Best Insoles for Supination

Supination of the foot can be very uncomfortable and can result in knee pain and backache. There are many recommended treatments for this problem. Among exercise and physiotherapy sessions is wearing insoles for supination. The benefits of doing this are incredible—it’s hard to put a price on being pain-free.

Because of this, we have compiled a list of the best insoles for supination. The list consists of four products that perform above and beyond. They provide the comfort and pain relief needed with very little flaws.

Our four best insoles for supination are:


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Understanding Foot Supination

Before solving the problem of foot supination, we must understand what it is. This also includes understanding its causes and treatment. With this knowledge, you’ll be in a better position to appreciate the performance offered by our recommended products. You’ll also be able to take preventative steps to ensure you reduce the chances of foot supination.

What Is Foot Supination?

When walking or running, your foot should pronate. This is the ideal foot mechanism. Pronation is when your foot has a slight inward roll—which puts the weight of your body on the ball of your foot.

Supination is when the opposite occurs. The foot rolls outward, and the weight concentrates on the outer edges. When walking and running, you’ll push off from the foot’s outer edges instead of pushing off the big toe—which occurs in pronation. Supination is often referred to as under-pronation.

If you haven’t understood, supination is inefficient. Your bio-mechanism prefers pronation, and any other alternative will cause pain and aches. Your body alignment will become less than ideal. If supination persists, a variety of conditions develop, such as:

  • Back and hip aches.
  • Ankle stress and injury (avid runners are more likely to experience this).
  • Knee pain and aches.
  • Sole inflammation (referred to as plantar fasciitis).
  • Hammertoe.

From this list, you can see how important it is to avoid foot supination. There are a lot of things people can do to curb the effects of foot supination. These include strengthening muscles and tendons in the foot through exercise. Another is using the best insoles for supination.

What Causes Foot Supination?

Foot supination is a result of weak tendons and muscles. There are three main causes for this. These are:

  • Bad shoes.
  • Inherited problem.
  • Past injuries.

Bad Shoes

The first cause is using badly designed shoes. By “badly designed” we don’t mean the outer appearance of the shoe. Instead, we’re talking about the shoe functions. The most important purpose of a shoe is to ease movement—aesthetics are a secondary purpose.

Your feet are the foundation of your body. Bad performing shoes can misalign your body. This is the primary cause of foot supination in most people. This misalignment is worse if you run with improper shoes or use poor form when exercising.

Remove shoes that weaken tendons and muscles in your foot from your wardrobe. You’ll know if they’re weakening your feet if you experience aches or plantar fasciitis.

If you’re unsure whether you’re likely to supinate, assess your shoes. Do they show heavier wear on the outer edges of the shoes? Or when placed on a flat surface, do they tilt outward? If these cases occur, you’re likely to start experiencing foot supination.

Inherited Problem

The second cause of foot supination is genetics, where the foot structure is usually not optimized for pronation to occur. People in this category struggle to avoid foot supination and its consequences. Their foot structure weakens muscles and tendons, and it requires special care.

Ask family members whether you may have a genetic condition. If members experience knee pain or aches, you’re likely to be carrying an inherited foot problem. If in serious doubt—or fear—consult a physiotherapist.

High arches are an example of an inherited condition. When a person has high arches, either one or both heels tilt towards the center of the body. This, as you can imagine, comes with various consequences. Higher injury risk, ankle instability,x and foot supination. People with high arches need to get the best insoles for supination.

Past Injuries

Prior injuries are always going to affect future performance. People with “normal feet” are already at risk of foot supination, and this increases if they’ve experienced prior injuries. While also wearing proper shoes, one must exercise and stretch the foot to strengthen muscles and tendons. This will reduce the chances of foot supination in the future.

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Treatment for Foot Supination

If you experience any symptoms and expect foot supination to be the cause, get a gait analysis. This determines if supination is the cause of your pain.

The treatment prescribed will depend on how severe your symptoms are. But the goal is to ensure your body realigns and corrects supinating feet. This will ensure you avoid future injuries.

The leading treatments for severe foot supination are:

  • Getting the best insoles for supination: This is an inexpensive method of correcting misalignment. Instead of getting new shoes, you can slip in an insole. The benefits of this simple change are incredible.
  • Wearing sport shoes designed for supinators: If you have high arches or supinate, this is a must for you when doing sport. Such shoes provide arch support that limits foot supination.
  • Wear lightweight shoes: Shoes with heel wedges don’t count. Lightweight shoes, even worn around the house, will help with realignment.
  • Attend physiotherapy sessions: This is for the most extreme cases. A physiotherapist will provide the best treatment money can buy. Surgery isn’t a common method to treat foot supination.


Reviews of the Best Insoles for Supination

The following reviews cover the four best insoles for supination, in our opinion of course. We’ve assessed how efficient they are to fix the problems mentioned earlier. We wanted to pick insoles that would help the majority of people—even if they have different reasons for their supinating feet.

