Best Insoles For Doc Martens in 2023

Your shiny new Doc Martens have just arrived. Now, all you need to do is try them on and… oh no! Despite all your measuring—all those hours spent poring over size guides on the internet—they’re too big.

While the effects of wearing shoes that are too big can be painful, insoles can really help fill the gaps.

This is especially true when you’re between shoe sizes!

You might also consider insoles for your Doc Martens to keep your feet warm or prevent any blisters popping up on your feet.

But, which are the best insoles for Doc Martens? Here’s the rundown:

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Factors To Consider When Buying Insoles for Doc Martens

Hold your horses on grabbing the first insoles you see.

Work your way through this buyer’s guide to ensure you’re getting the right insoles for your needs.


Research into the material you want in your insoles can be difficult. Luckily, we’ve gathered some top tips for choosing the best material for your insoles.  

Memory foam is an excellent option. It provides comfort and can adapt to your feet, creating a uniquely supportive insole. Both the MEGAComfort PAM-M1213 Memory Foam Insoles and the Rite Aid Memory Plus Work Boot Insoles For Men are excellent memory foam insoles for Doc Martens.

You could also go with synthetic materials. Synthetic materials are man-made and often surpass the quality of natural materials, like cotton and silk. Their synthetic fibers are tough and durable. Our top-rated product, the Doc Martens Unisex Insoles, is made from synthetic material.

But, which material to go for depends on what you want out of your insoles.

Memory foam is definitely a leading material for comfort and support. But, synthetics will last a very long time, making them good choices for long-term insoles.


Don’t forget to consider your lifestyle when buying insoles for your Doc Martens! The best insoles for Doc Martens should be suitable for a wide range of uses. But it can help to find specific insoles tailored to your lifestyle.

For example, the Rite Aid Memory Plus Work Boot Insoles For Men are for Doc Martens used as work boots. Despite their quality, these insoles can’t prevent smelly work boots.

Just remember that nothing is worth sacrificing your pain. So, if you suffer from something like shin splints, check out the best insoles for shin splints for further protection.

Usage and Durability

How often do you use your Doc Martens? Durability will depend on how much time you spend in your boots.

The same pair of insoles might last months in one person’s Doc Martens, but only two weeks in yours.

Are you planning to use your insoles 24/7? Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. But, if you frequently use your insoles, you’d benefit from the toughness of synthetics.

Equally, if you suffer from a lot of foot pain, memory foam may be the way to go. It can eliminate aches and pains and provide great support. This is largely due to how the memory foam fits your feet and ‘remembers’ their shape.

However, dual-layer memory foam, like in the MEGAComfort PAM-M1213 Memory Foam Insoles, is higher density and more durable, extending comfort and support.

Make sure you’re sensible and realistic about your expectations for your insoles. If you choose less durable material, like single-layer memory foam, they won’t last very long. 

However, they may be so comfortable that you don’t mind the extra cost of rebuying them every so often!

Odor Protection

We find that many customers overlook the power of anti-odor and antimicrobial technology in insoles.

Usually, shoppers go for comfort and fit over odor protection, but why not have the best of all worlds?

While bacteria are usually present on the feet, if you don’t let your feet dry and clean them regularly, odor forms. And, since many people use Doc Martens as work boots, there’s a high chance of these bacteria lingering and forming nasty smells with the sweat.

For optimum results, go for insoles with odor protection to avoid this, such as the Dr. Martens Unisex pair. Note that all of our reviewed insoles have this quality, though.

Dr. Martens’ Size

Many insoles are large, sometimes filling up to half a shoe size. 

This is brilliant for people between sizes or who have bought Doc Martens that are too big. The downside? These insoles can make boots that already fit well become too small. 

If this is you, check out thinner insoles that still offer support and comfort. The Dr. Martens Unisex Comfort Insoles are worth half a size, so could be used if you’re between sizes.

But, if you need much thinner insoles, we recommend the Rite Aid Memory Plus Work Boot Insoles For Men. They’re not quite as big as the Dr. Martens Unisex Comfort Insoles.

