Best Insoles for Cowboy Boots: Keep Your Feet Comfortable

Cowboy boots are an ageless classic that goes with anything and in all environments. Plus, the right pair can last you for decades. But they can be hard and stiff on your feet, especially at first. 

If you wear them for many hours, you’re bound to get some foot or back pain. Most cowboy boots don’t come with quality insoles, so we recommend replacing them with new ones. The best insoles for cowboy boots will immediately improve your comfort.

These are the best insoles for cowboy boots

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Why You Should Buy Insoles for Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are a fantastic and durable item for everybody’s wardrobe. But they can be uncomfortable, especially if you wear them for long periods, so buying separate insoles is a great idea. 

These are some of the reasons why a pair of new insoles might come in handy for your cowboy boots:

  • Slipping: Insoles take up space, which prevents the unwanted movement of your foot inside the boot. 
  • Support: Most cowboy boots don’t offer much support for your feet, which can be painful for people with low arches. 
  • Pain prevention: The best insoles keep you comfortable and prevent foot, leg and back pain.
  • Keeping clean: Interchangeable insoles can prevent smells and keep boots like new for longer.


What To Look for in Insoles for Cowboy Boots

There are a couple of things we recommend you pay attention to when picking out the best insoles for cowboy boots.

Arch Support

If you have low or fallen arches, you might benefit from an insole that comes with a good amount of arch support. Insoles like the Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics have a reinforced midfoot area that maintains its shape for longer.

Sometimes, insoles with high arches can take some getting used to. Make sure to wear them at home first for a couple of days before taking them out to the streets. Otherwise, you might end up with more pain in your arches.

Heel Cup

A deep heel cup, like the one on the Ariat Energy Max Work Insole, will help keep your feet in place and reduce slipping. This can be helpful if your feet tend to move around inside the boots, especially when they’re too small. If you’re unsure how cowboy boots should fit, check out our guide.

The downside is that it can make tight boots feel even smaller. Make sure you calculate enough space for insoles whenever you’re buying new boots. 

Also, the size of the insole needs to be just right, or the heel cup won’t fall into the right place. This is always important in an insole but will be even more noticeable if the heel cup is deep.

Material and Feel

Different materials feel different on your feet. Gel insoles, like the Sof Sole AIRR Performance Gel Shoe Insert, are very soft and cushioned, but they can feel too squishy. 

Some foam insoles are soft at first but thin out quickly. And there are also foam insoles like Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue insoles that are harder and not as cushioned. These don’t absorb as much shock, but they maintain their shape for longer. 

The pick of the best insoles for cowboy boots for you is often a matter of which material you feel is suitable for your needs.

Temperature Control

Cowboy boots can get sweaty if you’re wearing them throughout the day, especially in the summer. The material on the cover of the insole will help absorb some of the moisture, and the structure can reduce the heat.

Some of the best models come with high-level moisture-wicking technology that helps keep your feet cooler. They may also have a structure that’s made for keeping airflow optimal. 

Gel is usually denser than foam, which makes it durable but also means it’s not as breathable. If you go for gel insoles, make sure they’re well-ventilated like the Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty insoles that have small holes in them for airflow.

Also, check out the best socks for cowboy boots to allow your feet to breathe.

Compatibility With Other Shoes

If you want to use your insoles just with your cowboy boots, you can buy whichever model feels right for your foot. If you want them to be compatible with other shoes, though, think about what you need.

A work boot for standing for long hours will require an insole with less bouncy cushioning than a sports shoe. In this case, the Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue would be a great option. 

If you want your insoles to also be compatible with your sneakers, we recommend a more cushioned insole, like our top pick Sof Sole AIRR Performance Gel Shoe Insert.


How To Wash Insoles

Even the best insoles for cowboy boots will eventually get dirty and smelly, so it’s good to inspect and wash them regularly. Often you can wash them to get rid of the smells when they’re still otherwise in good condition. This way, you can often extend their usable life.

The most important thing is washing your insoles by hand and never throwing them in the washing machine. This could make them lose their shape.

