Best Walking Shoes for Overpronation in 2022

Overpronation is a common medical condition that’s associated with the manner in which a person’s foot strikes the ground. It’s generally referred to as flat feet and can be a troubling condition to deal with if you’re equipped with improper footwear.

Countering this condition can be a lot easier when you consider wearing the ideal footwear for various activities. In this article, we discuss the walking shoes that are great to use for any individual who is dealing with overpronation.

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Our research reveals that the following options are the best walking shoes for overpronation in 2020.



Walking Shoes for Overpronation


What Is Overpronation? pexels noelle otto 906106

Overpronation is a medical condition associated with the roll of one’s foot. When the foot rolls inwards during the stride, it helps distribute the force experienced on the impact of each step. This is known as pronation.

Every foot rolls nearly 15 percent inward during the stride as a natural motion in order to help support the weight of the body. Natural pronation helps the foot push off from the ground in an even manner and plays a major role in acting as a natural shock absorber.

Overpronation, on the other hand, occurs when the roll of the foot is more than it’s supposed to be when taking a stride. This can cause discomfort for the individual and can also lead to the development of other injuries over time.

You can also develop instability of the ankle due to this condition, and this doesn’t allow your body to normally absorb the shock of each stride.

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How To Prevent Injuries Related to Overpronation

When you continually walk with an overpronated stride, the muscles of your foot become aggressively tight over time and this can lead to the formation of stress in various regions of your foot.

Due to this one minor abnormality, you can experience various other conditions such as bunions, runners knee, achilles tendonitis, calluses, and plantar fasciitis.

You can help prevent the damage caused by overpronation by resorting to stretching your feet on a regular basis. This is especially useful before you take on a walk or a run.

Another excellent method of tackling overpronation is by utilizing the proper footwear to match your condition. Shoes that have a semi-curved or straight design and offer motion control or additional stability are excellent when it comes to tackling overpronation.

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How To Pick the Right Walking Shoes for Overpronation

You can greatly help your condition by paying attention to the following factors while picking a walking shoe for your overpronation.


Make sure to seek out footwear that offers plenty of cushioning for your feet and includes the use of a supportive midsole or insole. The cushioning should be soft enough to shield your feet from additional weight or abnormal shocks, but should also be firm enough to prevent the rolling of your foot.

An example of shoes that offer great cushioning for the user is the Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 19.

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Arch Support

Arch support is yet another crucial feature that you must seek out while picking walking shoes for overpronation. This feature helps to boost the stability of your shoes and also supports the arch of your foot in order to prevent excessive rolling in the region.

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Shock Absorption

The type of shoe you pick plays a major role in determining the level of shock absorption for your feet.

Most of the models featured below offer excellent levels of shock absorption in order to prevent additional damage and ensure that your feet are well protected regardless of the terrain you’re tackling.


Reviews of the Top Walking Shoes for Overpronation

You can finally take control over your overpronation problem by picking out one of these top walking shoes for your specific needs.

Our Overview

The Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 19 stands tall on our list for being the best shoe in this category for a wide variety of reasons. These shoes are made using a synthetic and mesh material on the upper to offer a sturdy structure and a streamlined look.

The company utilizes a rubber sole at the base of the shoes in order to maximize your grip, as well as extend the durability of the shoes.

You can expect to find plenty of foot support on this model which is why it’s ideal for those who experience overpronation. This is largely thanks to the GuideRail system that helps to focus the support beyond just the feet, offering security to the knee area.

This is because the knee is considered to be the most injury prone joint of the lower body. The GuideRail system steps in here to help your feet move comfortably and keeps a check on any excess movement you may experience as well.

Apart from the quality levels of support, you can also expect these shoes to provide you with an excellent cushioned feel while you’re taking your walks. The cushioning uses the brand’s famous BioMoGo technology to help offer the right levels of softness under your feet without losing durability and responsiveness over time.

The shoe is also now lighter than ever and won’t weigh you down as you’re enjoying your activities.