Check out the reviews for each product below, as these can reveal a lot about sizing!

Value for Money

This seems like a bit of a no-brainer. Of course, you want the best product at the best price. However, they can get a bit more complex when you consider recurring costs.

Even the best insoles won’t last forever. That means that you’ll be rebuying insoles for as long as you need or want them.

So how can you reduce this cost?

Well, the insoles that give you the most value for money are the most durable ones. No, they won’t last forever. But yes, they will last longer than other choices. As we’ve previously mentioned, synthetic materials are good, durable choices.

Our top pick, the Dr. Martens Unisex Comfort Insoles, are made of synthetics, making them durable, So, there’s excellent value for money there.

Also, some of the best insoles might be more expensive because they contain high-quality material. Manufacturers don’t make all types of memory foam or synthetics the same. 

Or, they might have the exact support you need for yourself or your Doc Martens. If you need better foot hygiene and an expensive pair of insoles provides excellent odor control, consider what you need. Value for money isn’t always everything.

In these cases, it’s sometimes better to consider what you need first. There’s no point in buying insoles that you already know won’t help you properly.

Reviews of the 3 Best Doc Marten Insoles

Armed with the information in the above guide, choose from the below Doc Martens insoles.

Our Overview

The Dr. Martens Unisex Comfort Insoles are our pick for the best insoles for Doc Martens, which is due to their excellent comfort and support. Customers back this up, saying they were incredibly comfortable while supporting their feet.

These synthetic insoles were the best we found for keeping your feet comfortable while ensuring your Doc Martens fit perfectly, too—they take up approximately half a size in your boots.

In particular, customers report that they’re quite thick, just like their original insoles. This means they could work for you if you’re between sizes and searching for insoles to make your Doc Martens more snug. 

But, they’re not just useful for sorting out your sizing issues. These insoles can also support your heel and arch. They have Smartmask technology, providing the insoles’ cushioning and stabilization, which is perfect for people on their feet all day.

We love these insoles for both the comfort they provide and the longevity you can gain from the synthetic material.

As well as all that, Dr. Martens have treated the insoles with an Agion antimicrobial treatment, ensuring they inhibit bacterial growth, leaving your feet healthy and fresh. You’ll be safe in the hands (or feet!) of these insoles.

Also, if you love your Doc Martens but the insides are becoming thin and uncomfortable, these insoles could be your answer. Specially made for Doc Martens, these insoles will make your experience with your well-worn pair of boots much better. You don’t need to say goodbye to your beloved pair of Doc Martens yet!

Despite their mostly excellent comfort and support, some customers found these insoles to be too thin. This is understandable since different people will have different expectations.

In addition, there’s a slightly raised heel. While this does give more support there, customers find the insoles can slide forward as a result.


  • Comfortable synthetic material.
  • Supportive Smartmask technology for heel and arch.
  • Agion antimicrobial treatment.


  • Too thin for some users.
  • Raised heel can cause the insole to slide.

Our Overview

These MEGAComfort insoles have dual-layer memory foam to give you maximum comfort. This could help you out with new Doc Martens, which are well-known for being uncomfortable at first.

If you often find the standard insoles as too thin or not, consider these as a replacement. They could be an excellent way to break in leather boots and eliminate discomfort, not just suit your new DMs. It can be a difficult process, but customers label them as ideal for new boots.

As well as being comfortable, these insoles are also shock-absorbing. They have a soft contour to provide arch support, which can help with your balance. As they’re designed by a doctor, it makes sense that customers say their feet stayed comfortable all day when using them.

Also, if you wear them for long periods or are likely to walk long-distance in them, the cloth’s silver ion technology is not only anti-perspiration but also anti-odor. No more sweaty feet after a long day in your Doc Martens!

However, they might not be the best long-term solution. Unfortunately, these insoles could stop being as effective after a few weeks. 

For instance, one customer reported that they only felt comfortable for a week before becoming too uncomfortable to wear in their boots after a couple of weeks. As evidenced by this customer, regular use could wear out these insoles.

