Best Rated Memory Foam Insoles Reviewed [Thick and Comfortable]

If your old shoe insoles are worn out, or you’re just looking for an upgrade to have a better experience for your feet, then going for one of the best memory foam insoles is a great way to bring more cushioning and support to your feet.

They make your feet more comfortable and help relieve leg pain after a long day at the job.

We did in-depth research to find out which insoles are the best for both cushioning and longevity.

If you’re in a hurry, take a look at what we find out that are the best memory foam insoles.

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Things To Consider When Buying Memory Foam Insoles

Before we get stuck into the products, you should understand what features make a good insole.

Considering that an insole is a low price product, it greatly improves your walking and running experience.

So take your time to find out what to look for when buying one of the best memory foam insoles.

Arch Support

When looking for shoe insoles, it’s essential to know your arch type and look for insoles to serve that type.

People with a medium or high arch can opt-in for insoles that offer a thick layer of memory foam. A dense foam will better align your feet, providing the necessary support, stability, and control.

Flat or normal arches can stick with a regular thickness of memory foam insoles and benefit many of the features.

Overall, it doesn’t matter what type of arch you have. The best memory foam insoles normally help relieve foot pain and increase comfort.

Odor Control

In general, our shoes aren’t the most pleasant smelling thing that we use every day.

So, it’s crucial to choose insoles that provide your feet with excellent air circulation and long-lasting freshness.

Some brands even have special technologies for fighting bad odors. For example, they include baking soda and odor neutralizing ingredients on the top layer of the insoles, and according to consumers, the formula is working perfectly fine.


This is yet another critical feature to look for. Having breathable shoe insoles is essential if you want to keep your feet healthy and odor-free.

Then there’s bad breathability, the feet start to sweat more, and with added sweat, there will be an increase in bacteria that will cause bad odors.

Pay close attention to the top velvet fabric. The more natural and breathable it is, the better.

When sweat is absorbed quickly, it helps your feet dry out faster, eliminating bacteria.

Pro tip: Look for insoles with ventilation holes and breathable velvet to keep your feet fresh.

Easy Fit

After researching so many products, we were surprised how many times people have mentioned that they had a hard time fitting insoles in their shoes.

Some insoles have measurement markings around the edges, so trimming them according to those lines will be much easier.

Unfortunately, some insoles can’t be trimmed in the heel area or sides. This could be a big problem if you have narrower shoes and can no longer fit in due to new insoles being too wide.

Stick with our top two insole suggestions, and you won’t have this problem.


Reviews of the Best Memory Foam Insoles

We did hours of research to find out which memory foam insoles are the best.

Our Overview

Knixmax is a well-known brand for high-quality footwear and accessories, established in 2009.

These insoles have a large amount of viscoelastic polyurethane that makes them perfectly contouring to your feet while providing the best cushioning.

If you’re having problems with foot pain, then choosing insoles with viscoelastic materials is a must. It helps insoles absorb more shock and vibration, preventing your feet from stress.

They come with an improved velvet, which is super soft, lightweight, and keeps your feet warm.

More importantly, the new velvet is extremely breathable, which is vital if you want to have that comfortable feeling throughout the day while minimizing bad odor.

Better breathability not only gives you more comfort but reduces the chance of foot problems, such as fungal infections.

Knixmax insoles are only around 0.315 inches in thickness, making them easy to fit in any shoe, boot, or trainers.

The memory foam insoles have a slow-rebounce feature and are slim, with great shock absorption, making them an excellent choice for running, hiking, and enjoyable casual walks in the city.

Note: Many users reported that the provided size chart was a bit inaccurate. They suggested choosing one size smaller to get an ideal fit.

  • Soft material with an extra layer of Spandex.
  • Super slim.
  • Easily trimmable to fit your shoe.
  • Anti-fatigue surface.
  • Improved shock absorption.

Can be too thin for excessive usage.

Our Overview

Happystep insoles are in the second spot because of their customized cushioning and arch support to help relieve common foot problems like heel spurs, Morton’s neuroma, and plantar fasciitis.

They feature an orthopedic cushioned arch that will make your feet feel comfortable and stable. They’re best for low and normal arches. We don’t recommend them if you have a high type.

Clear instructions are provided on how to properly trim to fit your feet perfectly, which is very convenient because trimming inserts can be overwhelming.

These insoles will surprise you with their longevity.

Thanks to high-density memory PU soles, they’re long-lasting for many consumers. Heck, many users frequently wear them, and after a year, the insoles are still comfy and padding feet.

We find that it’s best to use these insoles for regular walking or light hiking.

This also includes using them in the workplace where you have to move around or stand a lot.

We wouldn’t recommend them for running or any other activity that causes more stress on your feet.

  • High-density memory foam.
  • Orthopedic arch support.
  • Free return if you’re not satisfied with the product.
  • Soft cushioning and deep heel cup.
  • High-quality top velvet for coziness and breathing.
  • Keep away if you’re thinking about them for running.
Our Overview

Dr. Scholl is a popular brand in over-the-counter treatment and has been on the market for a very long time.

