Best Walking Shoes For Wide Feet In 2022

People with wide feet face a variety of problems including finding a comfortable pair of shoes. Since the average foot shape is on the narrow side, most companies focus on footwear with a slim silhouette.

The best walking shoes for wide feet aim to combat this issue. For our wide-footed friends, we’ve put in the research to bring you the best footwear for this dilemma. Our list features:


From this list, our favorite is the Skechers Energy Afterburn. They’re premium quality shoes that come at a decent price.

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Why Do I Have Wide Feet?

There’s a variety of reasons that one could have wide feet. These include:

  • Genetics: Many individuals have wide feet from birth.
  • Ageing: One of the effects of ageing is wide feet. Ligaments and tendons become loose, causing feet to widen.
  • Deformities: Foot deformities like bunions can cause the foot to grow wider.
  • Improper footwear: Over 60 percent of people regularly wear the wrong shoe size, which can lead to conditions like hammer toe, causing wide feet.
  • Pregnancy: The loosening of tendons and ligaments, can be initiated by the hormone relaxin, which is active during pregnancy.
  • Swelling: The medical term for foot swelling is edema. This may be a direct result of injury or sickness and can cause your feet to be wider than usual.

Why You Should Avoid Narrow Shoes

It’s imperative to find shoes that aren’t narrow for your feet, so you can avoid the following:


This is the worst side effect you can develop if you wear narrow shoes. Neuropathy is a condition that occurs when one or more nerves in the foot don’t function successfully. This leads to muscle weakness, numbness, and issues with balance and pain.

Foot Deformity

Feet in Pain

Foot deformities can also be a consequence of wearing improper footwear.

The contours of shoes should be placed to follow the silhouette of the foot. If a shoe is too small, these contours are misaligned. They change the position of your foot by applying undue pressure on it, leading to things like bunions, which are common in adults living in the US.

Discomfort and Low Quality of Life

Discomfort reduces your quality of life and wearing ill-fitting shoes can discourage you from being active. On top of that, the conditions that can come with this bad habit aren’t conducive to a healthy life.

Avoid this by wearing a comfortable pair of walking shoes that allow you to enjoy this activity with confidence.

What To Look for in Shoes for Wide Feet

Shopping for shoes is no easy task. This task is made more difficult when you’re looking for functional shoes tailored to your feet. It’s important you understand the details to look out for. We’ve summarized basic criteria below.

Wide Sizes

Walking Shoes

It’s rare to find brands that only manufacture shoes for wide-footed people. The demographic is far too small for that to be financially feasible.

Instead, the bigger shoe brands usually offer a wider size option, or a few, for their popular models. This means you get the function and performance a narrow-footed person would get in those shoes.

Shoe width is typically indicated with letters. Men’s sizes are wide or extra wide if they have a letter width of 2E or 4E+ respectively. For women it’s D or E.

If a newly-released pair of shoes has captivating features but a narrow build, don’t purchase it unless it comes in a wider size. You won’t be able to take advantage of the comfort and performance provided unless they offer the right fit for you.

Stretch Fabric

Stretchy Shoes

A stiff and inflexible shoe construction won’t do your feet any good.

Instead, you need a shoe that adjusts to the shape of your foot. This will allow your foot to relax and move freely. Shoes made from stretch or knitted fabric are a great option for this.

If you prefer a shoe that doesn’t feature a stretchy fabric, you can always stretch a new pair of shoes at home. Our favorite hack involves ice and freezing shoes for about six hours.

Sturdy Sole

A shoe is only as good as its sole. This is the part of footwear that helps absorb shock, protects your feet from the elements and keeps you upright in rough conditions.

You want a strong material here to provide adequate ankle stability. Options include resin rubber, which is waterproof, or polyurethane, that has anti-slip properties.

A sole should also maintain its shape after regular use. Shock absorbing material, such as gristle rubber, will ensure you remain comfortable when walking and keep your shoes looking neat overtime.

Lastly, the sole differential should allow your foot to rest comfortably. The sole differential is the difference in height between the heel of the shoe and its forefoot. If designed poorly, it can lead to discomfort.


Walking shoes face heavy usage. If they have poor construction, they’ll start showing signs of wear and tear after a couple of months. Wear resistant materials, like leather and Gore-tex, offer long-lasting benefits.

Inspect where the sole meets the upper. Ideally, there should be a double stitch for reinforced strength. Also, if visibly dried adhesive is surrounding the seam, you’ll know the shoe is poorly constructed.

