How to Waterproof Ugg Boots and Keep Dry

Here are the facts on Ugg boots and waterproofing:

          • They come waterproof—The coating lasts 6 months.
          • The sheepskin requires special care—Regular brushing and conditioning.
          • Waterproof soles—The rubbery soles will always be waterproof.
          • Waterproofing spray— Uggs sells a waterproofing spray.
          • Stain repellant—Waterproofing sprays repel water and stains.
          • Re-application—Re-spray the Ugg boots every few months.
          • The first thing you should do with your Ugg boots is waterproof them. You can do this using a waterproofing spray. The spray will also prevent staining. Waterproofing suede Ugg boots is essential, and we’ll tell you why.Snowfall. Deep banks of white dust. A puffy coat and the perfect pair of Ugg boots.If that evoked an image, it probably didn’t include soggy socks and frostbite, from your toes to your knees.Despite being winter boots, sadly, not all Ugg boots were made equal. Let’s figure out how to waterproof ugg boots to wear Ugg boots in rain or use them as snow Ugg boots. waterproofing boots waterproof Ugg boots

            Are Ugg Boots Waterproof?

            Some Ugg boots are waterproof. Ugg boots rain specific footwear is waterproof, along with anything leather. These usually fall into the rain, snow, or winter lineup.

            But most people don’t imagine these thick, chunky and admittedly chic boots when they think of Ugg boots. You’re imagining the classic, plain, tan little things, aren’t you?

            Classic Uggs aren’t entirely waterproof, but they’re so warm and winter-ready that they should be.

            The Material Issue

            Full-grain leather is tough and doesn’t absorb moisture. It also doesn’t stain easily.

            But classic Ugg boots are suede, which can be waterproof but isn’t always. It’s also soft and fuzzy and easily stained by water.

            So despite the synthetic, rubbery soles being adequate at keeping the water out, the rest of the boot falls flat.

            Customers complained to Ugg about the nature of the suede, and how it holds water and stains. As a result, Ugg updated the material to be waterproof out of the box.

            Unfortunately, Ugg didn’t do the best job. In only 6 months, the waterproofing disappears, and you’ll need to re-do the waterproofing yourself.

            To be extra safe, you should waterproof them as soon as you get them. But you can wait a few months if you’d like.

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            How To Waterproof Ugg Boots

            If you decide to waterproof your Ugg boots straight out of the box, you can skip this first step. If you waited, it’s vital.

            Over weeks or months, your Uggs will have picked up debris and possibly some staining. You’ll need to clean them thoroughly before you begin.

            Cleaning Your Ugg Boots

                            1. Brush down the shoes with a suede brush, being thorough.
                            2. Remove scuff marks with the brush, but use a knife on stubborn stains or scrapes.
                            3. Use a pencil eraser on stubborn blemishes that won’t scrape away.

            Now, you’re ready to waterproof.

            Waterproofing Spray

            Here’s the easiest way to waterproof your Ugg boots: use a waterproofing spray. All you do is coat the boots in their entirety in the spray, and you’re done.

            There are lots of waterproofing sprays available for suede, like this one by Nikwax. But if you want to be more thorough in weather-protecting your footwear, read on.

            Waterproof, Condition, and Refresh

            For a real, thorough cleaning of your Ugg Boots, Ugg sells a kit you can use.

            The kit comes with three solutions and two brushes. You can use them to give the shoes a wipe-down after every use to dislodge any debris. You can also use them to work in the cleaner and conditioner.

            Although the bottles are labeled, you shouldn’t use them in the order they state. First, you want to use the cleaner and conditioner to get your Ugg boots back to pristine condition.

            Follow up cleaning and conditioning with a thorough coating of the protection spray. It will waterproof them and ensure they repel rain and future stains. Spray from 6 inches away until the material becomes damp.

            Finally, use the third bottle whenever you require it. It’s for cleaning the interiors of the boots and getting rid of odor. This is an excellent substance to have at your disposal, as the inner furry lining can easily trap smells and bacteria.

