. This gives the insole a height of 20 millimeters, thick enough to fill gaps in your oversized boots.

One-fur technology ensures the texture is smooth and doesn’t stick to your socks, while the unique latex backing is appropriately positioned to make sure there are no untidy folds that form. These ensure that you’ll comfortably fit in your oversized boots, while the thick furry layer makes your boots much smaller.

Foot arch support is brilliant on the Abusa Sheepskin Insoles. The latex padded arch support is ergonomically placed and sized to accommodate people with different foot arch types.

They offer comfort and support that’s the same, if not, better than higher priced products. Because of this, we think this is our winner for the best insoles for boots that are too big.

But the pair do have flaws. For starters, the soles are only useful in cold months. Even though these months are the “boot wearing” season, some boots are suited to warmer months. Second, you must hand-wash the soles; machine washing isn’t recommended. How inconvenient!


  • Insulating sheepskin for colder months.
  • Handmade with detailed, robust construction.
  • Socks don’t stick due to the one-fur technology.
  • Universal arch support for nearly all types of feet.


  • Only suitable for the winter months.
  • Hand-wash only.

Our Overview

This is another winter insole, but it uses wool felt instead of fur. Wool felt is a blended material, where wool fibers are tangled into a thick mass to form a sheet. These felted fibers are dense, which leads to a sturdy and durable fabric for insoles.

The insole is very soft and warm, making it suitable for winter boots and those who suffer from foot pain. It’s also anti-acarid, which means the chances of termites and ticks rummaging through your insoles are very slim. Also, deodorization properties ensure the insoles don’t easily absorb foul smells.

CJMILADO found 6 millimeters to be the most versatile thickness for different types of shoes. The insoles are available in sizes 5 to 14, but you can trim them to fit your shoes if you buy a bigger size.

Despite being breathable and super warm, there isn’t much arch support offered on these insoles. Yes, they’re soft and comfortable, but people with serious foot conditions will need better foot support. If you happen to be in this category of people, then Steve’s top pick is a more suitable option.


  • Adjustable size––you can trim the pair if you buy a bigger size.
  • Warm and comfortable.
  • Six-millimeter thickness to fill gaps in boots.
  • Wool felt fabric is durable.


  • Insufficient arch support.
  • Suitable only for winter.

Our Overview

Sponge insoles have become popular over the past couple of years. They’re cheap and offer the comfort needed by most people. These heel inserts from Fumarst are high quality and provide extra material on the sides and back, making them perfectly suited to loose-fitting shoes.

What’s amazing about this product is that you get three pairs for a total price of less than ten dollars. The insoles provide instant relief with their padded arch support and heel protector that prevents calluses and blisters while also improving heel pain.

The insoles can be cut to provide a custom fit and are versatile enough to insert in your running shoes or low cut dress shoes. Being very breathable and lightweight, you can use these insoles in all seasons, which is one advantage over the previous two.

They come in three colors. It’s hard to identify any flaws in this product at this price, but there are a couple. First, the insoles are quite narrow, which prevents them from doing the best job filling the gaps if boots that are too big. Second, they aren’t available in men’s sizes, which makes them only suited to women.


  • Suitable for all footwear.
  • Comes as three pairs for the price of one.
  • Heel protector to prevent calluses and blisters.
  • Adjustable size—you can trim the pair if you buy a bigger size.


  • Too narrow.
  • Only available in women’s sizes.

Our Overview

Kids also need insoles for boots that are too big. They’re usually the victims of parents buying them oversized shoes and clothes to allow for a growth spurt. But while you patiently wait for that to happen, purchasing insoles for them isn’t the worst idea in the world.

You can either purchase small sizes of the products reviewed above or buy specially made insoles for children. These Riemont Kids Insoles are perfect as they’re also made from sheepskin and will keep your child warm and comfortable.

The insoles come in an open-cell layer that ensures your child’s feet are well ventilated. Kid sizes range from EU 28 to EU 35, which is enough to cover infants and teens. Most children have healthy feet, and there aren’t many drawbacks from this pair besides how narrow they are. They also can’t be trimmed to a smaller size.


  • Thick sheepskin fur warmth and comfort.
  • Open-cell foam for extra cushioning.
  • Thirty-three days of money back.
  • Come in kid’s size EU 28 to EU 35.


  • Can’t be trimmed to custom fit.
  • Only suitable for winter.

Our Overview

If your boots are unusually wide, then this pair is for you. From our review, you’ve probably noticed how some shoe insoles are particularly narrow, which prevents them from filling in the gaps of boots that are too big. Sole Active insoles cater for wide shoes and provide podiatric treatment that will leave you feeling comfortable.

This pair was made for your foot health. It’s no wonder podiatrists recommend it so much after the product was clinically proven to reduce plantar fasciitis pain by 34 percent.

Ergonomic design ensures your foot arch is well supported, and the deep heel cup neutrally aligns your foot and redistributes the pressure on your feet. This lessens the chances of developing foot problems while correcting your posture.

The insoles are coated with Polygiene, which uses recycled silver salt for odor control. With all these performance features, you should be wondering what the catch is. The biggest is the price. At over 40 dollars, this is the most expensive product on our list. But for the price, you’re getting incomparable comfort and protection.


  • Great for wide boots.
  • Clinically proven to remove plantar fasciitis pain by 34 percent.
  • Brilliant arch support.
  • All-season insoles.
  • Odor controlled.


  • Price.
  • Difficult to insert in shoes.


Do I Need Custom Insoles?

Custom insoles are usually for people with serious foot problems or who need added support when playing sports.

Should I Just Get Rid of My Boots?

That depends on you. If your boots are still difficult to walk in after inserting insoles, then there’s little else that can be done. Perhaps consider donating.

How Many Insoles Should I Buy?

Insoles are great for well-fitting shoes, too. Try to get at least two or three for your good fitting shoes and two for those shoes that are too big.



You now know everything there is to know about the best insoles for boots that are too big. You’ve also learned how to choose one and what to do to ensure you purchase a pair of well-fitting shoes the next time you go shopping.

Our favorite is the Abusa Sheepskin Insoles. They offer great quality at a reasonable price. But whatever your needs are, we’re sure you can find a suitable insole from our list.

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