Another problem customers found is that they’re quite thick. If you don’t need to make your boots smaller, consider thinner insoles, like the Rite Aid insoles below.

If you don’t want the recurring cost of buying new insoles, you might prefer the synthetic durability of the Dr. Martens Unisex Comfort Insoles. The overall price you’ve paid could easily go up after your initial investment.


  • Comfortable, shock-absorbing memory foam.
  • Antiperspirant and anti-odor.
  • Suitable for new boots.


  • Short lifetime.
  • Quite thick.

Our Overview

These Rite Aid men’s insoles are ideal if you’re using your Doc Martens as work boots. Customers who are on their feet all day say they’re a lifesaver.

Made to an industrial standard, they’ll provide you with support and comfort all day, every day. When walking miles every day in work boots, customers find them sturdy but soft enough for comfort.

They even work when you’re on tough worksites and constantly walking on hard surfaces. Workmen rave that these insoles make work boots feel like you’re walking on pillows all day. Quite impressive!

You won’t need to worry about odors with this pair after wearing your Doc Martens all day. Odor control is one of the major reasons these insoles are some of the best. That’s because they have antimicrobial additives, which protect you against the odor-causing bacteria. 

Not only that, but they’re also really easy to clean. Just rinse and air-dry them, and you’re done! If you need an in-depth guide, check out our article on how to clean insoles.

These insoles also have similar memory foam material to the MEGAComfort pair. They’re shock-absorbent and provide excellent, targeted protection for your heel. With crucial joint support, they’re perfect for the working man. Customers considered these insoles to have heavy construction work support.

In addition, the memory foam means you’ll soon have a comfortable, unique fit with these insoles. But, be aware that memory foam isn’t dual-layer, so it’s not as durable as the MEGAComfort insoles.

You may also find that these insoles wear down after a month or two. One customer found that the insoles were falling apart after only three weeks. Others mentioned that they wore down far too quickly.

Depending on how rigorously you use them, you may need to replace them a few times throughout the year. But, we still think they’re one of the best insoles for Doc Martens due to their level of support.


  • Supportive memory foam.
  • Perfect for work boots.
  • Antimicrobial additives eliminate odors.


  • Short lifetime.
  • Single-layer only.


Why Are Insoles Important?

Insoles are important since they add a layer of comfort and support between your feet and your shoe, absorbing impact, especially when you’re breaking your Doc Martens in. They can also make up the difference between a size and a half size. This means people who are between sizes can finally feel comfortable in their Doc Martens.

Are Insoles Supposed To Hurt?

Insoles aren’t supposed to hurt. While some pain and discomfort is normal, your new insoles shouldn’t give you continued problems with aches and pains. Your insoles may cause this, but it could also be your shoes, so try to only replace one at a time. This will help to reveal the issue.

Do Doc Martens Have Arch Support?

Doc Martens aren’t known to provide the best arch support, but you can create more support with insoles for arch support. Doc Martens are more of a fashionable footwear choice than something for comfort and function.

Can You Remove Doc Marten Insoles?

Yes, you can remove Doc Marten insoles really easily. Simply slide out the standard ones and replace them with custom insoles or orthotics for greater comfort and support. Aim for a durable and comfortable material, such as memory foam or a synthetic blend.

Are Memory Foam Insoles Good?

Yes, memory foam insoles are good for comfort, but that isn’t to say they’re the answer to alleviate arch and foot pain. Since memory foam contours to your foot’s shape, it can prevent your foot from making the necessary adjustments to fix the issue. If this is you, swap memory foam insoles for synthetic ones.


Our pick for the best insoles for Doc Martens are the Dr. Martens Unisex Comfort Insoles.

Made especially for Doc Martens, they can increase your boots’ lifespan and are an excellent replacement for the standard insoles that come with the boots.

In addition, they utilize high-quality technology for arch support and to prevent any nasty odors, making them well-suited if you wear your Doc Martens all day.A close second pick is the MEGAComfort PAM-M1213 Memory Foam Insoles. Their stand-out feature is the dual-layer memory foam, which provides optimum comfort, making them ideal for brand new Doc Martens.

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