            Make sure the boots are completely dry before wearing them out, and never dry them using a heat source or sunlight.

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            Caring for Your Ugg Boots

            Since Ugg boots are such a desirable investment, you’re going to want to make sure they last. Here are some tips you can use to make sure they stay in pristine condition.

            Using Ugg Boots for Rain

            We wouldn’t recommend you use classic Ugg boots as rain boots. Although they’re not as instantly recognizable, Ugg has a selection of rain boots you can browse.

            Once they’re waterproofed, you should have no issue going out in light drizzle in your classic Uggs. It’s the same case with a light dusting of snow.

            However, purposefully venturing into heavy rain and deep snow in Uggs is best left for Ugg rain boots and Ugg boots snow.

            Cleaning Ugg Boots’ Exterior

            Don’t get excessive with cleaning your Ugg boots. You don’t want to wear out the material. But, if you wear them every day, you’re going to need to clean the outsides once a month, or more frequently; the more frequent your use, the more frequent the cleaning.

            You don’t need to clean the entire exterior of both boots each time. Carefully inspect the boots at the end of the day, and clean any obvious stains. You should also give them a quick brush down to dislodge any hidden debris, particularly if you’ve been walking outdoors.

            Interior Cleaning

            To keep the fur in top shape, always wear clean socks with Ugg boots. A pair of dirty socks can discolor the fur and make it hard with debris.

            Similarly, ensure the fur inside is fresh before you wear the boots.

            Spray your shoes with deodorizer frequently, and give the insides a wipe out every week, less often if you wear them less.

            The fur isn’t particularly breathable, and it’s very warm. It’ll hold onto sweat and the bacteria in sweat.

            Here’s what you can do:

                            1. Use a small, soft-bristled brush to dislodge any debris and remove any tangles in the fur.
                            2. Place a lint roller in the shoes to catch any debris.
                            3. Gently wipe out the insides with a damp cloth, laden with shoe conditioner.
                            4. Treat the insole particularly well.
                            5. Spray the interiors with the renew spray from Ugg.
                            6. Give the insides a quick wipe out with a microfiber cloth.
                            7. Leave them to dry for a few days, by a heat source if possible.
                            8. Waterproof the interiors, just in case.
                            9. Leave to dry again before use.

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            Frequently Asked Questions

            Can Uggs Be Waterproofed?

            Yes, Uggs can be waterproofed. If you have an excellent waterproofing spray, any shoe can be waterproofed so long as the seams are tight. But, you can easily fix loose seams if you’re crafty with a needle or know a skilled cobbler or tailor.

            What Can I Use To Protect My Ugg Boots?

            You can protect your Ugg boots by using the Ugg sheepskin protector. Follow the instructions and spray them down. Repeat this every few months to ensure the boots stay waterproof. You can also protect them by cleaning them after every use, especially the soles, and keeping the seams tight and in-check.

            How Do I Protect My Uggs From Water?

            You can protect your Uggs from water by using a waterproofing or sheepskin protection spray. You can do your part too, by avoiding submerging the boots. Try not to wear them in heavy downpours or in snow banks that rise above your ankle.

            Can You Scotchguard Uggs?

            Yes, you can Scotchgard Uggs. Any high-quality fabric protectant will work on the boots. When using Scotchguard, sweep the spray over the material from 10 inches away, until the boots are damp. Leave them to dry naturally.

            Can You Clean Uggs With Soap and Water?

            You shouldn’t clean Uggs with soap and water. Give them the treatment you’d give any suede shoe, and buff out stains. You can use an eraser on stubborn spots. To ensure your Ugg boots receive a thorough cleaning, use Ugg cleaner and conditioner. Also, avoid getting the boots too wet, as water damages the material.

            Wear Wet No More

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            Soggy socks are torture. Soggy socks and boots are worse. Luckily with a little extra care, you can avoid both.

            Feel free to share your thoughts below—how do you keep your Ugg boots fresh? If you’ve struggled with it in the past, hopefully now you know how to waterproof Ugg boots.


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