How To Keep Thigh High Boots Up: 8 Useful Tips

Today, we’re helping you resolve a problem many people face: how to keep thigh high boots up.

So, you’ve bought a pair of beautiful boots to complete your look for the night out, but after walking in them for 10 minutes, you find yourself pulling them up over and over again.
Sounds familiar? Not to worry, we’re here to help you out by introducing you to a few simple hacks we found useful.

How to keep thigh high boots up


What Are Thigh High Boots?

Thigh high boots are exactly that – boots that reach up to your thigh. And whether you love them or hate them, these boots have been a staple item in the wardrobes of many women.

Of course, there are times when people used to wonder whether thigh high boots are attractive or even appropriate. When Julia Roberts wore them in the movie ‘Pretty Woman,’ they looked great on her, without a doubt. But that’s also when women started seeing them as provocative.

Fortunately, that has now changed thanks to fashion designers and stylists. These boots have been highly acclaimed over recent years, and we’ve witnessed many trends and looks that they’ve inspired.


The Different Types of Thigh High Boots

When it comes to thigh high boots, there’s a wide range of different materials and styles to choose from: leather, suede, slouch boots, sock boots, stilettos, flats, take your pick.

They come in many colors and are often paired with dresses and skirts but can be added to any outfit as long as it allows them to shine. As far as occasions go, there are almost no limitations. Feel free to wear them for a night out or a casual day around the city.

That said, people still don’t consider thigh high boots as an ideal choice for professional occasions. You might want to think twice before wearing them to a job interview or a working day at the office.


How To Keep Your Boots From Falling Down

There’s hardly anything as painful as knee or thigh high boots falling down. You might have tried your best to keep them up, but there was hardly any success. However, the following hacks will help you keep your thigh high boots up.

High Socks

Before we get into all the tips and products that can help you out, you can try using something you might already have in your wardrobe: a pair of high thick socks. 

Wearing them may do the trick by filling the space between the boots and your thigh. This will not only help keep your boots from sliding down but also keep you warm on a winter day. And If you have a few pairs in your drawer, you can also try layering them on top of each other to get an even better result.

Man and woman wearing high rainbow socks and canvas shoes


Wear Jeans or Pants

Although people often pair thigh high boots with dresses and skirts, it doesn’t mean you have to give up the comfort of your favorite jeans.

In fact, what many people like about these boots is that they’re incredibly versatile. You can combine them with a pair of jeans or pants and an oversized coat with a cozy sweater. That way you’ll have a stylish look for a colder day.

And the best part is, you don’t need to struggle with keeping the boots up because the jeans will keep them from sliding down.

Store Your Boots Upright

Storing your boots correctly is one of the best ways to prevent your boots from losing their shape. You should always store them in an upright position and never shove them somewhere in the back of the closet, especially if they’re made of leather.

You can use boot trees, magazines, newspapers, or anything that will keep them from folding and help maintain the original shape. The reason why it’s important is that slouching and folding thigh high boots can create creases and alter the fit. 

Anti-Slip Boot Straps

Another way to keep your boots up is to use anti-slip boot straps. There’s a variety available, but we like the straps made of velcro strips and elastic bands. With their help, you can place the band around your thigh and attach the boot quickly and easily.

You can purchase them online or try making them at home yourself by following these simple steps:

  • To create a loop that fits your thigh, glue the ends of the elastic band together.
  • Attach one velcro strip on one side of the elastic strap and the other to the boot.
  • Simply press the velcro straps together, and you’re done.

Fashion Glue

Have you ever wondered how all the models always manage to walk down the runway without any clothing slipping or moving out of place? Well, the answer is fashion glue.

Fashion glue is an adhesive originally developed for fashion shows and beauty contests. Thanks to its formula, you can apply it directly to the skin without causing irritation. It’s used to prevent boots and other clothing from rolling down or sliding up. 

How to use fashion glue:

  • Apply a thick layer to your thighs where the boots reach.
  • Let it set for 10 seconds, put your boots on as high as they go. 
  • Press the boot material onto the glue and wait for a few minutes to make sure the glue sticks to the boots.

Pro tip: When you want to remove the boots, pull the material from your body very gently. Tearing it quickly or tugging can lead to injuries. Use a cloth soaked in warm water to remove the glue from the skin.

Opt for Leather

Leather boots have been holding a leading position in the shoe industry for many centuries. Throughout history, the purpose of the boot has been to provide protection for the foot and dimension to the outfit. The shape has always been adjusted to fulfill the needs of the owner and, of course, fashion.

Thigh high boots made of leather are an excellent option because they’re known to be sturdy and to maintain a longer-lasting shape. While they can be a bit over the budget you might have planned for your purchase, they have proven to be a good investment.

And let’s not forget that for them to serve you longer, caring for your leather boots is essential.

Pro tip: Take a quick look at our hacks explaining how to get creases out of your pair of leather shoes and tips on how to repair cracks and what causes them in the first place.

Fashion Tape

To put it simply, fashion tape is a double-sided tape for fabrics. It’s used by many celebrities to keep clothing in place and could easily be the solution you’re looking for to keep your thigh high boots up.

All you need to do is place the tape inside the edge of the material. Attaching it directly to the skin isn’t advisable because it can hurt upon removal. Try using it on your thigh high socks instead.

You can most likely find the tape in stores close to where you live but Amazon also offers a great non-irritating option.

Find the Right Fit

Another thing to keep in mind is that if the boots don’t have an accurate fit around your foot, they’re more likely to become uncomfortable and not stay up. What’s more, a shoe that fits poorly can cause dysfunction of nerves, foot pain, ingrown toenails, and blisters. Let’s be honest, who enjoys experiencing that?

When picking out your pair in the store, there are many checks you can perform, such as taking measurements and tracing your foot, doing a motion test, and taking a look at the shoe’s construction. To find out more about how the boots should fit, take a look at our guide.


How Do I Avoid Boots From Slouching in the Closet?

It’s not only you, most of the ladies find it hard to keep their boots intact while they’re resting. Well, there are many easy hacks to prevent such issues. You can use anything from plastic bottles to rolled magazines to keep your shoe shape intact. But, always make sure to store them standing up.

Is There Any Solution if My Shoes Are Too Big for Me?

Indeed, it’s essential for you to resolve this issue as boots too big for your feet can cause many issues. Options like thicker insoles and multiple socks can possibly fill in the extra space and save you a fortune.

The Takeaway

There you have it – a range of tips on how to keep thigh high boots up. You now know plenty of ways to keep your beautiful pair in its best shape and the fit exactly right.

We want to hear from you! Did you find our hacks useful? Let us know in the comments below.


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