Best Shoes for Surgeons—Operating Room Comfort

Are you a newly trained surgeon wondering which shoes to wear? If the answer is yes, then we have you covered. We will walk you through the best shoes for surgeons to help you choose the right fit for your profession.

Bear in mind that being a surgeon entails a lot of activities. The surgeon’s job is to save lives, from responding to an emergency at a moment’s notice to slicing a ligament. When moving around and standing for long hours, you may need some extra comfort. The best way to achieve this goal is to look for the right shoes that go hand in hand with your profession.

Here is a selection of the best shoes for surgeons to choose from:


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Why Should You Go for the Best Surgeons’ Shoes?

Different jobs require different footwear. Surgeons are on their feet all day; they need special footwear to keep their feet comfortable and make their workplace safe.

They use these types of shoes for the following reasons:

To Offer Protection

The best shoes for surgeons protect the surgeon’s feet. This is one of their most obvious and significant functions when used in the operation room. Even though this room doesn’t have life-threatening hazards lurking in every corner, everyone there must wear protective shoes at all times. This is mandatory because sharp surgical equipment and tools can pose risks of causing injuries to their feet.

For instance, needles and scalpels can accidentally be knocked off trays or slip from hands and cause a serious cut into your toes. Worse still, these objects can transmit infections from the patient to the surgeon.

To dodge these dangers while in the operating theater, you should wear good quality surgeons’ shoes. The shoes must be thick enough to handle pricks and nicks without being too suffocating around your feet. They should also have closed toes in case you stumble on a sharp object.

When performing surgery, you need to prevent the chance of slips and trips. Look for the best shoes for surgeons with an excellent grip and soft tread to provide great traction and enable you to walk comfortably on tile and laminate floors. Avoid shoes that have thick soles made from hard plastic materials.

To Support Your Back

As a surgeon, you’re bound to work long hours in a single shift. You’re also likely to spend the majority of your time standing or moving around. At the end of the shift, you may feel some strain on your feet and back. This is because your feet provide support to your back, especially the spine.

Bad foot arches resulting from wearing uncomfortable shoes can lead to bad knees and backache.

The best shoes for surgeons can keep your feet comfortable while keeping your back in good condition.

To Withstand Wear and Tear for a Long Time

Some models of the best shoes for surgeons can cost you an arm and a leg. They should last you a good while to give you value for your money. These shoes should also withstand wear and tear even after their warranties have expired.

To Eliminate Discomfort

The best shoes for surgeons are those that can reduce discomfort in addition to limiting injuries such as blisters. Keep in mind that you need to stay focused throughout your shift, and anything that can distract you should be avoided by all means.

Shoes should also have soft insoles that fit your feet nicely; comfort is paramount.


What Should You Consider When Buying the Best Surgeons Shoe?

Read through the following essential considerations before purchasing your most ideal pair of shoes to find the right answers.

Quality of Materials

For surgeon shoes, the quality of the materials matters the most. The materials should make these shoes last longer while protecting your feet.

Look for features such as insoles that are soft, snug, and absorbent. There’s nothing worse than sweaty feet.

The outer shoe material should be leather or rubber; these make your shoes easy to wash, durable, and flexible.

Back and Arch Support

As a reminder, almost all surgical operations require surgeons to stand for many hours. In the course of standing or moving around during that long shift, you’re likely to feel pain in your neck, shoulders, and back. This problem can intensify to the point of affecting your overall performance in the operating room.

If you wear the wrong shoes, they can increase pressure and tension while standing. To prevent this problem, you must test your surgery shoes for one week to know if they’re suitable for you.

Grip and Non-Slip Features

The best shoes for surgeons should be non-slip and provide great grip. A non-slip grip ensures that your shoes plant you in one place regardless of the type of surface you’re standing on.

As you may know, your shoes’ grip and non-slip features are determined by the level of tread. Some brands come with a flat tread on their entire soles, while others focus their tread on the balls and heels of your feet. Which tread is right for you depends on your feet and gait; try out a few pairs and see which works best.

If you want to make your current footwear non-slip, have a look at our helpful guide—How To Make Shoes Non Slip.


The operating room can get messy at any given time. Mess can splatter on walls, ceiling floors, and even your shoes. Since this is part of your career, you will have to bear with anything that comes up during surgery. So if your shoes become messy, you should be able to wash them before your next procedure.