The brand always offers valuable, proven to work products at a slightly higher price, but these insoles come with all the necessary benefits at a lower price.

If you’re working long hours, standing all day on your feet, and feeling discomfort or leg fatigue, then Dr. Scholl’s insoles are perfect for you.

They have a unique combination of memory foam and messaging gel that gives you super soft cushioning and better bouncing while you walk and are specifically designed to improve your movements throughout the day.

The gel in the heel area has rippling waves, and the ball of the foot has a responsive-wave cushioning made from a softer gel; they absorb shock and give more comfort throughout the day.

Because of being on the stiffer side, some people might experience discomfort when they first start wearing them—but don’t write them off immediately. They require a couple of days to shape to your foot.

  • Guarantees pillow-soft cushioning.
  • Unique formula of massaging gel and memory foam.
  • Ultra-soft material conforms to every shape of your foot.
  • Special cooling vents keep the foot dry and odor-free.
  • Improves arch and heel support.
  • Harder than memory foam-only insoles.
  • Needs more time to align with your foot.
Our Overview

Wnnideo insoles will do the best job at relieving pain in your heel. They use a U-shape cup design that improves the heel’s support, reducing the impact on it.

Less stress will result in less pain or no pain at all. You will notice the benefits if you use them during active sports or if you stand on your feet all day long.

The top material is well made to absorb and release sweat rapidly. Meaning your feet will breathe better, and minimal odor will be noticeable.

High-density memory foam and a full arch shell with an orthotic layer make them very effective in fighting leg fatigue.

These features help people working in a kitchen, warehouse, factory, or any other field where immense walking is needed.

We have noticed that the top layer is a bit lacking in friction, so with synthetic socks, you might experience slipping inside your shoe.

  • Can be used in a variety of activities.
  • Full arch shell enhances movement for support and stability.
  • Ninety-day refund guarantee.
  • Deep u-shape heel cup for better support during the day.
  • Helps to reduce the pain of Plantar Fasciitis, Tendonitis, Shin Splints, and Achilles.
  • Avoid using on shoes with a small toe box.
Our Overview

Super elastic, soft polyurethane foam Vquand shoe inserts will add a lot of comfort to your daily activities such as walking, running, or standing all day at work.

Being made of PU memory foam makes them rebound in two seconds and reduces stress to the feet.

They have extremely high arch support and ergonomic design to distribute the pressure evenly throughout the feet. This means, if you have problems with your arch or flat feet, these insoles should help you suppress those conditions’ symptoms.

With a U-shape and high heel walls, they can relieve heel pain by stabilizing the foot.

They have a high-quality top velvet with ventilation holes for improved air circulation and sweat absorption. Better air circulation will keep your feet dry and fresh.

We really liked these insoles because they come with anti-skid features that other brands don’t usually have. They hold your foot tight in the shoe box, which significantly improves stability during exercises.

  • Highly-elastic and long-lasting insoles.
  • Top-quality velvet material with holes for better breathability and anti-skid function.
  • U-shape heel cup, good for heel pain relief.
  • High-arch gives better support for those with flat feet.
  • One-year complete guarantee.
  • Very soft and flexible. For some users, that might be a problem.
Our Overview

The Riemot Memory Foam Insoles are slim, stylish, cushioned, and easy to fit in your preferred footwear. Because of their compact size, you can use them in slippers and loafers too.

Considering their slim thickness, they’re still able to give all-day comfort. Just don’t expect them to last long under heavy usage every day.

Just over a quarter of an inch of ultra-soft memory foam and spandex layer on top will perfectly adjust to your feet for better comfort and stability.

They have some stickiness at the bottom, so they stay in place very well, even when running or hiking, and they’re machine washable and fast-drying, which makes them easy to maintain.

Riemot insoles have a wide design enabling you to trim the heel, sides and toe area.

Also, when purchasing, it’s advised to order a half size smaller than your regular shoes.

Riemot is a company that really cares about its customers. Wherever you have any questions or problems about the insoles, they’re happy to help you or replace them for free.

  • High-density memory foam.
  • Full-length shape to fit all types of shoes.
  • Machine washable.
  • Effective breathability all-day.
  • Relieves foot pain.
  • Very thin, so they won’t last that long compared to our top suggestions.
Our Overview

These insoles are designed for people who have sweaty feet and bad odors.

They feature Fresh Guard Technology, which includes baking soda and special odor neutralizing ingredients. In fact, baking soda is well known for carrying both odor and acidic molecules into an odor-free state.

This technology, combined with air-cooled memory foam, absorbs sweat fast and keeps your feet dry, cool, and odor-free.

Although the layer of memory foam isn’t very thick, it will still shape around your unique feet. Being quite thin, they won’t be the best if you’re on your feet all day at work.

To get the most comfort from Arm & Hammer insoles, it’s best to use them while running or walking casually.

Walking for more than an hour will have a noticeable positive effect on your tired feet.

Markings on the bottom of the sole will make it easy for you to trim it to your desired length.