You can use a small brush, such as an old toothbrush, and mild detergent or soap with warm water. A mix of vinegar and water will take care of any odors, so you can use it as a final rinse.


Reviews of the Best Insoles for Cowboy Boots

Our Overview

These Sof Sole AIRR insoles are meant for high-performance needs, so they transition easily from sports shoes to cowboy boots. They’re covered with a moisture-wicking fabric, which helps keep you cool and comfortable when things get heated.

What customers love is that these insoles are super cushioned, with gel at the forefoot. It relieves some of the pain you might feel at the front when you’re walking around in cowboy boots with an elevated heel.

They also include air bubble technology at the back. This helps keep you comfortable if you suffer from plantar fasciitis. The bubbles also help protect your joints from impact, from your ankles to your knees and hips. 

In general, these insoles are pretty durable, and some users even comment on them outlasting the shoes. However, in some cases, the upper fabric and the gel layer on the bottom can start wearing out earlier.

Another possible negative is that these insoles have little arch support, so they’re not the right pick for those who need more structure.


  • Soft air bubble cushioning at the heel.
  • Gel cushioning at the forefoot.
  • Topped with moisture-wicking fabric.


  • Low arch support.
  • May not be the most durable.

Our Overview

These Ariat Energy foam insoles are great for work use. The toe shape is wide and square, but you can tailor it to the exact shape of your cowboy boots. 

On the top, there’s a moisture-wicking fabric that has a slick feel and can get slippery. Some users comment on their feet moving during the first few uses, but this usually goes away after you’ve broken the insoles in. 

They have a contoured footbed and deep heel cup without a lot of arch support. They do keep your heel in place well, but those with serious pronation issues might feel the midfoot area moving around.

These insoles are made of open-cell foam, which helps secure airflow and regulates temperature. But the foam does wear out and gets thinner with use. You’ll need to replace them relatively frequently to maintain ideal support.


  • Moisture-wicking liner.
  • Good temperature control. 
  • Contoured footbed and deep heel cup.


  • Not a lot of arch support.
  • Top fabric can get slippery at first.

Our Overview

Dr. Scholl’s makes great insoles and orthotics that are accessible for all budgets. These inserts are designed for pain relief for men weighing over 200 pounds, so they’re ideal for heavy-duty use. They offer high support to prevent foot, leg and lower back pain, which is especially important if you’re carrying more weight. 

These insoles include a pronounced, hard arch guard to support the midfoot area. At the heel, there’s a soft shock guard to distribute impact better. They also come with pre-marked lines to make it easier to trim the insoles to the right size.

The best part is that these insoles do really hold up in use, even though they’re lower-priced than most other models. The gel material has the benefit of maintaining its shape for longer than most foams, though it can feel squishy to some.

While most users are happy with their purchase, some comment on the insoles being noisy. This comes together with the squishy gel material. Depending on your boots, they can creak a bit, but it’s not the most common experience. 


  • Ideal for heavy and tall users.
  • High arch support.
  • Amazing quality for an affordable price.
  • Last longer than most foam insoles.
  • Easy lines to cut to different sizes.


  • Can be a little noisy in some boots.
  • The material can feel a little squishy.

Our Overview

These Timberland Pro insoles are designed for work boots, and they’re an excellent pick for those who want a high-quality insole for their cowboy boots. They’re ideal for standing up and walking in your boots, but they’re not an ideal option for fast movements, turns or jumping.

As for the design, these insoles include a contoured heel that keeps your foot firmly in place and a dynamic anti-fatigue design that absorbs impact. On top, there’s a moisture-wicking fabric that keeps feet cool during long work hours.

Note that the design of this insole is not as soft and squishy as many others, but the geometric design helps them stay shock-absorbent. They have medium arch support, though, so they might not be as comfortable if you need more structure under your arches.

This model is a little high-priced compared to many other insoles, but they’re made from high-quality materials, which add to the durability. And the price is still much lower than custom orthotics.