The only downside of this model is with the durability of the soles that could be better. Even though the brand has opted for a rubber sole which is one of the better materials used for this section of the shoe, users have noticed that continuous and rigorous usage tends to wear down the sole in a few months.


  • Synthetic and mesh upper improves structure and fitting.
  • Offers excellent support for the arch and foot all-around.
  • BioMoGo technology allows cushioning to retain responsiveness.
  • A very comfortable fit.


  • The durability of the soles could be improved.

Our Overview

ASICS is a top-rated brand that’s known to produce quality shoes capable of tackling conditions such as overpronation. This particular model is designed using the brand’s IGS or Impact Guidance System, technology that helps to enhance the natural gait of your foot, all the way from the heel strike to the toe-off.

A foam sole and a synthetic and mesh upper are in use to help aid with the durability, grip, and comfort levels. A dual density midsole system is also in use in these shoes to enhance the level of stability and support offered by the footwear.

The FlyteFoam Propel technology also helps offer a supreme bounce to the user, thereby making your walking and running experience more pleasurable. The use of a 45 degree full length SpevaFoam lasting material is applied in the soft platform of this model in order to boost your feel and comfort levels.

Users, however, did seem to be disappointed with the levels of cushioning offered in these shoes. Some people believe that the cushioning can be softer and offer greater levels of support.


  • Impact Guidance System helps to enhance your natural gait.
  • FlyteFoam Lyte technology offers excellent midsole formulation.
  • Sufficient bounce from the elastomer compound.
  • Dual density midsole system for support and stability.


  • Cushioning could be better.



Our Overview

The Ghost series by Brooks is a classic pick in the all-time best walking shoes segment. The 11th model continues to deliver in a competent and capable manner.

You can expect to find an ideal amount of foot support with this shoe that’s great for walking and running. This is due to the medium to high arch offered in the design that helps to offer neutral support to the users.

Brooks utilizes the BioMoGo DNA and DNA loft cushioning in order to provide the ideal levels of softness under your foot. This is achieved without compromising on the responsiveness and overall durability of the model, all the while making the shoes incredibly light as well. They weigh as little as 10.9 ounces.

Thanks to the segmented crash pad that’s utilized in the design, you can expect the shoe to offer greater levels of stability to help you achieve a smooth walking experience.

A newly engineered upper mesh portion offers flexibility and structure to your feet when you most need it in your stride.

The only disappointing feature, according to users, is the lack of traction offered by this model. This is especially the case with wet surfaces.

  • Excellent foot support with a high arch system.
  • BioMoGo DNA offers the right levels of softness.
  • A segmented crash pad provides greater stability.
  • A soft and secure fit.


  • Poor traction on wet surfaces.

Our Overview

The Wave Inspire 14 for women is an excellent shoe that’s made using a synthetic exterior and includes a rubber sole. This helps to maintain the flexibility and breathability of the shoe, while the rubber sole ensures excellent grip for the user.

A Cloudwave base helps to provide a soft and stable walking experience, all the while reducing the overall weight of the shoe to achieve a lightweight feel.

An airmesh upper boosts the breathability and helps protect against moisture retention. This also plays a major role in ensuring that there’s no odor build up over time.

The soft anatomical sockliner located in the arch helps with the overall cushioning and support.

In terms of durability, however, this model seems to have fallen a tad short of customer expectations and has garnered some negative reviews as a result.


  • Made using a 100 percent synthetic airmesh upper and a rubber sole.
  • Cloudwave base offers a lightweight feel.
  • Breathability and support are a win.
  • A soft anatomical sockliner aids with the cushioning.


  • Low durability.

Our Overview

The Siren Edge Hiker is an excellent pair of walking shoes for women and is made using a 100 percent mesh upper and a vibram sole.

This is a great shoe for hiking that’s been athletically styled and features a seamless upper overlap and a color-pop webbing. These design choices are also accentuated with ghillie laces for easy wearing and removal of shoes.

