How To Clean Timberland Boots in 8 Easy Steps

How to clean Timberland boots? A gentle brush, rubber, soapy water, and a protective spray are all you need to make them look like new.

You’ll also have to consider the boots’ material and if you’d prefer a DIY approach or commercial products. Regardless of the type of boots and method used, we’ll detail all the steps.

Here’s how to clean Timberland boots:

  • Remove the laces.
  • Clean the sole.
  • Scrub the dirt.
  • Wash the stains.
  • Dry your boots
  • Prevention is key
  • Put the laces back.
    Clean your Timberland Boots

What You Will Need

How do you clean Timberland boots at home? Washing them is a simple process and only requires a few elements, which you may already own:

  • Soft-bristle brush or toothbrush.
  • Rubber.
  • A bucket with warm and soapy water.
  • Dry and clean cloth.
  • Newspaper.
  • Protective spray.
  • Optional: vinegar and baking soda.

If you’re looking for a ready-to-go solution, we’ve also outlined how to use convenient alternatives:

  • Timberland dry cleaning kit.
  • Timberland cleaning agent.

How Do You Remove Stains From Timberland Boots?

Following these steps should avoid cleaning disasters and help your boots recover their pristine condition.

1. Remove the Laces

This measure is essential to clean the tongue of your boots properly. Plus, you might want to wash the laces separately.

2. Get Your Boots Ready

If your boots are wet, make sure they fully dry before starting the process. When they’re muddly, get rid of as much dirt as you can by hand.

Avoid dropping mud and small rocks inside your drain as you might end up plugging it. An outdoor environment—balcony, patio, garden—is ideal to complete this task. If this type of space isn’t available, place a newspaper or plastic cover under your boots to protect your flooring.

3. Clean the Sole

Use a wet cloth to wash the edges of the boots. They’re usually made of rubber and surround the boot. You can also use regular cleaning wipes if you have them handy.

4. Scrub the Dirt

Dry cleaning is critical before washing off the boots. You might even want to do a thorough check twice before continuing. Just make sure to always buff in the same direction to maintain a uniform look throughout the boot.

Scrubbing Brush

Grab a gentle brush and scrub any dried dirt and stains located over the boots. If you haven’t planned ahead, a clean toothbrush can be enough.


For tougher marks, rubber can also be a good option for suede and nubuck boots. A pencil eraser will be just as efficient. You’ll still need to use a brush afterward to remove the rubber powder.

Nail File

If the stains sustain the rubber, try using a nail file. Both emery type and metal files can efficiently remove dust and other dirt particles that settle inside your boots’ pores.

Only use nail files gently and sparingly, as it could wear off the material faster than you wished.

Timberland Dry Cleaning Kit

Investing in a dry cleaning kit might be worth the investment. It typically comes with a suede brush and rubber bar. It’s suitable for all boots, including canvas boots.

5. Wash the Stains

The main portion of the boot requires particular attention. Several options are available, depending on your boots’ material and the equipment available at home.

General Rules

Whether you’re using a specific cleaning agent or soapy water, start by applying the liquid with a cloth. If a more thorough clean is needed, then switch to a light brush.

You also want to keep humidity levels to a minimum. Focus on washing the stains only, rather than wetting the entire boot.

Start With a Patch Test

Is it your first-time washing your boots? If you aren’t sure how to clean Timberlands, we recommend proceeding with a patch test on the footwear’s tongue.

Apply a small amount of the solution and see if any reaction occurs. If an unwanted mark appears, it should remain hidden under the laces.

Can You Clean Your Timberlands With Soap and Water?

Yes, you can use soap and water to clean Timberland boots; this process is economical and efficient as you’ll likely have most of the needed products at home. Plus, this is a method you can use on all Timberland boots, even leather ones.

  • Prepare: In a bowl, mix warm water and gentle soap.
  • Soak a cloth or brush: Immerse the tool into the bowl.
  • Remove excess water:  If you’re using a cloth, rinse most of the liquid before applying over your boots.
  • Absorb remaining liquid: Use a dry towel to avoid watermarks.