You should think of choosing surgeon shoes crafted from cured leather or rubber; these materials are easy to clean and disinfect.


Even though the best shoes for surgeons are mainly for use in the operating room, they also need to be stylish. They should be able to match your outfit or reflect your style all the time.

You want to feel comfortable and presentable. Style also gives you confidence, especially during the most challenging times of your career. It’s wise to pick those shoes that will bring out the true you. Good shoes will not only make your work easy but also motivate you to perform your duties diligently.


The price of the best shoes for surgeons should be one of the first things to consider; prepare a budget that will accommodate the type of shoes you want to buy for surgery.

Luckily, surgeon shoes aren’t as costly as other ordinary shoes. Most of these shoes come from brands such as Skechers and Crocs. You won’t have to stretch your budget to get them. They’re affordable and readily available.


Whether you’re buying from the shop or online, the size of the best shoes for surgeons is important. Check and verify the size before making your final decision. Otherwise, you will end up with an undersized or oversized shoe that will make your work a little uncomfortable.

If you’re buying online, especially from platforms such as Amazon, you need to check the size chart.

Go through several customer reviews to get an idea of what customers are saying about a particular type of shoe or brand. This section’s information will give you a clear picture of what to expect before purchasing a certain brand of the best shoes for surgeons.

Best Shoes for Surgeons Review

With several brands and styles out there, choosing the best shoes for surgeons can be a challenge. It can be confusing when you have no idea where to start your search. But you can overcome this hurdle by reading through our top five surgeon shoes in the following review:

Our Overview

Merrel Men’s Moc Slip-On Shoes are among the best shoes for surgeons you can find today. They also bear the American Podiatric Medical Association‘s Seal of Acceptance to let you know that they’re products of high quality.

These shoes have a reputation for providing outstanding features and specifications. Most surgeons prefer them because they bring unmatched comfort to the workplace.

The Jungle Moc, as they’re popularly known, are made to easily slip-on to get you ready for the operating room. They’re waterproof, sturdy, and durable. Their upper section comes fully equipped with stretchy goring on the lateral and medial sides. This section is carefully lined and treated with an Aegis Antimicrobial solution to keep the bad smells at bay.

They don’t have laces to worry about; they’re easy to slide on or off without taking much of your time. They also have a substantial amount of cushioning on the footbed to increase comfort and enhance protection to your feet.

Their EVA midsole makes them lighter while giving you bounceback and enough energy to keep you going throughout the day. So if you’re in the profession, the Jungle Moc should be your ultimate choice of the best shoes for surgeons.


  • Versatile.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Easy to slip on or off while providing day-long comfort and support.
  • EVA contours footbed for extra cushioning.
  • Targeted heel cushioning enhances overall comfort on your feet.


  • Soles can be slippery on wet floors.
  • Some users complain of a lack of balance on their little toe edges

Our Overview

The Crocus Unisex Adult Bistro Graphic Clog is recommended for anyone working in the surgery room. This pair of surgeon shoes are built to withstand long hours of standing and walking in a hospital environment. They’re affordable yet durable enough to provide everlasting comfort when performing your duties in the operating room.

This product boasts the highest levels of support for your ankles and feet. They’re extremely comfortable to wear all day long without experiencing pain in your feet, legs, and back.

They’re flexible and ultra-lightweight to enable you to move around easily and conveniently. Plus, they provide 360-degree cushioning around your feet to keep you standing for many hours without feeling any discomfort.

The pair have slip-resistant treads to enhance your safety when walking on wet floors. This feature also keeps your feet stable by providing maximum grip on the ground.

The Crocus Unisex Adult Bistro Graphic Clogs are easy to clean and care for after wearing. You just need to clean them by using water and soap, then allow them to dry quickly.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Comes with a slip-resistant tread.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Provides enough support and comfort to your feet.
  • Affordable and durable.
  • Serves both male and female surgeons.


  • Lacks adequate airflow.
  • The sizes run a bit large

Our Overview

The USA-made Alegria Classic Clog is a recommended footwear for female surgeons. The shoe is available in various colors and finishes to give you a beautiful touch that matches your outfit. It’s made of high-quality leather material on the top with latex insoles and memory foam for durability, safety, and comfort.