A breathable mesh lining enables the outflow of moisture and ensures that there’s no build up of odor over time. An M-select FIT-ECO footbed with strategic contours is also seen in this model. This helps offer an organic odor control system for your shoes on those days where you decide to go full force when you’re out and about.

Additionally, a bellows tongue helps keep the debris out of the shoes, aiding in the comfort level as you walk.

A shock-absorbing heel provides cushion that protects your foot health over time, while a vibram traction outsole greatly boosts the stability and grip of the shoes as well.

While users have praised the design and traction offered by this footwear, some have mentioned that the available support could be improved for tougher conditions.


  • Strong vibram sole.
  • Includes a breathable mesh lining.
  • Comes with an EVA contoured footbed.
  • Bellows tongue helps to lock out debris.
  • Odor issues will be a thing of the past.


  • Support could be better.

Our Overview

These New Balance shoes are made entirely out of a suede and mesh material, and features a sturdy grip thanks to the rubber sole.

Strike Path technology has been employed by the brand to help stabilize your movements and ensure that your foot receives proper guidance through the gait cycle.

The suede and mesh upper utilized in the design not only offer an athletic appeal, but they are also highly durable and breathable. This helps minimize moisture build-up over extended usage.

ABZORB midsole technology can be seen in the cushioning of these shoes and this plays a major role in reducing the overpronation experienced by the wearer. This technology helps absorb the impact from your stride and offers enough cushioning and resistance to prevent your foot from rolling more than necessary.

The design of this model is extremely sound and attractive, utilizing reflective details and a sporty look enabling you to pull off these shoes with casual or athletic wear.

These shoes are definitely built to last and all the materials utilized are highly durable and strong.

Users have suggested that the quality of the insoles could be better and you could benefit greatly by picking up orthotics to balance these shoes.


  • Strong and durable suede mesh materials.
  • Helps promote a proper stride.
  • Features a heritage-inspired design.
  • ABZORB midsole technology helps cushion all impacts.
  • Reflective details promote a sporty style.
  • Built to last thanks to quality materials.


  • Quality of insoles can be improved.

Our Overview

This is yet another quality product from the ASICS line of shoes that’s been chosen as a quality pick for women.

This model utilizes a synthetic and mesh upper and a synthetic sole in order to increase flexibility, breathability, and stability.

You’ll note the use of rearfoot and forefoot GEL technology cushioning systems that help to absorb shock from impacts as you exercise. It also allows ideal movement in your shoes as you transition through your gait cycle.

Thanks to the guidance trusstic system technology in this shoe, your gait efficiency is further improved. It also leads to a healthy boost in the integrity of your midfoot region.

A guidance line midsole technology has also been applied for the sake of gait efficiency, thereby making this one of the best shoes to take on various tasks such as running, walking, and hiking.

In terms of design, these shoes are immaculate and use a seamless construction in order to eliminate any irritation or unnecessary friction caused by additional seams and stitches.

The use of a SpevaFoam material in the midsole also helps in improving the bounce back of this shoe and helps to increase the durability of the midsole region.

While users seem to be happy with the durability and efficiency of this model, there were some issues with regard to the stability offered.


  • Synthetic and mesh upper for increased flexibility.
  • Rearfoot and forefoot gel technology offer shock absorption.
  • Increased gait efficiency.
  • Excellent longevity of the midsole.


  • Requires better stability in the design.

Our Overview

This is one of the top shoes available in the Brooks brand for women in order to help with overpronation while walking.

This model has a synthetic sole for durability and additional grip, and includes the use of the BioMoGo DNA to offer additional cushioning for your feet.

You can expect to receive excellent support as the extended progressive diagonal rollbar utilized in the design helps to arch your foot in a strategic manner. This allows you to achieve a more natural motion as you take on your gait cycle.

Slip-resistant features have also been applied through the use of MC pod construction and a highly innovative outsole. Not only do these features help prevent slippages, but they also offer a balanced, stable, and efficient position for your feet.

These shoes are known to be long lasting as well, and this comes down to the full-grain leather upper that’s been utilized to boost durability and stability.

