Blundstone Boots Sizing: Find Your Best Fit

Overall, Blundstone boots run true to size; however, most of their models are made with a wider fit over the instep and toes. Almost all of the Blundstone boots are unisex, except the women’s heel boots and women’s high-top boots. 

Blundstone boots sizing can be a bit confusing since they technically come in UK and AUS sizes. Finding the right fit is essential with any shoe, so keep reading to get the perfect fit with your Blundstone boots, as well as some tips and tricks for trying them on. 

Blundstone Boots Sizing infographic


Blundstone Boots Sizing Charts

Generally, these boots fit true to size, but they mostly come with a wider fit over the instep and toes. Most of the boots are unisex, and the sizes marked on the shoes are Australian/UK sizes, which can be a bit confusing. Check out the sizing charts below for women, men and children, to find the perfect fit. 

Men’s Blundstone Boots Size Chart

US Size UK/AU Size Length (cm) Length (in)
7 6 24.6 9.68
7.5 6.5 24.6 9.68
8 7 25.4 10
8.5 7.5 25.4 10
9 8 26.2 10.31
9.5 8.5 26.2 10.31
10 9 27.1 10.67
10.5 9.5 27.1 10.67
11 10 28.0 11.02
11.5 10.5 28.0 11.02
12 11 28.8 11.34
13 12 29.6 11.65
14 13 30.5 12

Women’s Blundstone Boots Size Chart

US Size UK/AU Size Length (cm) Length (in)
5 2 21.2 8.35
6 3 22.0 8.66
6.5 3.5 22.0 8.66
7 4 22.8 8.98
7.5 4.5 22.8 8.98
8 5 23.7 9.33
8.5 5.5 23.7 9.33
9 6 24.6 9.68
9.5 6.5 24.6 9.68
10 7 25.4 10
10.5 7.5 25.4 10
11 8 26.2 10.31

Find out more about the average women’s shoe size here.

Kids Blundstone Boots Size Chart

All kids Blundstone boots come with a removable outsole, which will make it easier to adjust them for your child’s fast-growing feet. If you’re not completely sure about your kid’s boot size, always size up.

US Size UK/AU Size Length (cm) Length (in)
8 – 8.5 7 14.4 5.67
9 – 9.5 8 15.2 5.98
10 – 10.5 9 16.1 6.34
11 – 11.5 10 16.9 6.65
12 – 12.5 11 17.7 6.97
13 – 13.5 12 18.6 7.32
1 – 1.5 13 19.5 7.68
2 – 2.5 1 20.3 7.99
3 – 3.5 2 21.2 8.35
4 – 4.5 3 22.0 8.66


How to Measure Your Feet for Blundstone Boots

Before you head to the store or order your Blundstone boots online, it’s best to measure your feet and then check the size charts above to get your perfect fit.

What You’ll Need

  • A piece of paper that’s larger than your foot.
  • A flat surface.
  • Socks of medium thickness.
  • A pencil.


  1. Find a flat surface without a carpet or rug, and place the paper on the floor next to a wall.
  2. Stand on the paper with your heel against the wall, with your socks on, and trace the outline of your foot with a pencil. 
  3. Mark the longest and widest parts of your feet.
  4. Take a ruler and measure from the back of your heel to the tip of your big toe.
  5. Measure the distance between the widest part of your foot as well. 
  6. Do this for both feet and use the measurements from the largest foot.
  7. Refer to the size chart above, and compare the measurements with sizes to get your best fit.
  8. If you prefer a wider fit for your boots, then opt for a half-size up. 

brown leather shoe


Correct Blundstone Boot Fitting: Tips and Tricks

Here are some helpful tips and tricks you should know if you decide to get a new pair of Blundstone boots.

Try Them on Later in the Day

Your feet will swell during the day when you walk around and put pressure on them. This is why it’s better to try any shoes on in the late afternoon or evening, as this will help you avoid getting shoes that are too small or too tight. 

Try Them on With Socks

Wear socks of medium thickness, or bring with you socks that you usually wear. This way, you’ll avoid any loose or tight feeling of the boots later on.

Try Them Sitting and Standing Up

Make sure that the boots fit comfortably when sitting and standing up. When trying them on, walk around in them to make sure they’re not too tight around the instep and heel and nothing is pinching at your toes. 