Our Overview

Plantar fasciitis is more common than most people think—because a large number of cases go unreported. People shrug off the pain and endure endless days of discomfort. A quick and easy fix is this full-length insole from Walk-Hero. These supination shoe inserts provide feet with the arch support needed for body realignment.

The support insoles are for lasting comfort. Those with knee, hip, and backache probably won’t find a more comfortable insole on the market. They counteract the effects of flat feet—a leading cause of overpronation. Even those suffering from diabetes and arthritis will find these insoles incredible.

To achieve this comfort, these insoles have a deep heel cup. This innovative feature protects your feet when in contact with the ground.

Every time you walk or run, your entire weight concentrates on one foot. If you’ve developed plantar fasciitis or heel spurs, you’ll feel a lot of pain. These shoe insoles prevent this from happening, by providing a soft cushion between the soles of your feet and the ground. They also provide good heel support.

Shock absorption is a compelling attribute for any supination insoles. Supinators have weak foot muscles and tendons, which makes them unable to handle the shock that comes from walking and running. The shock absorption feature then becomes very important. Premium EVA material in this model enables this.

Another great feature of these insoles is the versatility they offer. Most shoe insoles are suitable for either walking or running. But the best shoe insoles can do both— and this is the case with these from Walk-Hero. Slip these into any shoe and you can expect consistent and impressive performance.

The icing on the cake for these insoles is the customer service. These come at a decent price, plus the manufacturer also offers risk-free buying options. This means you can organize a refund if you’re unhappy with the product’s performance.

As with anything, there are cons to this product. The first is durability, which a number of customers complained about. Considering how often you’ll use these shoe insoles, wear and tear is inevitable. In our opinion, the durability of the product is decent for the price point. But more expensive insoles will likely last longer.

The second drawback is the arch support, as some users complained it’s in the wrong spot for their feet. However, this seems it’s just bad luck and quite rare, so it’s certainly worth trying this model as you can easily return them if they aren’t for you.


  • Counteract effects of flat feet.
  • Versatile.
  • Shock absorbent.
  • Great customer service and risk-free purchases.
  • Decent arch support.
  • Great price.


  • The material could be more durable.
  • Arch support is in the wrong place for some users.

Our Overview

It’s not surprising that avid runners suffer from plantar fasciitis—especially those who do long-distance running. Taking a step when walking puts all your weight on your feet. When running, you put three times your body weight on your feet. This, if one is supinating, can cause serious injury to the body.

It goes without saying: runners need to take special care. The added force on their feet puts them more at risk. This is why running-specific shoe insoles are a good choice, and the Currex RunPro is one such product. It offers the comfort and stability most runners need, plus it has an ergonomic design to ensure it fits into pretty much any running shoe.

The product comes with a brilliant reputation. The Sports University of Cologne in Germany did research on the best insoles for runners. They rated the Currex RunPro first for comfort and foot pressure relief. That says a lot about the insoles’ performance.

These insoles are great for treating plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.

If you have a high arch, you’ll love this product. The deep heel cup allows optimal comfort and efficient distribution of weight. The insoles come in a variety of sizes to provide great arch support. Find the right size, and you’ll feel like you have bought a custom fit.

The materials used in this shoe insert are of the highest grade. The bamboo on the surface locks moisture in, and the charcoal helps do this while removing bad odors. The clever Poron heel cushion is one of the best features for shock absorption.

With such excellent features, you may wonder why this product isn’t our top pick. Well, there is one disadvantage, and it’s the premium price. You can probably get a good pair of second-hand running shoes for the same cost.

The second con is that this product is best for short-distance running. Marathon and ultra-marathon runners should look for another product, as these insoles aren’t robust enough to last such long distances.


  • Ideal for running shoes.
  • Great fit.
  • Rated well by a professional institution.
  • Provides incredible pressure relief.
  • Shock absorbent.


  • Premium price.
  • Not suitable for marathon or ultra-marathon runners.

Our Overview

This is the ultimate value pack. At an affordable price and with two pairs included, these insoles will offer your feet true comfort.

Foot pain doesn’t have to be permanent. The wedges slide into different parts of the shoe to offer the most pressure relief. Because of their innovative design, you can wear these insoles on any type of shoe.

As a supinator, you should get insoles that will fit your daily shoes. Most of us don’t have the luxury of getting a custom fit or only wearing running shoes to work. Formal work requires formal attire, and this sometimes leads us to wear uncomfortable shoes. But these insoles offer a different proposition.

They comfort your feet by using their ergonomic design. Over the years, great design has allowed such insoles to exist. This design consists of a 4-degree medical lift. This tilts misaligned feet and encourages pronation. The result is an efficient treatment for foot pain and ankle pain.

