Best Shoes for Dancing Hip Hop

Hip hop dancing has become an indelible part of modern culture. Its influence has transcended different ethnic groups, ages, and nations. Unsurprisingly, hip hop dancing has become a popular form of self-expression. Having the right hip hop shoes is imperative to ensure you perform well while minimizing the injury risk.

With this in mind, we compiled a list of the best shoes for dancing hip hop; they offer the safety and flexibility most dancers need while being considerably stylish.

Based on our extensive research, we have reviewed these products:


Shoes for Dancing Hip Hop


What to Look for in the Best Shoes for Dancing Hip Hop

Not all trendy shoes are suitable for hip hop dancing; this is why we’ve outlined the attributes to look for when buying such shoes.


When wearing shoes, comfort is the most important thing. Many people believe that comfort should only apply to sport-specific shoes. But this is far from ideal. If the shoe you wear isn’t comfortable, it serves you no purpose.

When dancing, the need for comfort is elevated. Your feet and ankles are going to be twisting and sliding unnaturally. Most people either walk or run in their shoes and rarely stand on their toes or move flexibly with their ankles as dancers do. And because of this, the majority of available products aren’t specifically advertised as hip hop shoes.

If any part of your foot—your toes to your ankles—feels uncomfortable after prolonged use, you need to change your pair. They’ll initially need some stretching, but after that, the good ones should fit well.  Also, as the last warning: never compromise comfort for style.


Grip is essential in dance. Depending on the style of dance you do, the grip of the soles of your shoes may differ. Salsa dancers need less friction to glide on the wooden dance floor to avoid twisting their ankles, while ballet dancers prefer less slippery shoes.

With hip hop dance, you’re better off with a substantial amount of grip. Grip allows you to control your movements and gives you the flexibility to perform nearly anywhere, whether on a street or a well-lit stage.

But the grip shouldn’t be too firm; this hinders mobility and could lead to injuries. This is why gym shoes, which are logically loaded with grip to prevent you from slipping while carrying heavy weights, are bad choices for hip hop dancing shoes.

Build Quality

As stated before, hip hop dancing will require unnatural foot movement that would rarely have been considered during the design process of most shoes. There haven’t been many dedicated hip hop dance shoes created in the past, and most dancers try to find regular shoes they can adapt to their needs.

Whichever hip hop shoe you select should endure the wear and tear that comes from regular use. The soles should stay sewed on, and the canvas shouldn’t peel off. Robustness has a lot to do with the build quality, which is an important factor to consider before buying shoes for dancing.


Yes, style is fundamental. Hip hop dance is a very expressive form of dance and is one of the only types where the dancer can also communicate their message by how they’re dressed.

It’s crucial you find stylish sneakers that provide some versatility. The outfits you wear to performances will regularly change, and getting a versatile pair of hip hop shoes in a neutral color can do you no harm. Since hip hop is now engraved in our culture, getting shoes from popular brands will make you seem modern and relevant.

But you should be careful with this approach; a good brand name doesn’t make a great shoe. And differentiating between the two requires a discerning eye. But you don’t have to worry about that. We’ve done the research for you and have filtered the numerous products on the market to find the best quality big-name brands have to offer.


Reviews of Best Shoes for Dancing Hip Hop

The following are the best hip hop dancing shoes available. Most come at an accessible price and have become modern cultural icons. You don’t have to limit yourself to only purchasing one pair from this list. You can never have too many shoes for hip hop dancing.

Our Overview

People with an appreciation of streetwear wear these. They offer the comfort and mobility expected of dance shoes because they were originally designed to appeal to skateboarders, providing the performance and aesthetics people needed.

Over time, they were adopted by the common folk and have become a true classic in the sneaker world.

The reason why the Vans Low-Top Sneakers are brilliant is the grip they have and how sturdy they are. The grip was intended to provide a firm and steady base on slippery skateboards while allowing one to maneuver easily. This combination is appropriate for hip hop dancing and has been one of many reasons why this product is so popular.

The second is their robustness. The material used is more durable than most products on the market, and the thick rubber sole gives added height and stability. There is very little wrong with this product, and it has been unsurprisingly canonized in our culture.

The drawback of this product is perhaps its popularity. In a world where individual expression is the goal, you’re most likely to have similar dance shoes to most people on the streets. This shouldn’t deter you from buying this pair. A great product at an affordable price is more than most people could ask for.


  • Classic sneakers.
  • Affordable price.
  • Available in an assortment of colors.
  • Robust and durable.
  • Made with suede canvas.


  • Have become too popular and trendy.

Our Overview

This is a 100 percent leather shoe that offers great comfort and style. We’ve specifically chosen the classic white variant of this product to feature on our list.

As mentioned before, versatility is very important to hip hop dancers because your performance outfits could change regularly. There is no product more versatile than a classic sneaker.

Adidas Originals have iconized this model by offering great quality at an accessible price. The comfort is tremendous, and the leather construction is something people rarely get at this price point. It allows more durability, and you’re guaranteed years of use with this product.

Stan Smith, whom the product is named after, was a celebrated American tennis player. These shoes were initially made for the tennis community. The grip and ankle mobility offered by this product comes as no surprise then.