  • Fresh Guard technology gives long-lasting freshness.
  • Clear sizing on the bottom of the insole.
  • Ultra-soft top velvet.
  • Reduces foot pain.
  • Pillow soft memory foam.
  • Quite thin, not the best option for standing all-day.
Our Overview

These high-end memory foam insoles, made in the USA, are specifically designed to provide the best anti-fatigue properties.

They have a special design with a low profile shape to deliver the best comfort and support to your feet. Stabilized feet will reduce the stress on your knees, ankles, and feet.

That’s why they’re the best choice for people working on industrial concrete or standing a lot. It will also work perfectly for trail running and long walking sessions.

The narrow heel cup’s exceptional design will hold the foot tight during aggressive activities and reduce the impact on the heel.

It has a unique, organic odor-control feature that helps to fight against odor-causing bacteria.

The base of Superfeet insoles have a strengthened stabilizer cap for improved support at the back of the foot and better balance on the foam layer.

Keep in mind that only the front can be trimmed to fit your shoes.

These insoles have a higher price and are made in the USA, and their warranty only covers 60 days of usage.

Even though it’s a high-priced product, some users were surprised when they started falling apart after three months of moderate usage.

  • Highly comfortable on industrial concrete floors.
  • Deep heel cup.
  • Effectively stabilize and support the foot.
  • Organic odor-control.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Expensive.
  • Sixty-day warranty.
Our Overview

VoMii insoles are the final product on our list, but definitely not the worst.

These’re probably one of the best insoles you can purchase to get through a long day of standing at work and having no pain when clocking out.

The gel pad under the heel absorbs a lot of shocks and relieves pressure. This reduces muscle fatigue in your legs and feet.

High-quality PU velvet material absorbs sweat and reduces moisture very well.

Of course, breathability depends a lot on your shoe material, but with VoMii insoles, you can expect to have fresher feet longer.

Overall, VoMii insoles are priced on the low side and offer generous heel support and muscle fatigue relief characteristics. They’re just a bargain.

  • Medical-grade, high-quality material.
  • High shock absorption to reduce foot pressure.
  • Markings on the back of the insole for accurate trimming.
  • Elastic, high arch support gives better cushioning during intense activities.
  • Full 1-year guarantee
  • Not the slimmest insoles, but for some shoe types, they can be a deal-breaker and don’t fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are Memory Foam Insoles Good for Your Feet?

The short answer is yes, definitely.

The memory foam material is used to produce most mattresses to make them comfortable and aligned with your body. We need the same properties for our feet during the day.

The main advantage of memory foam is its perfect cushioning property, which is what our feet need.

The only downside with it is the durability. At some point

every memory foam product will lose its ability to get back in shape.

The best memory foam insoles have benefits, such as:

  • Reduce the impact on the feet during heavy activities.
  • Helps relieve foot pain, especially for heels.
  • It improves the support and stability of the feet.
  • Some insoles have a special design to reduce the occurrence of bad odors.
  • It evenly distributes the pressure to the whole foot.

What’s Better, Memory Foam or Gel Insoles?

Both of these options are equally good for your feet and will improve your daily commute.

They just have different purposes in mind.

Choose memory foam insoles if:

  • You’re working a standing job with long hours and want to relieve the foot pain.
  • Looking for extra comfort while going for a regular walk or light jogging.
  • You’re having foot problems like Plantar Fasciitis, a high arch, or flat feet.

Choose gel-based insoles if:

  • You have to combat high-intensity activities.
  • Looking for tougher, harder and longer-lasting insoles.
  • You need better shock absorption.

Can You Wash Memory Foam Insoles?

All memory foam insoles are washable. However, some are machine washable, and some are not.

Carefully read the instructions on the packaging of insoles because usually, they point out how to take care of them.

If your packaging doesn’t mention anything about the maintenance, then you can try to use warm water and soap to get rid of all that bad smell and dirt.

If you need more information about the cleaning process, you can check out our guide on How To Clean Shoe Insoles.

Pro tip: Always dry out your insoles sufficiently. Never put moist insoles back into your shoes because they will fall apart and absorb bad smells quicker.

How Long Do Memory Foam Insoles Last?

The majority of insoles used every day, for at least 15-25 hours a week, will last around 5-6 months.

Some brands offer long-lasting insoles and claim that they can even last up to 1-2 years of moderate usage.

It’s hard to believe that they can serve that long, but only testing will tell the truth.

Usually, gel-based insoles last longer compared to memory foam.



While there’re so many good insoles available today, it’s hard to pick the right one for you.

We spent hours researching the best memory foam insoles and concluded that Knixmax Memory Foam Insoles will fit most people’s needs.

They offer great pricing, superb comfort, perfect cushioning, and improve casual walking, running, and hiking performance.

If you’re feeling comfortable spending around 50 dollars on a pair of reinforced, anti-fatigue, made in USA insoles, then Superfeet COPPER is the way to go.

Whichever product you’ve chosen, it will bring more cushioning and relaxation to your feet.

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