Other Home-Cleaners

For stubborn stains, here are some natural cleaning agents you can add to the soapy water:

  • White vinegar: Add a cup to your warm water. Let the boots air dry before their next use to remove most of the vinegar smell.
  • Baking soda: This powder is an efficient and versatile cleaning agent. It’s specifically useful in winter to remove relentless white salt marks on leather Timberland boots. Add a cup to your warm and soapy water.

Can You Use Baby Wipes on Timberlands?

If you need a quick clean before heading out, wipes might be your fastest option. Remember only to wipe the stain rather than the entire boot.

Timberland Cleaning Products

The brand comes with its own cleaning Timberland boots products. Although they’re more expensive than soapy water, they are tested to remove stains safely and efficiently.

First, determine which type of boots you own:

  • Suede leather
  • Nubuck leather
  • Smooth leather
  • Pebbled leather
  • Oiled leather
  • Waxed leather
  • Canvas
  • Nylon
  • Rubber

For instance, some cleaners are suitable to wash suede and nubuck leathers but aren’t compatible with waxed leather. Look at the manufacturer’s instructions indicated on the bottle before making a decision. You could end up ruining your Timberland boots, trying to clean them!

Commercial Products

Timberland boots are popular and sturdy. You’ll, therefore, find many “non-Timberland” cleaning products suitable for your boots.

Before committing, however, read the label carefully. It should mention which type of material and which color it’s compatible with.

6. Dry Your Boots

This process is essential to avoid watermarks. If you’ve used soapy water, you should have already removed all excess liquid with a dry cloth.

  • Crumble newspaper sheets: Place them towards the end of the boots, where your toes rest; this step prevents the material from losing its shape.
  • Air dry: Let your boots air dry for 24 hours. Avoid high temperatures such as a heater or fire. It could melt the glue or damage delicate materials such as leather.
  • Buffing: Using your brush, wipe the entire boot surface to recover its uniform shade. resizeimage 2

7. Prevention is Key


How to clean Timbs isn’t complicated. Yet, making it harder for stains to stick eases your next scrubbing session.

To do this, apply two layers of waterproofing spray over your boots. First, it creates a shield against rain. Plus, stains will stick to the protective layer rather than absorbed directly into the material. Easier to get rid of!

Here again, you’ll find Timberland boot waterproofing, but other protective sprays are also appropriate. Just ensure that you select one that’s suitable for your boots.

Regular Maintenance

Old strains can be tough to remove. To maintain your Timberland boots in their original shape, cleaning Timberland boots weekly is advised.

8. Put the Laces Back

You might also want to wash your laces with warm and soapy water; this is ideal if they’re incredibly muddy or dirty. If they only need a rinse, you can add them to your regular load of laundry.

Let them dry and put them back. Your pair of boots are ready for your next adventure or work outing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Wash Timberlands?

Absolutely, if you’ve stained your Timberland boots after a tough day at work, your boots can be cleaned. Choose to use a commercial or Timberland product, or create a DIY solution. A gentle brush, rubber, soapy water, and a protective spray are the only items you’ll need.

How Do You Clean White Timberland Boots?

Washing white or fair colored Timberland boots follows the same steps as described—scrubbing, washing, drying and protecting. Double-check, however, that all tools are clean to avoid adding further marks to the boots.

Can You Wash Timberland Boots in the Washing Machine?

Unless you see a “machine washable” tag, we don’t recommend putting them in your washer. First, your dirty boots might soil the rest of your clothes. In addition, the detergent might not be compatible with the material of your timberland boots.

Finally, even after going through a rinsing cycle, the boots will be soaked with water, leaving a higher chance for watermarks to appear. Not to mention that if they don’t dry properly, you’ll find your boots with a new odd but unpleasant and robust smell—mold. resizeimage 2 1



If stains cover your boots and you wonder how to clean Timberland boots, we hope this article made you feel at ease. Whichever type you own, a suitable DIY solution is available. You might even already have all the necessary items available to clean at home.

If you prefer to rely on Timberland or other commercial products, the washing process remains the same. Only choose a cleaning agent that’s compatible with the material of your boots. resizeimage

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