The one con of this product is the fit. If you happen to get your exact size, then you will fall in love with this pair. But if you get a slightly bigger, or smaller, size, you’re probably going to suffer from foot aches. Most sneakers provide comfort for people who wear a size bigger or smaller than their true size. These don’t.


  • Fantastic grip.
  • 100 percent leather construction.
  • Versatile.


  • Exact fit needed for comfort.

Our Overview

High tops are rarely the best sneakers for dancing hip hop. The main reason for this is ankle mobility. With all the twisting and turning, you’d want a shoe that doesn’t restrict your ankle. But these popular Nike Air-Force 1 sneakers offer something different. Instead of limiting movement, they actually support your ankle and help with injury prevention.

These hip hop shoes come in a variety of colors and are expensively priced because of the build quality they have. The rubber outsole is thick and robust, and the all-leather construction is a welcome and stylish feature.

The staggering price of these shoes is a huge negative that it prevented us from naming them the best shoes for dancing hip hop.


  • Great comfort.
  • Stupendous build quality.
  • Solid grip and firm rubber outsole.


  • Price.

Our Overview

Converse Chuck Taylors are one of the most recognizable high-top sneakers on the market today. They’re iconic and can be easily worn with anything. You can pair them with casual clothes or dress them up with a suit. The latter has become a more popular form of attire on the red carpet and performance stages. There are no other sneakers for dance that can be this versatile.

The silhouette of the shoe is very comfortable. The thin, high-top canvas allows you to be athletic with minimal chance of injury. It’s the softest and most flexible canvas offered on our list of shoes. But this lack of structure causes a great deal of problems.

The first has to do with durability. These aren’t the most robust shoes, and you should expect signs of wear and tear after a year of consistent use.

The second drawback is with suitability in wet weather. These shoes provide little protection on wet surfaces and become really dirty after exposure to rain and tar.


  • Very stylish and versatile.
  • Allow for maneuverability.
  • Come in a variety of colors.
  • Unisex.


  • Not very durable.
  • Easily get dirty.
  • Poor choice of shoes in wet weather.

Our Overview

Reebok are renowned for creating shoes with impressive durability and performance. These hip hop dance shoes are no different. The rubber sole offers a grip that is unlike any other on our list. They provide adequate friction while not being too restrictive.

The die-cut EVA midsole structurally supports the shoe and ensures you can comfortably wear it all day. A removable orthotics insert has been conveniently placed to provide maximum comfort.

Unlike the Nike high-top sneakers or the Adidas Originals, this pair is made from synthetic leather; this will be appreciated by those leading a vegan lifestyle and others looking for a great quality alternative to real leather. Many options, especially those made from cheap plastics, aren’t reliable and have caused people to believe that non-leather materials are inferior.

Reebok has debunked these myths by creating an extremely robust shoe. As hip hop dancing sneakers, they could easily survive the rigorous activity most dancers would put them through.

For non-leather shoes, one would expect a reduced price. But this isn’t the case with this pair. Expect to pay a premium price for the shoes.

These are an excellent pair for those looking for a stylish, robust and comfortable alternative to the most popular hip hop dance shoes.


  • Durable and robust.
  • Great comfort.
  • Sturdy grip.


  • Price is disproportional to materials used.



How Do I Clean Hip Hop Shoes?

Dance sneakers are like most other sneakers found on the market today. Cleaning can be done with a mild detergent and a toothbrush. Apply the detergent on the shoe, use the toothbrush to scrub and then remove the soap with a cloth. This works best on leather sneakers and the soles of canvas sneakers.

What’s a Good Budget for a Hip Hop Shoe?

Hip Hop dance sneakers aren’t specifically intended for hip hop dancing; this is a disadvantage when it comes to the shoe price. Because most of these shoes are fashion statements and will come with a premium price. A good budget is upwards of 60 dollars for a good entry-level shoe.

When Do I Change My Hip Hop Shoes?

It’s best to change your hip hop shoes at the first sign of irreversible damage. You should do this for two reasons: the first is aesthetics, and the other is safety. As a performance art, hip hop is synonymous with being visually captivating. Your appearance is important, and dusty; worn-out shoes do you no favors.

Secondly, safety is the most important thing for you; a professional footballer would never wear worn-out boots to match. These are unsafe and can easily cause injury. The same goes for your hip hop shoes. These aid in injury prevention and must be in top condition.

How Many Pairs of Hip Hop Shoes Should I Own?

One is sufficient for most people, but two or three are ideal. Most dancers will use their hip hop shoes as part of their everyday clothing. There’s nothing wrong with this, but you’re more likely to wear your shoes out if you use them this way. Having an extra pair or two to alternate will make your shoes last much longer.

Should I Get the Same Shoes as My Crew?

If you dance in a crew, uniformity is essential. But the beauty of dance is that different personalities are expressed even when a group of people are dancing in a similar fashion. So being too alike with other members of your group isn’t a good thing. Perhaps get similar colored shoes, but not the exact type of shoe.



Sneakers, dance and hip hop have become a fascinating phenomenon in our modern culture. Not only have they been popular, but have provided various commercial opportunities for people and allowed them to make a living off hip hop dancing.

If you wish to take your hip hop dancing to the next level, then choosing one of these sneakers will help you get there. Our top pick is the Vans Low Top Sneaker, but the other options also offer outstanding performance and impeccable style. Be sure to consider one of them as your next purchase.

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