Best Nike Insoles: Replacements to Refresh Your Runners

Nike is a legendary brand that makes some of the most popular street style shoes, as well as variants for all types of sports. Their sports range includes some of the world’s best-selling shoes for running, cross-training, basketball and soccer. Nike has an option for everybody.

It’s not unusual to need to replace your Nike insoles. The original insoles tend to be pretty thin across the board.

If you have underlying health issues or spend a long time on your feet, you’ll need some additional support.

We have found the best Nike insoles to suit everybody’s needs to make your pick a little easier.

If you’re in a hurry to get up and running in your Nikes, these are our top picks for the best Nike insoles.


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What To Look for in the Best Nike Insoles

Here we’ll discuss what you should pay attention to when buying a pair of insoles for your Nike shoes.


Size is an important consideration when buying insoles for shoes. Some insoles allow you to cut out the excess, but it’s always better to go for the right size.

This is especially important if the shoe you have has a pronounced arch, heel shape or support under the ball of the foot. The wrong size can get painful.

Also, note that Nikes tend to be narrower than other sports shoe brands. Depending on the specific model you’ve picked, you may have a harder time fitting your new insole inside the shoe without cutting it.

With trim-to-fit models, of course, this isn’t a problem, but it’s still possible you’ll feel some tightness in the upper if the insole is too big.

Women’s feet are usually narrower than men’s, so some of the best Nike insoles for men may be too wide for women’s shoes.


Some insoles are minimal, while others have a high, rigid arch or deep heel cup. Some are great for arch support, gait correction or plantar fasciitis, while others are merely a soft cushion.

Think about what your feet need and what type of shoes you use. Minimal runners like the Nike Free, for example, can work better with a minimal insole, while your working shoes need substantial arch support to get you through the day.

Also, think about how much space your Nikes have. Some sports, like soccer, require shoes that are so tight that not all types of insoles will fit. The best Nike insoles, in this case, need to be very thin.


Insoles come in all shapes, sizes and prices. They can cost anything from the price of a couple of coffees to hundreds of dollars. For our list of the best Nike insoles, we wanted to find the ones that offer the best value for your money. They’re all affordable, and some are surprisingly inexpensive.


Why Should I Get Replacement Insoles

Nike insoles are generally quite comfortable, and many people don’t replace them when they buy a new pair of sneakers. However, there are a couple of good reasons to consider this.

Heavy Use

Retail and health care workers and dedicated athletes often need to invest in a good pair of insoles. They keep you pain-free for long hours when walking, running or standing up,

If you’re on your feet a lot and your legs or feet ache, you might think it’s time to buy a new pair of shoes. However, you can often resolve the problem by replacing the insole for a fraction of the price. But, you need to buy insoles that the makers have tailored for the type of use you’re giving your shoes.

Health Issues

If you have issues like overpronation, runner’s knee or plantar fasciitis, the wrong insole can make it worse. Many people who exercise or spend long hours on their feet also develop issues that the original insole just won’t remedy.

The insoles that come with your Nikes are likely very thin, which can worsen any underlying conditions.

The best Nike insoles replacements will keep you on your feet while avoiding all of this unnecessary pain.

The Original Insoles Are Worn

Original Nike insoles also wear out eventually, and by replacing them, you can give your sneakers a cheap refreshment without having to throw out the shoes.

Remember that if you’re a runner or heavy walker, no insole will make your Nikes good as new if the midsole and outsole are too worn. It’s best to replace your runners about every 400 to 500 miles to make sure you’re not harming your joints.


Reviews of the Best Nike Insoles

Our Overview

Powerstep makes these insoles from soft but firm EVA foam. They’re designed especially to help those with neutral arches or slight overpronation, but they can work with high arches too.

The insoles will give you a natural, soft lift in the midfoot area and help keep your foot stable. In the heel, there’s a bit of elevation, which alleviates plantar fasciitis pain. The shape of the insole cradles your heel area, locking it in to prevent it from moving inside the shoe.

It may take a little while to get used to these insoles, and if you suffer from extremely flat arches, these may not feel comfortable to you. Many people, however, find them a tremendous relief for plantar fasciitis and tendon inflammation.

On the top, these insoles have an anti-microbial fabric that’s designed to lower friction—and avoid blisters! The fabric layer doesn’t feel too synthetic or make your feet sweat too much, which also helps you keep your shoes fresh for longer.


  • Stiff and contoured arch support for neutral arches, and slightly flat feet.
  • Elevated heel helps with plantar fasciitis.
  • Work in different types of shoes.
  • Anti-microbial and anti-friction top fabric.


Not ideal for very flat or high arches

Our Overview

These insoles also include squishy gel pads in the heel and under the forefoot for even better cushioning. They work well for those who need extra support for their heels when exercising and people who spend a long time standing at their feet.

