How Do Sorel Boots Fit? A Guide to Comfort

Sorel boots generally run half a size too large, allegedly to trap warm air in the boots. Customers don’t always love this feature and often choose to size down instead.

Are your old favorite Sorel boots falling apart at the seams and so worn you can’t see or remember their size? Maybe you’re wondering how do Sorel boots fit to buy a new pair.

Don’t worry; we have a guide for all your Sorel boots needs. We’ll help you obtain new ones or your first pair with ease.

How Do Sorel Boots Fit

Sorel Boots Size Chart

Sorel is one of those fantastic companies providing tuned-in advice for purchasing its footwear. Since there are so many types of Sorel boots, some will fit differently than others.

For the most part, the size charts below should apply to the Sorel boots range.


US EU UK Inches Centimeters
7 40 6 9.8 25
7.5 40.5 6.5 10 25.5
8 41 7 10.2 26
8.5 41.5 7.5 10.4 26.5
9 42 8 10.6 27
9.5 42.5 8.5 10.8 27.5
10 43 9 11 28
10.5 43.5 9.5 11.2 28.5
11 44 10 11.4 29
11.5 44.5 10.5 11.6 29.5
12 45 11 11.8 30
12.5 45.5 11.5 12 30.5
13 46 12 12.2 31
14 47 13 12.6 32
15 48 14 13 33
16 49 15 13.4 34
17 50 16 13.8 35


US EU UK Inches Centimeters
5 36 4 8.7 22
5.5 36.5 4.5 8.9 22.5
6 37 5 9 23
6.5 37.5 5.5 9.3 23.5
7 38 6 9.5 24
7.5 38.5 6.5 9.7 24.5
8 39 7 9.8 25
8.5 39.5 7.5 10 25.5
9 40 8 10.2 26
9.5 40.5 8.5 10.4 26.5
10 41 9 10.6 27
10.5 41.5 9.5 10.8 27.5
11 42 10 11 28
11.5 42.5 10.5 11.2 28.5
12 43 11 11.4 29

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US EU UK Inches Centimeters
1 32 13 7.4 19
2 33 1 7.9 20
3 34 2 8.3 21
4 35 3 8.7 22
5 37 4 9 23
6 38 5 9.4 24
7 39 6 9.8 25


US EU UK Inches Centimeters
8 25 7 5.1 13
9 26 8 5.5 14
10 27 9 5.9 15
11 28 10 6.3 16
12 29 11 6.7 17
13 31 12 7 18


US EU UK Inches Centimeters
4 21 3 3.5 9
5 22 4 3.9 10
6 23 5 4.3 11
7 24 6 4.7 12

Sorel Boots Sizing Downsides

There are two unfortunate truths of Sorel boots sizing. They won’t ruin your experience with the boots but may make it difficult for heavy and wide-footed people to find the perfect fit.

Wide Size Options

The title of this segment is slightly misleading. There are no wide sizes in Sorel boots.

If your boots are too tight or you usually wear a wide size, go up a half size or more until you’re comfortable.

With very wide feet, it may be best to avoid Sorel. At the very least, go a few sizes up and wear extra-thick socks, along with stuffing a corresponding pair in the toes of the boots.

For some input on the different shoe widths available with most brands, consider checking out our article on what shoe width letters mean.

Calf Sizing

Hunter boots sizing and some other brands include calf size in its charts. Sadly, Sorel isn’t one of those brands.

Most boots will accommodate the average person’s calf; that is, the calf of someone who doesn’t carry extra fat or muscle.

The fantastic thing about Sorel boots is that they lace up from ankle to knee. This gives people with larger calves some wiggle room. Several customers attest to this, complimenting how the boots work for wide calves.

How to Measure Your Calves

In our experience examining an array of boots, most will fit 14-inch calves for women, 16-inch for men, give or take a little each side.

To find out if you fall close to that statistic, you can measure your calves.

With help, this is easy. Use a fabric measuring tape, wrap it around your calf and have someone check the measurement. But alone, you may not get an accurate reading this way unless you’re flexible.


  • Acquire a length of non-elasticated string or an old shoelace.
  • Wrap this around your calf and tie it off.
  • Snip the string at the knot.
  • Measure the length up to the knot.



How Do Sorel Boots Fit? Customer Consensus

Now that you know the sizes and the exact foot measurements, you can get down to shopping… right?

Don’t be so hasty—customer consensus is that Sorel boots run large, by about a half size.

This is no problem if you plan on exclusively wearing thick, fluffy socks in Sorel boots. They’re for winter weather, after all. But the boots themselves are toasty enough, leaving you in regular socks if you overheat.

In this case, don’t order your regular shoe size and definitely use the charts above compared to foot length.

Also, remember to try on boots in various sizes before purchasing if possible. The run-large issue isn’t one all customers have had!

How to Measure Your Feet

  1. Get a sheet of paper and use a ruler to draw a straight line, edge to edge.
  2. Place the paper on a flat surface like tiles or wooden flooring.
  3. Line up one edge of the paper with a vertical wall.
  4. Step on the paper with your heel against the wall.
  5. Mark the position of your longest toe.
  6. Repeat with your other foot.
  7. Measure the line from the paper’s edge to your toe mark.

Additional Sorel Boots Fitting Tips

As most Sorel boots reach your knees, you can’t employ the usual fitting tips of pinching an inch above your toes, while being able to slide your finger behind your heel.

Instead you have to ask yourself a few questions.

Do My Toes Move?

You need to be able to wiggle your toes. What you don’t want is your toes moving forward.

Tap your toes down onto the ground. If they slide to the tip of the boot, your heels aren’t locked in, indicating the boot is too large.

If they hit the tip without moving, they’re too small. You need more toe room!

Is There Pressure?

Walk around a little and see how much pressure there is on the sides of your feet. Any noticeable pressure shows the width fit isn’t the best.

Consider using thinner socks or sizing up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Sorels Fit?

Sorels often fit half a size large, so either size down by half or wear woolly socks. The brand fits the average calf but can accommodate something slightly larger, thanks to the lace-up style of most Sorel boots.

Should Winter Boots Be a Size Bigger?

Winter boots don’t need to be a size bigger as they’re already made to be roomier than average. You should only size up if your usual size is too small. Rather than relying on shoe size, consider measuring your feet and locating a comprehensive size chart for your winter boot of choice.

How Do Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots Fit?

Sorel Joan of Arctic boots fit a little large, according to customers. The fault lies in the boot itself, as testers removed the liner and discovered that fits on its own. Perhaps the boots could do with a second inner liner to add bulk.

Snowy Steps Away

We’ve answered the query on how do Sorel boots fit, and the consensus is they fit well but half a size too large.

Thick socks are your best friend in situations like this, and when are they more applicable than when wearing winter boots?


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