Another great feature is how easy these insoles are to use. Because of their small size, you can slip them in about any shoes. Even women who wear high heels can enjoy these insoles. The full length of the foot isn’t covered by the silicone insoles, but they do a tremendous job and deserve their place on our list.

These insoles counteract the effects of knock knees and ankle eversion. This is the case when you place the insoles in the middle of your foot. An alternative is wearing the insoles in a lateral manner. This is the best orientation to treat supination and ankle inversion. Who knew that such a small device could have so many uses?

Another excellent feature is the material used, which is robust and durable. That’s what we’d expect from insoles made for daily use. The sturdy build provides great arch support, so if you have high arches, this product will not disappoint.

Along with being durable, the insoles are washable. This ensures your feet won’t smell after prolonged use.

Work environments need discretion—and these insoles offer you exactly that. They’re colorless and small, which means they’re completely invisible. No one is going to notice the device that’ll be giving you so much comfort.

You may be wondering how the insoles stay in place, especially when they don’t cover the full length of the feet. The insoles use a self-adhesive design. This creates the non-slip performance the heel wedges are renowned for. In the event of sweat, all you need to do is wipe off wet residue and then you can reuse the insoles.

It’s hard not to see how great of a product this is. These insoles are one of the best treatments for supination on the market. But they do have their flaws.

Not covering the full length of the shoe also has its disadvantages. The first is the lack of stability. In most cases, another part of the shoe insoles balances out the deep heel cup. But this isn’t the case with the Wonderwin silicone insoles. This lack of stability will unsettle most people.

Another flaw is how it’s not shock absorbent. Full-length insoles have shock absorption features, but this one doesn’t. If shock absorbance is important to you, you should look for another product.


  • Very affordable.
  • Washable.
  • Versatile insoles, you can wear them in any shoe.
  • Non-slip design feature.


  • Not shock absorbent.
  • Lacks stability.



Our Overview

Pedag Store has created shoe insoles for females. Male and females have different physiological structures, and the shapes of their feet differ too. So a niche product like this is a great service to most women.

Shoe insoles like these target problems that most women struggle with, such as supination, plantar fasciitis, and high arches.

The Pedag Oversupinators are natural vegetable tanned leather foot-beds. They correct misalignments in your feet and offer pain relief and stability. The shoe insoles are three-quarter orthotics optimized to do this. Your feet will sink into the foot-bed, dwelling in the comfort of the leather.

These shoe insoles couldn’t be more gentle if they tried. The soft foot-bed allows those with the weakest foot muscles to get treatment. This makes these shoe insoles perfect for senior citizens, as this group of people are at great risk of suffering from plantar fasciitis and foot pain.

Those with high arches will also love this “sinking” motion. The shoe insoles surround the feet, providing them with enough arch support.

These insoles are a preventative treatment for people likely to experience supination. If noticed early, you can avoid the onslaught of knee and foot problems by buying this affordable product.

It features a deep heel cup that will provide the foot correction you need. The adjustable heel wedge also helps do this, by following the heel’s motion and correcting supination. The heel wedge functions in a similar way to the Wonderwin Silicone insole.

And like the Wonderwin, these supination insoles feature a discrete design, making them suitable for work shoes.

The build quality is impressive, considering the price. The supination insoles originate from Germany and have a premium feel to them. Because they’re handmade, you’ll feel like you’re wearing custom insoles for supination.

There are three major cons to the product. The first is that these are designed only for women, so they will not fit well on men’s shoes. To most this isn’t an issue, but many women buy male or unisex shoes, such as sneakers.

The second issue users disliked is how slippery the supination insoles are. This seems like a simple design flaw that should be easy to fix. Most people won’t mind, but if you plan on running, try using other supination insoles.

The last con is how the product isn’t made for severe supination issues. If you already experience supination issues, like extreme plantar fasciitis, you need another product. If your feet, knees, and calf muscles are in extreme pain, you need another pair of supination insoles. These ones from Pedog don’t offer aggressive treatment.


  • Affordable and premium materials used.
  • Performs well for people with high arches.
  • Supination insoles designed for women.
  • Low profile and thin design.


  • Not suitable for severe supination conditions.
  • Slippery insoles.
  • Won’t perform well in men’s shoes.

FAQ on Insoles for Supination

When Should I See a Physiotherapist?

It’s best that you always communicate any and all foot pain you experience to your doctor. Even if an insole is helping with your condition, tell your doctor about it.

Do Orthotic Insoles Help Supination?

Specialized insoles for supination help to balance the body and ensure you walk properly by supporting the heel and arch of the foot.

What Can I Do About My High Arches?

You need insoles with great arch support, especially if you’re a runner. Great arch support will prevent ankle injuries along with many other issues.



You are now acquainted with the best insoles for supination. Our favorite are the Walk-Hero Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles. They provide good arch and heel support, and come at an excellent price. Whatever is causing your supination, you can surely find a suitable product from the four on our list.


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