Hunter Boots Sizing: How Well Do They Fit?

Hunter Boots work for the function and the fashion, but they need to work for the fit, too. These boots don’t stretch, or do half sizes, and are made of uncomfortable material. As a result, you should size up when Hunter boots sizing.

These thick, rubber boots are the perfect garment to ensure your feet and legs stay dry in the harshest of weather.

However, the boots can be something of a pain to fit. So in this Hunter boots sizing guide, we’ll supply charts and tips to ensure as much comfort as possible from these chunky yet sleek rain boots.

hunter boots sizing


Hunter boots

Do Hunter Rain Boots Run Small or Big?

Hunter rain boots fit mainly true to size for the average foot. Wider feet may have some difficulty finding wiggle room in the constricting boots.


In some cases, you should treat the boots like they run small, as they don’t come in half sizes.

Due to the nature of the boots, you should size up if your size is unavailable. It’s always better to have shoes too large than too small.

Shoes that are too small can chafe, force your toes into unnatural slanting positions, and pinch.

If your shoes are too big, the worst-case scenario is that you trip because your feet are sliding around in the boots. It’s fixable with a pair of chunky socks, or a sock full of cotton wool placed in the toes of the boot.


Hunter boots generally fit well in the calf too, but you may have an issue if you have wide calves.

Luckily, among the boot Hunter sale stock are some wide calves options.

We’re going to provide charts for every measurement.

Hunter Boots Foot Length Sizing Chart

Foot length is the most important part of sizing any shoe or boot. So before you pick a pair of Hunter boots, make sure you know your foot size.

Mens Hunters Boots Size Chart

US EU UK Centimeters Inches
7 39 6 26.2 10.3
8 40–41 7 26.7 10.5
9 42 8 27.4 10.8
10 43 9 28.4 11.2
11 44 10 29.2 11.5
12 45–46 11 30 11.8
12 47 12 31 12.2

sw 2

Women’s Hunter Boots Size Chart

US EU UK Centimeters Inches
5 36 3 23.1 9.1
6 37 4 24.4 9.6
7 38 5 25.1 9.9
8 39 6 25.4 10
9 40–41 7 26.9 10.6
10 42 8 27.4 10.8
11 43 9 28.4 11.2

Kids Hunter Boots Sizing Chart

US EU UK Centimeters Inches
13 (Toddler) 31 12 (Toddler) 20 7.9
1 32 13 (Toddler) 20.8 8.2
2 33 1 21.6 8.5
3 34 2 22.6 8.9
4 36 3 23.4 9.2
5 37 4 24.4 9.6
6 38 5 25 9.9

Hunter Boots Calf Sizing Chart

Now we’ll explore the narrow, regular and wide calf fits of Hunter boots.

Please note:

  • The width for the Refined Slim is unavailable for all sizes. For this boot, the average calf width is 14.2 inches (36 centimeters.)
  • The shoe size provided in the shoe size column is in US sizing.
  • For the men’s Original Wide, shoe sizes can go up to 16 with a maximum calf width of 18.9 and height of 12.6 inches.

Hunter Boots Men’s Calves Sizing

The shoe size provided in the shoe size column is in US sizing.

For the Original Wide, shoe sizes can go up to 16 with a maximum calf width of 18.9 and height of 12.6.

Shoe Size Original Tall Width (cm) Original Wide Width (cm) Original Tall Width (inches) Original Wide Width (inches)
7 39.1 39.9 15.4 15.7
8 39.1 40.1 15.4 15.8
9 40.4 40.4 15.9 16.2
10 41.1 41.1 16.2 16.3
11 41.7 41.9 16.4 16.5
12 41.9 42.9 16.5 16.9
13 42.4 43.2 16.7 17

sw 5

Hunter Boots Women’s Calves Sizing

Shoe Size Original Tall Width (cm) Original Wide Width (cm) Original Tall Width (inches) Original Wide Width (inches)
5 36.6 38.6 14.4 15.2
6 36.6 39.4 14.4 15.5
7 37.8 40.1 14.9 15.8
8 38.6 40.9 15.2 16.1
9 39.4 41.7 15.5 16.4
`0 40.1 42.4 15.8 16.7
11 40.9 43.2 16.1 17

Hunter Boots Kids Calves Sizing

Kids’ boots don’t come with wide options. The boots will accommodate the average child.