This stable pair of shoes has a 1.5-inch heel to offer arch support when in the operating room. The 1-inch platform plays a crucial role in supporting your feet while standing or moving, and the sole provides top-notch levels of comfort and arch support to your feet and entire body. It also boasts tremendous alignment when it comes to shock absorption.

The Alegria Classic Clog for Women is considered one of the best surgeon shoes due to its ability to support the whole foot. With this shoe, you can walk, jog or stand for long hours with comfort, thanks to its slip-resistant ability and mid-rocker outsoles for enhanced pressure distribution.


  • Provides a great footbed.
  • Offers an in-step collar.
  • Perfect surgeon shoes for arch support.
  • Adjustable side buckle.
  • Attractive design with different colors.


  • Doesn’t work well with wide feet.

Our Overview

The CALZURO Classic Autoclave Clog is one of the best surgeon shoes designed for surgical residents and surgical techs. This Italian-made surgeon shoe is available in different sizes, each tailored to suit a particular type of foot.

All you need to do is refer to the relevant size chart to find the appropriate size. It also comes in 13 different colors to match your surgical outfit.

This model consists of two accessories, namely the comfort insole and heel strap. Both accessories ensure that the shoe fits snuggly to offer arch support and comfort to your feet.

The 1.5-inch heel on this model helps to reduce fatigue even after wearing it for many hours. In addition, the medium width, slip-resistant sole provides you with unmatched stability on different surfaces while preventing accidental falls.

The CALZURO Classic Autoclave Clog is easy to clean and maintain. You only need to wash and sterilize it in the autoclave for the next surgical assignment. You can also clean the pair in a commercial dishwasher and disinfect them using bleach to maintain their color.


  • Available in different colors.
  • Latex-free surgeon shoes.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Slip-resistant sole.


  • A little too tight for wide feet.
  • Slightly unstable when walking or stepping laterally.

Our Overview

Merrell Encore-Slip Smooth-Leather Men’s Shoes keep your feet comfortable during long shifts in the operating room. These shoes have incredibly soft leather with added cushioning around the collar section.

Their super convenient slip-on design ensures that your feet remain stable even on slippery surfaces. The removable ortholite footbed comes in handy to provide support when standing or moving all over the operating room.

These shoes incorporate an Aegis antimicrobial treatment in their insoles to keep odor away. They feature a shock-absorbing midsole and a long-lasting Encore sticky rubber outsole with a nice decent pattern to enhance traction.


  • Protects against sharp items.
  • Incredibly comfortable.
  • Super lightweight.
  • Very supportive when performing microsurgery for long hours.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Very durable.


  • The shoes are a little bit squeaky.
  • Limited colors.
  • Not suitable for polished granite floors or wet metal panels.

Our Overview

Timberland Renova can protect your feet, provide comfort, and keep you stable while in the operating room. These surgeon shoes have great features that will give you value for your money.

They feature a full-grain leather upper to ensure durability and functionality. The upper is treated using a 3M Scotchgard protector to keep away all kinds of stains. Their easy slip-on construction comprises panels of goring to enable you to stretch and make movements without straightening your back.

Timberland Revova’s interior features a state-of-the-art smooth lining complete with a Bi-Fit Tri-density footbed to cradle your feet. The same footbed ensures that you enjoy endless arch support, not to mention everlasting comfort.

Given that surgery might take long hours, these shoes keep your feet moisture-free and fresh for a long time. This is possible with the help of odor control technology that’s in each pair.

A heel-to-toe rocker is included to provide comfort, maintain proper joint motion, and reduce forefoot pressure. This is a great brand of surgeon shoes that will take your career to the next level.


  • Affordable.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • Their color fades quickly.
  • Non-removable insole.

Our Overview

Skechers Work-Gallery Men’s 76759 Soft-Stride Shoes offer workplace comfort and safety. These shoes will take you through your workday without causing fatigue, falls, slips, injury, or blisters.

The shoes are made of soft leather to make them withstand long hours of working in the operating room. They feature an easy, full lace-up closure to hold your feet in place securely.

When it comes to the interior, these surgeon shoes don’t disappoint; they have a removable PU footbed that’s padded for cushioning and comfort. The interior also consists of a super-cushioned soft fabric and breathable lining with padding on the collar and tongue for more protection and comfort.