A shoe should also be able to handle unpredictable weather. Along with gore-tex, materials like polyvinyl chloride offer weather-proof properties.

A high quality shoe can cost you, but it’ll also last longer than the budget versions you find on the market.

Easy to Wear

If your walking shoes are a hassle to put on, what’s the point?

Look for shoes that offer you convenience. Possible features here include:

  • Slip-on shoes: Pick a pair without laces. These also feature stretch fabric which is an added benefit. An example of such a shoe is the SkechersGo Max-Athletic
  • Low-top shoes: These are easier to wear than boots or other high-top varieties.
  • Flexible heel: A flexible heel makes it easier to slip into your shoes. If your shoe’s heel isn’t flexible, you may have to use a shoe horn.

Aesthetically Versatile

White Walking Shoes

Your walking shoes should pair with nearly all outfits in your wardrobe. That means they should be smart enough for a casual workplace or university lecture. The most versatile—and also the most socially acceptable—colors are white and black.

Try buying shoes that don’t have fancy designs on them. Bright colors are a no go. Especially if you plan on wearing them everyday. If you have the money to purchase more than one pair of walking shoes, then you may have the freedom to buy a conspicuously designed pair.


Reviews of the Best Walking Shoes for Wide Feet

We’ve taken all the information above into consideration when we curated this list of the nine best walking shoes for wide feet. The shoes are a perfect combination of price and value.

Our Overview

Skechers is a brand well known for the comfort it provides. Its innovative products directly correlate to the reputation it’s garnered. The brand is so good it features twice on our list.

The Skechers Energy Afterburn comes in wide and extra wide versions. With the larger sizes you also get a triple-extra wide sizing option.

Main features of the Energy Afterburn include a padded collar and tongue for extra comfort. The cushioned insole also contributes to the comfort this shoe provides. Both these features insulate your foot and ensure you feel little impact or shock when walking.

You can walk on nearly all surfaces with the Energy Afterburn. The flexible traction outsole ensures you have secure grip. The 1.5 inch heel provides balance and stability, making it possible to walk on uneven terrain.

Different fabrics and materials are present through the shoe. They’re held together by tough stitching that ensure the shoe is durable. Most of the shoe features 100 percent synthetic fabric. This is coupled with smooth leather on the upper and the sides of the shoe. A soft fabric lining runs through the inner part of the shoe.

A major drawback in this pair is how long they take for your feet to get used to them. The heel height is quite high and most people will need some time to adjust to that, but not more than a few days.


  • Impact absorbing midsole.
  • Cushioned insole for added comfort.
  • Has width variants up to triple-extra wide.
  • Strong, precise stitching makes the shoe durable.


Heel differential takes some time to get used to.

Our Overview

This is a ladies only shoe which comes in interesting colors like champagne and burgundy. The Fuel Core V1 features regular and wide sizes, extra wide variants aren’t too common among women’s shoes in general.

The rubber sole is shock absorbing and features a very secure grip. Because of this, you can use this pair to run or do other sports. The pair has the exclusive REVlite midsole, which provides lightweight cushioning without sacrificing stability. It’s also 30 percent lighter than regular midsoles on other New Balance shoes.

New Balance has also included a memory sole comfort insert. This material remembers the shape of your foot and provides a smooth ride every time you walk.

There’s very little wrong with this ultra-lightweight shoe. But it’s made entirely from synthetic fabric, which doesn’t offer much protection for the side of your foot. Many women won’t find much wrong with this; but if you walk on rugged trails, this isn’t the shoe for you.


  • Lightweight shoe.
  • Comes in a variety of colors.
  • REVlite midsole for a responsive ride.
  • Includes memory sole comfort insert.


  • Offers little protection for the sides of your feet.



Our Overview

Rockport creates durable walking shoes that you can take anywhere. The shoes are smart enough to pair with formal or semi-formal work attire. This versatility, along with the quality construction and comfort, make this pair a great pick.

The Eureka shoe is made from genuine leather. This means it’s no hassle to keep clean. In addition, your shoes will gain more aesthetic value over time as leather looks and feels better with age.

Performance features include a fatigue-fighting footbed. Latex foam provides a soft cushion for the foot here. This ensures your foot remains comfortable even after walking a great distance.

The cushioning is complemented with a soft, breathable lining and a shock-absorbing EVA midsole. The lining gives you enough ventilation and prevents it from smelling bad while the midsole provides much needed impact absorption.