The cushioning of these shoes, however, could be far better according to many previous users of this model.


  • Flexible and durable synthetic sole.
  • Excellent support thanks to the diagonal rollbar.
  • MC pod construction makes these shoes slip resistant.
  • Long lasting design due to the full-grain leather upper.


  • Cushioning needs improvement.

Our Overview

It really is hard to keep ASICS models off this list due to their superior design and construction for individuals with overpronation.

This shoe is built using a rubber sole and a synthetic and mesh upper. While the rubber sole keeps the durability of the shoe high, the upper allows it to be flexible and breathable during usage, offering the best of both worlds.

You can find the famous Impact Guidance System by ASICS utilized here as well. This feature helps to enhance the natural gait of your feet and maximizes your natural strength and positioning to leverage it to your advantage.

The use of gel technology in the rearfoot and forefoot region of these shoes acts as an additional cushioning system for your feet. This helps to absorb shock and also allows your foot to naturally transition through the gait cycle.

A FluidRide midsole can also be found in this design, and this helps in offering an excellent level of bounceback to the user. This midsole also helps in reducing the weight of the shoes and boosts the durability of the model.

The use of guidance line midsole technology and guidance trusstic system technology is meant to improve your gait efficiency and ensures that the midfoot region of the shoe is well preserved over time.

Users, however, have noted that the durability of the mesh used on the upper of this model is quite low.


  • Synthetic and mesh upper is flexible and breathable.
  • Excellent gait efficiency.
  • FluidRide midsole technology offers appropriate bounceback.
  • Well-constructed rubber sole.


  • Low durability of mesh upper.

Our Overview

This product is made out of a fabric and synthetic material and relies on the VersoShock technology to offer excellent shock absorption for the user. This technology helps convert the impact from the stride into renewed positive energy that greatly boosts the comfort and energy levels of the user.

The interiors of these shoes are entirely seamless and are an ideal purchase for individuals with sensitive feet or for those who’re prone to experiencing irritation.

Thanks to the front rocker sole and a supportive midfoot, users will be able to combat various foot conditions such as overpronation.

You’ll also find extra depth inside the shoes along with a roomy toe box to help deal with bunions, all the while offering some wiggle room to the user. You also have the space to accommodate some removable insoles based on your preferences.

The shoes may not fit users with wide feet due to the pointy design.


  • Uses a patented spring system to absorb sudden shocks.
  • Features a seamless interior.
  • Insoles are removable and can be replaced with orthotics.
  • Extra depth and room in the toe box.


  • Not suitable for individuals with wide feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Correct Overpronation With Shoes?

Yes, overpronation can be corrected by wearing the right type of footwear. A podiatrist can help with this situation and recommend exercises and other options as well in order to help you deal with your overpronation.

Do Arch Supports Help Overpronation?

Yes, shoes that offer arch support can play an important role in helping you deal with overpronation. This supports vital areas of your feet and ensures that your feet don’t roll over excessively when you’re in your stride.

Is Overpronation a Disability?

No, overpronation isn’t a disability but a medical condition that can be fixed with the right measures. You can resort to exercises, using the right footwear, adding supportive insoles, or going through corrective surgery to help you fix your overpronation.

Does Overpronation Cause Knee Pain?

Yes, in some cases it’s possible for overpronation to cause knee pain. The undue pressure applied on your knee joint due to overpronation can cause it to become misaligned over time. This can stress this region and result in pain.


Don’t Let Your Feet Fall Flat

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Overpronation is one of those problems that can be corrected and countered by using the right tools. In this case, you need to get your hands on some high quality shoes, especially if you plan on going walking or you’re required to walk great distances during your work.

The Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 19 is our top pick for best walking shoes for overpronation in 2020. They’re made using high quality materials, offer excellent support and cushioning for your feet, and ensure that there’s enough circulation for moisture and odors.

Do your feet a massive favor and pick out one of the top shoes recommended in this article to help deal with your overpronation!

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