Heel Area

There should be a slight give in the heel, and you should be able to fit a finger inside the boot at the back of your heel. Generally, the boots should fit snug but comfortably around your heel area.


Over time, Blundstone boots tend to stretch slightly over the instep, so keep that in mind when buying or ordering them.


All Blundstone boots and shoes are marked with Australian sizes, so make sure you check the size charts in US shoe sizes before you head into the store or order online.

If you want to learn more about boot fitting and sizing, check out our article on How should boots fit.


Different Blundstone Boot Types 

Working Boots

Blundstone work boots come with a steel toe to protect your feet in a hard work environment. Generally, they’re true to size, but they’re made for wearing them with thicker socks, so they have a wider toe box and instep.

Lace-Up Boots

Blundstone lace-up boots tend to run true to size, but if you’re in between sizes, always opt for a larger size. You can always tighten them up with laces if they’re too loose or ease out the fit if they’re too tight. 

black leather boots

Chelsea Boots

Traditional Chelsea boots are one of the most popular and famous Blundstone boot designs. They come in many different designs for men, women and children, and a variety of colors, as well. 

The Chelsea boots offered by Blundstone are generally true to size, so go for your regular size rather than sizing up or down. However, if they feel a bit too tight around your heel, it’s better to size up. 

They should be snug but comfortable fitting. You should be able to pull them on with a bit of resistance, but once they’re on your feet, the fit should be perfect, with lots of room around the toes and snug around the heel. 

If you want to learn more about sizing and fitting Chelsea boots, check out our article on how should Chelsea boots fit.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do Blundstone Boots Fit True to Size?

Overall, Blundstone boots fit true to size, with some exceptions. Their working boots are made for wearing them with thick socks, so if you plan to wear them with regular or overly thick socks, then it’s better to size up or down by half a size; otherwise, they might be a bit tight or loose. 

Should I Size Up or Down for Blundstone Boots?

While most Blundstone boots will stretch out slightly over time, if you prefer a wider fit, then you should opt for a half size up. You should also size up if you’re between two sizes, as with sizing down, the shoes might be too tight and pinch you at the toes.

Are Blundstone Boots Good for Narrow Feet?

Yes, Blundstone boots are great for narrow feet, even though they tend to run a bit wider, especially for those that have narrow feet. Most Blundstone boots are equipped with a removable comfort bed, so if you feel they’re too wide for your feet, you can add one additional footbed to give you a more snug fit around your feet.

If the boots are too wide for your feet or too big, check out this article on the Best insoles for boots that are too big.

How Much Do Blundstone Boots Stretch Out? 

Over time, Blundstone boots tend to stretch out a bit over the instep, but they will never stretch lengthwise. 

Are Blundstone Boots Waterproof?

The Blundstone leather boots are treated to repel water, so they’re water-resistant, but they’re not completely waterproof. You can buy additional accessories and waterproof leather spray along with the boots, so you can walk carefree in any environment.

How Can I Stretch My New Blundstone Boots?

A new pair of boots can be uncomfortable to walk in when you first purchase them, as they tend to be hard and might even hurt your feet. However, over time, most Blundstone boots will stretch out a bit, making them more comfortable. 

You can speed up this process by using a shoe stretcher and spray to stretch them out fast. If you don’t have a shoe stretcher at home, you can also fill up two plastic ziplock bags with water and stuff the bags in the shoes. 

Then put the boots in the freezer, and leave them in until the water completely freezes. When water freezes, it expands, so using this DIY trick, you’ll stretch out your boots fast and easily. Take the shoes out, let them thaw and then take out the bags. 

If you want to learn more tips and tricks about breaking in and stretching out leather boots, check out our article on how to break in leather boots. 


Blundstone Boots Sizing: The Bottom Line

Since the Blundstone boots sizing comes in Australian sizes, it can be a bit confusing. But with the sizing charts above, you can now find the perfect fit for you. Make sure you measure your feet with our simple method described above, and then you can simply check your length and see which US size Blundstone boots you need.

Don’t forget to follow our boot fitting tips and tricks to get your perfect pair you’ll feel comfortable with even when walking around all day.


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