In addition to its durability, the Rockport Eureka has impressive traction and stability. The thick rubber sole will function effortlessly on any terrain or in adverse weather conditions. Its grip ensures you won’t slip, so you can feel confident along the way.

Designed for wide feet, the shoe features San Crispino construction. This provides a wide base for the foot, contributing to the already impressive stability. The extra padding on the sides prevents calluses from forming.

You could even go hiking in this footwear, as Rockport hasn’t left a stone unturned. They’ve gone to the extent of offering an extra wide version of the shoe in addition to the wide choice.

But the shoe does have one minor flaw. Its rugged nature makes wearing and taking it off take a while longer than other shoes on our list. The heel isn’t as flexible as footwear made from knitted fabrics.


  • Durable.
  • Secure grip. You can hike in the shoes.
  • Aesthetic appeal associated with leather.
  • Comfortable and breathable.
  • Has an extra wide version.


  • Takes a while longer to slip into.
  • Laces could be of higher quality.



Our Overview

The Go Max-Athletic comes in a clean, minimalist design. This makes it perfect for outfit combinations. It’s made from 100 percent textile and has a sturdy synthetic sole. This sole isn’t only comfortable, but has a durable construction that should last.

The Go Max is designed with Skechers Performance Technology. This includes an insole with high-rebounding cushioning to absorb most of the shock that comes with walking. This feature should help you feel comfortable and pain free.

Performance features start at the upper sole. The lightweight mesh fabric ensures a perfect fit. It also has toe and heel panels made from solid weave mesh. This improves breathability while also aiding in stability. The comfort feature is the extra padded heel.

Skechers has always focused on innovation. The revolutionary midsole cushion is in its fifth generation. And it features patented memory retention compounds. This ensures the contours of the shoe follow the shape of your feet.

The shoes have no laces and are easy to slip on and off. The combination of construction quality and performance make this pair one of the best walking shoes for wide feet in 2020.

The downside? They’re squeaky on some floors. This may not bother many people. But if you work in an environment where the shoes will squeak, you may want another option from our list.


  • Includes stretch fabric for ultimate comfort.
  • Comes with a very thick and sturdy sole.
  • Sole has memory retention compounds.
  • Wide shoe option available in all sizes.


  • Shoes squeak on some floors.
  • Wide shoe variations are considerably more expensive than narrow ones.



Our Overview

Under Armour makes over five billion dollars in revenue. This means they have more capital to invest in top performing products.

The Assert 8 is a popular shoe for ladies. It’s available in wide and extra wide sizes, and has everything we’d want in a walking shoe and more. The thick synthetic sole provides comfort and stability.

This pair also features a low cut design. This gives your foot adequate mobility. The lightweight mesh upper ensures your feet get all the ventilation they need. And the EVA sock liner creates step-in comfort for your foot.

Unlike the Skechers, more premium materials are used. Robust leather has been appropriately placed across the shoe to provide lock-in for your midfoot without sacrificing flexibility.

A major drawback in this pair is the price. Under Armour is a premium brand. But you get what you pay for with these shoes. The pair is extremely durable and should provide the comfort you need for years to come.


  • Made from premium, durable materials.
  • Lightweight mesh for impressive ventilation.
  • Includes a sock liner for step-in comfort.
  • Can be used as running shoes.


  • Relatively expensive.
  • Arch support is decent. Could be better.



Our Overview

Gravity Defyer is a niche brand that focuses on providing the best comfort for all its customers. You don’t get a Gravity Defyer shoe if you want an ordinary shoe. You get one when you have foot conditions that you need to take care of. Like heel pain or plantar fasciitis.

If you’ve developed foot deformities, because of your wide feet, you need therapeutic walking shoes. These are shoes designed to accommodate pre-existing foot conditions while offering the comfort you’d expect from a well designed pair.

It comes equipped with patented Veroshock technology. That’s a novel spring system that absorbs shock from the ground by converting it into positive energy, This feature is paired with removable insoles. This is to allow you to insert custom orthotic supports.

The shoe design also features extra depth and a spacious toe box for bunions. If you don’t have bunions, consider this your extra wiggle room. This makes the shoe perfect for pregnant ladies and diabetics.

The price of this shoe is steep. At around 150 dollars, this pair can be considered an investment by some.


  • Great for people with deformities.
  • Extremely shock absorbent.
  • Removable insoles for custom orthotic supports.
  • Extra wiggle room or toe box for bunions.