  • Moisture-wicking fabric for comfort.
  • Contoured, deep heel cup.
  • Durable and tough quality.


  • Not the highest arch support.
  • High price.

Our Overview

Sometimes, the elevated heel of a cowboy boot might not be enough to help your plantar fasciitis. These EASYFEET insoles are ideal for those people. They also keep your feet aligned, which helps correct pronation problems if you need a little extra arch support.

These insoles are meant for sports use, so they also come with a key feature for those who get sweaty feet—an antibacterial cover. The soft and velvety fabric not only prevents sweating but also keeps smell-forming germs at bay.

As for the feel, these insoles aren’t too squishy. They’re more on the stiff side, but there’s still a lot of cushioning under the heel and forefoot. And under the arch, there’s a hard, high support to keep your feet pain-free for hours. 

The soft cushioning at the heel can make these insoles squeak a little bit, especially if the insoles are moving a bit inside your shoe. Some users have resolved this by gluing the insole to the shoe and had no problems after that.


  • High arch support.
  • Excellent heel cushioning for plantar fasciitis. 
  • Antibacterial cover to prevent smells.


  • Can get squeaky. 

Our Overview

These Knixmax Anti-fatigue insoles are affordable and simple, but their low profile makes them ideal for tight boots. They still have enough arch support to help keep your feet pain-free and not tire you out. 

The insoles feature small massage dots under your forefoot to reduce fatigue. They’re not big enough to become uncomfortable, and they’re soft enough to be hardly noticeable. 

Another important thing about these insoles that’s both a blessing and a curse is that they’re low profile and thin. This makes them versatile to work on many different types of shoes and boots. They can also wear out quickly, but the price is so low you can get another pair.


  • Low price.
  • Massage dots under the forefoot. 
  • Decent arch support. 
  • Versatile application.


  • The foam gets worn quickly.

Our Overview

If you want to keep the cost low but still pick a durable quality insole, these Bringsine arch support insoles might be it. They’re affordable, but the materials are high quality, and the cushioning is top-notch. 

The insoles have soft memory foam cushioning that molds to your foot, making it more comfortable to stand or walk for longer periods. 

They also incorporate small air holes for ventilation at the front of the foot, but the material still isn’t breathable enough for some users. Another criticism from customers who bought these insoles is that they move around a lot if you’re making fast movements. For walking and standing up, though, they work well.


  • Low price. 
  • Memory foam cushioning that molds to your foot.
  • Small holes for airflow.


  • Can get heated.
  • May move around inside the shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Cut Insoles?

Yes, you can cut insoles, and you should if they’re not the right size. Just make sure you don’t cut too much. To get it right, remove the old insole from your boot and lay it on top of the new insole. Then, cut the new insole into the same shape.

How Do I Keep My Cowboy Boots From Slipping?

The best way to keep your cowboy boots from slipping is by buying the right size. Still, you might feel the heel slipping about ¼ inch, especially at first when the sole is still stiff. We also recommend getting the best insoles for cowboy boots, as they will make the fit a little tighter and prevent slipping.

Should Cowboy Boots Be Tight at First?

Leather cowboy boots will have a little give, so they should be snug but not tight. They shouldn’t hurt and your toes shouldn’t be crammed at the front. But they also shouldn’t have so much room that your foot moves around too much. 

Should You Buy Cowboy Boots a Size Bigger?

You’ll likely benefit from buying cowboy boots that are half a size or one size bigger, especially if you’re wearing insoles. Thick insoles take up some of the room in your boots, so take this into account. Also, always measure your feet and check the manufacturer’s size charts before you buy insoles.


The Winner

The best insoles for cowboy boots in our review are the Sof Sole AIRR Performance Gel shoe inserts. They’re amazingly cushioned, which makes them an ideal pick for stiff, hard boots.

These insoles include air bubbles at the heel to reduce impact and gel cushioning at the forefoot to keep you pain-free for longer. And the deep heel cup keeps your foot in place inside the boot when you’re walking.

But check them out for yourself, or look into the other models on our list.

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