The insoles have some extra space on the sides, so you can trim them at home to fit any shoe. They stick to the bottom of your shoe, so don’t move around, even if there’s a bit of extra space inside the shoe.

The upper fabric is moisture-wicking and designed to keep your feet odor-free. They’re also amazingly durable, with many users wearing their insoles for months and even years. Overall, these insoles are a durable option for a very reasonable price.

They are quite thick, so they won’t fit inside all types of Nikes. For example, soccer cleats tend to be quite tight, and you may find it hard to get this insole fitted inside.

These are best for neutral arches, so they may not be enough if you need more support. The gel pads at the front and back also really help soften the impact in critical places. However, if the size is not exactly right for you, the cushion can end up at the wrong spot and give you pain.


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Trim-to-fit design for ideal sizing.
  • Works with minimal running shoes.
  • Durable.


  • Can be too high-profile for some sports.
  • The size needs to be just right, or the gel pads can cause problems.

Our Overview

These insoles from Spenco are ideal for slipping inside your Nikes whether you’re going to the gym, running or walking. They have a soft EVA foam layer at the front and lightweight polyurethane foam at the back. They’re also easy to trim to fit your shoes perfectly.

This insole has some elevation in the heel, so it’ll provide some relief for those suffering from plantar fasciitis. The heel also has a cushioned block to protect your joints from impact.

Overall, the feel is quite flexible and soft, and high enough to provide relief from plantar fasciitis or prevent shin splints. The arch isn’t very high, so if you need more support around the midfoot, these are not the right insoles for you.

On the negative side, these insoles wear out pretty quickly if you wear them every day. Both the fabric and foam layers in the heel will last for months, but they’re not the most long-lasting model.


  • Designed for varied sports.
  • Very soft, cushioned heel.
  • Ideal for plantar fasciitis and shin splints prevention.
  • Flexible and work well with neutral to flat arches.


  • Durability could be better.
  • The arch doesn’t have a lot of support.

Our Overview

Dr. Scholl’s is famous for affordable insoles and inserts, and they designed this pair specially for impact absorption when running. The product promises to reduce up to 40 percent of the impact on your joints when running, and reduce common runner ailments from shin splints to runner’s knee.

These insoles provide lots of arch support and a deep heel cup, as well as a reinforced area at the ball of the foot.

The sizing is universal, with a trim-to-fit design meant to fit men’s sizes 10.5 to 14. If the size is not exactly right for you, the cushioning at the arch and the ball of the foot can become painful.

The material is a very rigid plastic and won’t wear thin in a couple of months like many other affordable insole replacements. However, it can be too tough for many, especially those with low arches. Because of the high midfoot area and rigidity, we recommend these for those with high arches.


  • Excellent impact absorption for runners.
  • Affordable.
  • Durable.
  • Deep heel cup.


  • Can be too rigid.

Our Overview

For those runners who want the best Nike insoles replacements for minimal, lightweight shoes like Frees, we recommend these Spenco Rx Comfort insoles.

They’re also the ideal small insoles for those who use soccer cleats or other small shoes.

The insole has a thin layer of foam, with a moisture-wicking antibacterial layer of fabric on top.

These insoles have practically no midfoot support, so they’re ideal for those who don’t require extra support for their arches. You can also use them as additional cushioning on top of your original Nike insoles or custom-made orthotics.

There’s also no heel-to-toe drop, so they won’t alter your gait, which can be a good or a bad thing. If you need your insoles to correct your running form, these are not the right option. However, for those who just want to soften the impact, this is a superb choice.

What these insoles are best for is to add a bit of extra cushioning. They’re not the right choice for people who need additional support for their feet. For example, if you already suffer from conditions like plantar fasciitis, they can be great as an extra softener on top of your worn Nike insoles.


  • Thin and lightweight, ideal for small and minimal shoes.
  • No heel-to-toe drop.
  • Great as an additional cushion.
  • Low price.
  • Durable


Doesn’t help absorb impact.

Our Overview

These Walk-Hero insoles are designed especially for plantar fasciitis relief, even when doing high-impact sports. Their deep heel cup elevates the back of your foot, and the arch support keeps your foot aligned.

This insole is ideal for those who spend long hours on their feet at work or go through strenuous workouts in their free time. It’s made of high-density foam, and the heel cup is rigid and high. However, the arch is very high on this model, so it can get painful if you have very flat feet.

The insole is size-specific. While you could trim a bit at the toes, it’s best to pick the right size following the manufacturer’s size guide. A very form-fitting insole like this needs to be the right fit to not be uncomfortable.

The design is not the slimmest, so it can be too wide for some Nike shoe models. It also occupies a lot of space inside the shoe, so it’s not the best for small sports shoes.