Shoe Size Calf Width Inches Calf Width Centimeters
13 (Toddler) 12.5 31.8
1 12.5 31.8
2 12.7 32.3
3 12.9 32.8
4 13.6 34.5
5 13.9 35.3
6 14.9 37.8

How To Measure for Hunter Boots

To ensure your Hunter boots sizing is as accurate as possible, you’ll need to have your exact foot and calf measurements before making a purchase.

Measuring Your Feet

Hunter boots don’t have width options for your feet, so that’s one measurement you won’t need. Basically, if you take a wide in most shoes, size up. If you take a narrow, wear thick socks with Hunter boots.

Now, here’s how to measure the length of your feet:

  1. Take a blank sheet of paper and a ruler.
  2. Draw a line down the page with the ruler.
  3. Place the page on a flat surface like wood or tile.
  4. Line the edge of the page up with a straight wall.
  5. Step onto the page and line your longest toe up with the line.
  6. Ensure your heel is gently touching the wall.
  7. Mark the tip of your longest toe.
  8. Repeat the process for your other foot.
  9. Measure the distance between the edge of the page and the markings for your larger foot.
  10. Use this measurement for your boots sizing.

sw 1

Measuring Your Calf

Measuring your calf is much simpler, but you’ll need to do it twice.

First, you need to measure your calf standing. Take a soft, flexible measuring tape and wrap it around your calf. Hold the measurement, using your thumb as a placeholder, then take a look.

Afterward, sit down and repeat the measurement. If you press your leg back against a chair, your calf may spread out a little. You need to know whichever boots you choose will be able to accommodate it.

If You Don’t Have a Soft Measuring Tape

Not everyone has a fabric measuring tape, and that’s fine. They’re not always easy to come by.

But what most people will have near them is a non-elasticated string. Whether it comes from the arts and crafts section or it’s an extra-long shoelace, it doesn’t matter. But you need to be willing to part with it if you use it.

You do the same as you would with the measuring tape—wrap it around your leg. Except for this time, tie it in place then snip off the excess.

Snip the string or shoelace down the middle and measure it.

Mismatched Measurements

Like boots, humans aren’t perfect.

The imperfection could come as botched measurements or as accurate measurements that don’t line up.

If you’re finding that your legs won’t fit into the boot that matches your foot length, don’t fret. Take the measurements a few more times to be sure.

However, if things still aren’t lining up, Hunter boots just may not be for you.

If you truly have your heart set on Hunter boots, there are a few options still available to you:

  • Hunter boots short footwear—These Hunter boots won’t come up your calf and will only protect your feet from rain.
  • Refined Narrow—If your legs are too narrow for the Original Tall Hunter boots, consider Hunter boots Refined Narrow.
  • Huntress boots—Although we haven’t provided a chart for calf height, some people are of a shorter stature. This means the average boots won’t fit. Huntress boots were made for shorter calves. Shorter men can simply neglect to tell their friends the name of these Hunter boots.

sw 3

Squeezing In

If your measurements are only slightly too large for Hunter boots sizing, by less than an inch or so, you may be able to squeeze into Hunter boots.

Use vaseline on your legs, or another form of lubricant, when getting the boots on and off. The smooth rubber of the boots is accommodating for this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Hunter Boots Run Big?

No, Hunter boots don’t run big unless you wear a half size. In that case, you’ll need to buy half a size up and wear thick socks.

Do Women’s Hunter Boots Run Big or Small?

Women’s hunter boots fit true to size in all areas unless you wear a half size. The same can be said for men’s boots and kids’ boots, too. Hunter boots sizing is highly trustworthy.

Should Rain Boots Be One Size Bigger?

Unless the brand fits small, no, rain boots should be in your size. You need your rain boots to fit well in the calf, so rain doesn’t trickle down your leg. You need them to fit in the foot, so you don’t trip or end up in pain from boots too large or small.

Hunter Boots Sizing: The Bottom Line

Hunter boots fit well, so long as you wear a full size. And if you wear a half size, go larger and wear thick socks.

Hopefully, our charts have helped you find Hunter boots for the whole family. It can be especially tricky when you have foot and calf sizes to consider.


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