You will find a lightweight midsole and ASTM slip-resistant, high-abrasion rubber outsole on the bottom of this pair of shoes. Each feature is tailored to keeping your feet safe, dry, and stable. A handy pull tab at the back helps pull on and remove these shoes super-easy and quick.


  • Rubber sole for comfort.
  • Slip-resistant outsole.
  • Good arch support.


  • They’re a bit bulky.
  • The back loop may interfere with your pants.



Our Overview

The Mercy Work Clog for Women provides several comfortable options for surgeons in the operating room. The model offers comfy features that you need while performing surgical operations.

They’re made from 100 percent Croslite material that combines soft foam resin to offer reliable shock absorption. This type of material ensures that your feet feel supported, ventilated, and massaged when walking.

The heel in each shoe measures approximately 1 inch from the ground to help maintain your posture and stability. A half-inch platform comes in to ensure that you enjoy long hours of safety without fatigue. That’s why you will be able to work long hours without getting blisters or aches in your legs and feet.


  • Superior gripping soles.
  • Contoured footbeds for more comfort.
  • Provides maximum support.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to wear and maintain.


  • Straps aren’t as strong as expected.
  • The sizes may vary considerably.

Our Overview

The BIRKENSTOCK Professional Birk is a unisex model of shoes designed for surgeons. The pair are made from high-quality leather and polyurethane materials to offer flexibility in the operating room. The same materials make this model durable and stylish despite where it’s used.

The shoes feature slip-resistant soles to keep you safe on different surfaces. They also mold naturally to your feet, making you look professional. This impressive model is designed simply with no added features to make it easy to use and maintain.

The anti-slip outsole keeps you safe from possible accidents when on your shift. Another remarkable feature of this shoe is the footbed, which is uniquely shaped to distribute your weight evenly over your feet.

Even though it’s relatively costly, BIRKENSTOCK Professional Birk is dishwasher-safe. All you need to do is remove the insole before putting it in the machine.


  • Designed for surgeons and other professionals with demanding tasks.
  • Provides the right height for your heel (at 1.5 inches.)
  • Slip-resistant sole.
  • Distributes body weight evenly.
  • Provides adequate support.


  • The pair is a little costly compared to other shoes.

Our Overview

Dansko Women’s Professional Black-Floral Clogs are some of the best shoes for surgeons money can buy. No wonder they have the Seal of Acceptance from the prestigious American Podiatric Medical Association for their quality.

They give you all-day comfort when carrying out your surgical duties. The shoes are supportive due to their built-in arch support. They also provide you with extra padding, especially on the top of your feet.

The soft cushy footbed on these shoes has memory foam to offer comfy support from your heel to the toes. This feature is also removable to accommodate orthotics. The upper part of each shoe is curved to take care of your foot’s natural contour for added comfort.

Most importantly, these clogs come with a slip-resistant outsole to keep you safe and stable on different surfaces. This brand of surgeon shoes is available in various sizes. You can find it in three different types of leather materials, namely, Cabrio, box, and oiled


  • Oiled finished shoes have an excellent texture.
  • Can be re-oiled to maintain their color.
  • Little break-in time.


  • Not suitable for wide feet.
  • A little bit difficult to run in.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do Surgeons Use Crocs When in the Operating Room?

Yes! Surgeons can wear Crocs while in the surgery room. Crocs are the most popular shoe worn by a majority of hospital staff. This is because of long-lasting rubber materials in addition to being comfortable and easy to clean.

Can Surgeons Wear Gumboots?

The answer is yes. True gumboots have soft materials like rubber and not plastic polymer or PVC. They’re indispensable to a number of professionals, surgeons included. More importantly, they’re washable, durable, and comfortable.

Can Surgeons Add Insoles To Their Shoes for Extra Comfort?

Absolutely yes! More insoles will add some comfort and keep your feet dry all day long. They will provide support to your feet and allow you to stand for long hours.


The Final Verdict

Having the best shoes for surgeons is an added advantage to your career. The shoes will keep your feet safe, stable, and comfortable. They will also support your back during long hours of surgery.

You should choose a brand that will suit your needs. Most of the brands highlighted in our reviews above will give you an insight into what will work best for you.

We believe Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoes are the ideal pair of surgeon shoes due to their features and price-tag. This pair of shoes boasts superior leather uppers and are incredibly comfortable.

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