Overall, it’s easy to see why these insoles are a long-standing bestseller, with thousands of happy customers. If you struggle to find decent arch support in your shoes or replacement insoles, this is definitely the way to go.


  • Very high and stable arch support.
  • High-quality, durable foam material.
  • Rigid, supportive heel cup.
  • Good shock absorption.


  • Not much support under the ball of the foot.
  • The heel cushion can get uncomfortable for some users.
Our Overview

The Physix Gear orthotic inserts are ideal for everyday use, as well as for serious sports. They’re made of a supportive EVA foam and PU mix that cushions and hugs your foot and corrects your posture without feeling too stiff.

These insoles have a deep heel cup, high arch support and a low-profile design that doesn’t tire out feet with neutral or slight overpronation. The arch isn’t too high, and the ball of the foot has a slim profile that doesn’t occupy too much space inside your shoe.

If you’re worried about getting the correct size, this may be a good option. There are five sizes from XS to XL, with a trim-to-fit design you can cut to fit correctly. The insole sticks to the bottom of your shoe well and doesn’t move around when walking. However, these are quite wide, so they may not fit well in all Nike sneakers.


  • Trim-to-fit works for all sizes.
  • Great heel support.
  • Doesn’t move around.
  • Solid, reliable cushioning without stiffness.


  • Not the highest arch support.
  • Wide design.



Our Overview

For those looking for additional cushioning, these gel insoles from Envelop can be just the right thing. They give you a little extra bounce in your step without the need for a full heel cup and arch.

The gel is durable and maintains its form much longer than foams that tend to get slimmer in use. It feels a little squishy when walking and can take some getting used to initially.

This Envelop product can help relieve some plantar fasciitis pain and make long hours on your feet more tolerable. They’re a good choice to slip inside a pair of Nikes if you work on your feet, but they’re not the most responsive option for serious sports.


  • Very affordable.
  • Low profile.
  • Ideal for standing up for long periods.
  • The gel maintains its form for longer.


  • No arch or heel support.
  • Gel insoles aren’t very responsive to impact.

Our Overview

Shopping for the best Nike insoles replacements for women can get tough. Women suffer from flat feet and other associated conditions more often than men, but their feet are also narrower. An insole specifically made for women’s feet like this one from Sof Sole can be the answer.

This model has rigid, nylon-plated arch support that helps those who suffer from flat feet. It’s designed to absorb impact and correct alignment when walking, running or training at the gym.

The design has a noticeable heel drop, which can help reduce plantar fasciitis, and the heel includes air bubbles that give the insole a bouncy feel. The forefoot area is also reinforced and adds some extra protection to your step.

This is not a minimal-support insole but rather a genuinely form-correcting one. It can reduce the impact on your joints, but if the sizing isn’t perfect, it can be very uncomfortable. The model only comes in two sizes, from 5 to 7.5 and 8 to 11, so it’s not easy to get it right.


  • Narrow design for women’s feet.
  • Very structured and supportive design.
  • Bouncy heel support with air bubbles.
  • Helps with foot alignment and gait correction.


  • Getting the size right can be a challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Shoe Insoles?

In our review, the best Nike insole is the Powerstep Pinnacle. It’s durable, cushioned and firm, but still flexible enough to be comfortable. Always remember that the best insoles are the ones that fit your needs. We all have feet of different shapes and varying requirements, so you’ll never know what’s right without testing them.

Are Nike Insoles Removable?

Nike original insoles are removable and usually very thin, so many people like to replace theirs for custom ones. You can remove your Nike insoles, wash them and buy new ones when they’re too worn. Just make sure you don’t use running shoes anymore once the outsoles are worn down because it will be too rough for your joints.

Are Good Feet Insoles Worth It?

Insoles from Good Feet are a pricey option, and they’re not necessarily worth the investment. You’ll likely do better with more affordable insoles—like the ones in our review—or custom made orthotic inserts. You’ll also save yourself hundreds of dollars.

Is It Okay To Remove Insoles?

Yes, it is okay to remove your sneakers’ insoles to wash or replace them with new ones—Nike designs most sneakers with removable insoles for that purpose.


The Winner

Our selection for the best Nike insoles is the Powerstep Pinnacle. They’re flexible enough to be comfortable for hours on end and provide long-lasting relief to many common foot conditions.

The design is quite narrow, and fits inside most common Nike models, and the arch is not too pronounced. A subtle heel-to-toe drop gives relief to those suffering from plantar fasciitis. It’s a durable, top-quality insole at an excellent price.

Remember that there’s never a foolproof way of knowing if your insoles are the right fit for you without trying them. It’s the same as when you’re buying a new pair of Nike sneakers. Everybody’s feet are different, and what might work for someone else may not be right for you.

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