  • Very expensive shoes.
  • Not very easy to slip on and off.



Our Overview

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 is a sturdy but flexible pair made with a rubber sole. This ensures it provides perfect support for men who would prefer running in them. The low profile nature of the pair provides room for ankle mobility.

It’s extremely stable and suitable for those who experience overpronation. The comfortable cushioning makes this shoe suitable for a bunch of activities. These include road running or training at the gym.

All this performance means this pair is built to go through wear and tear. That’s because it’s made with very strong materials like ethyl vinyl acetate.

The GTS 20 is in its 20th iteration. That means Brooks has improved each consecutive model to bring you the masterpiece that’s this model.

Because it’s made using premium materials, the price of this pair isn’t budget friendly but the shoes should last you a long time.

The other drawback of this shoe is the generic design. Nothing about the features make it a standout model aesthetically, but this may not be important to you.


  • Versatile shoes—you can run, train and walk in them.
  • Sturdy rubber soles.
  • Great for those who experience overpronation.
  • Durable construction.


  • They have a generic design.



Our Overview

If you’re looking for a budget option for ladies, then this is the pair for you. This shoe includes all the basic features you would expect from more premium shoes. Mesh fabric surrounds the shoe for ventilation while an air cushioned sole is featured.

For the price, most people will have no reason to complain when talking about Slowman’s Sock sneakers. Especially when they consider the various colors—like green and sky blue—they come in.

The shoes are designed for daily use. That’s why Gore-tex, a wear-resistant material, is used in the manufacturing phase.

Disadvantages? The male version of the shoes just don’t offer the same performance you get from the female one. Second, is how this shoe is best used indoors. At work for example. City walking pushes the limits of the design.


  • Cheap.
  • Come in a variety of colors.
  • Wear-resistant material.
  • Easy to slip on and off.


  • Only for ladies.
  • Best used indoors.


Santiro Women’s Walking Shoes


Our Overview

These Santiro shoes are well designed and offer great value for their price. Available in a wide variety of colors, you’re spoiled for choice. Given they’re budget-friendly, you could buy two or more with different colors.

This is another shoe for ladies. It features stretch fabric that will accommodate your wide foot. This knitted material contains pores that ensure air passes through your feet, making this shoe very breathable.

The phylon sole is robust and thick enough to provide a decent level of comfort. It’s impact absorbing and has wear-resistance features. The sole has a secure grip which prevents you from slipping too.

The major flaw in the shoe is its design. It has the same silhouette of the sockless sneaker from Balenciaga. This doesn’t make the brand seem authentic or original.


  • Budget option.
  • Secure grip.
  • Breathable and wear resistant stretch fabric.


  • Copycat design.

FAQ on Walking Shoes for Wide Feet

High Top Walking Shoes

How Should I Clean My Walking Shoes?

Your walking shoes are most likely sneakers. Chances are, because of this, they can go in the washing machine. Such details are usually on the wash label of your shoes, so you’ll want to double check beforehand.

Make sure they wash with low to medium heat and don’t forget to remove the shoe laces. In addition, it’s best to wash your shoes when they’re the only thing in the washing machine.

Shoes made from other materials, like suede or leather, should not be washed. Applying polish regularly will keep them looking neat.

How Many Pairs of Walking Shoes Should I Own?

Minimum is one good pair. But the ideal is two. With two pairs, you can alternate. This means they’ll last longer and one may suit your wardrobe better than the other.

How Often Should I Measure My Feet?

At least once a year. If you’re pregnant, try measuring your feet once a month. People who get injured or sick should do so regularly during their illness and recovery.

When Should I See a Doctor About My Wide Feet?

Next time you go for a medical check-up, you should mention your feet. And ask your doctor if there’s reason for concern. If you’re experiencing incessant pain, then a visit to a foot specialist should be done as soon as possible.



Shoes should offer satisfaction and comfort. This is why we must be meticulous when shopping for footwear. Doing so will ensure you enjoy walking or running, while being safe and supported along the way.

A good walking shoe for wide feet will feature plenty of room where it matters, but provide enough stability simultaneously.

Our top pick here goes to the Skechers Energy Afterburn. Firstly, the company offers various widths to accompany feet that are wider than usual. A cushioned insole and midsole provide comfort, while absorbing shock. The quality stitching of this shoe should hold up overtime.

Other options on our list provide premium features, too, but the one above takes the cake in our opinion.

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