L-L Bean Boots Sizing: The Complete Guide

If you’re a fan of high-quality boots, you must surely own a pair by L-L Bean. This iconic brand has been the leader of this market for some time now, and its mastery over its craft is awe-inspiring.

Its best boots are usually difficult to get your hands on because they sell out extremely quickly, even though the shoes are hand-crafted in just over one hour.

L-L Bean boots sizing—and boots sizing in general—can be a bit tricky to figure out. This is why we’ve produced a detailed guide to help you find the right size of boots when shopping for this brand.

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Size Chart for L-L Bean Boots

You can pick up a pair of L-L Bean boots for men, women, and kids, and they each have various options available. The sizes, design, and dimensions of these options tend to vary between each other.

To find the perfect pair of boots, you’ll have to understand L-L Bean Boots sizing.

Men’s Boots

You can find boots for men in a wide range of sizes, starting from size 4 and going all the way up to a size 20. You can also find three types of fittings in this section: narrow, medium, and wide.

You can take a look at the men’s sizing chart below.

U.K. Europe U.S. Japan
3.5 36 4 22.5
4 37 4.5 23
4.5 37.5 5 23.5
5 38 5.5 24
5.5 39 6 24
6 39.5 6.5 24.5
6.5 40 7 25
7 41 7.5 25.5
7.5 41.5 8 26
8 42 8.5 26.5
8.5 43 9 27
9 43.5 9.5 27
9.5 44 10 27.5
10 44.5 10.5 28
10.5 45 11 28.5
11 45.5 11.5 29
11.5 46 12 29.5
12 47 12.5 30
12.5 47.5 13 30.5
13 48 13.5 31
13.5 49 14 31.5
14 49.5 14.5 32
14.5 50 15 32.5
15.5 51 16 33
16.5 52 17 34
17.5 53 18 35
18.5 54 19 36
19.5 55 20 38

Women’s Boots

As with most shoe brands, the sizing options for women’s shoes isn’t as comprehensive, ranging from a size 4 but only going up to a size 13. They’re also only available in a medium fit. The women’s size chart is available below.

U.K. Europe U.S. Japan
2 34.5 4 21
2.5 35 4.5 21.5
3 35.5 5 22
3.5 36 5.5 22.5
4 37 6 23
4.5 37.5 6.5 23.5
5 38 7 24
5.5 39 7.5 24.5
6 39.5 8 25
6.5 40 8.5 25.5
7 41 9 26
7.5 41.5 9.5 26.5
8 42 10 27
8.5 43 10.5 27.5
9 43.5 11 28
9.5 44 11.5 28.5
10 44.5 12 29
11 46 13 30

Kids’ Boots

L-L Bean Boots also has an extensive kids range that starts from a size 10 on the kid’s scale and goes up to a size 8 on the adult scale. Unlike some other brands in this section, these shoes are not available in half sizes.

The brand has also made measurements of these sizes available in centimeters to make the process far more accurate. L-L Bean also recommends using the tracing method to help determine the ideal size for your child before placing an order.

You can find the kids’ boot sizes below.

Size 10 11 12 13 1 2
Length 17 17 1/2 18 19 20 21
Size 3 4 5 6 7 8
Length 22 22 1/2 23 24 25 26

L-L Bean Boots Fitting

Apart from the measurements of the boots, there are a couple of other factors at play that help you nail the right size when picking a pair of L-L Bean Boots.

First of all, it’s important to note that L-L Bean offers plenty of room within the boots to allow users to insulate themselves during the winter month. When you’re ordering your boots, you’ll have to accommodate for this factor.

So, for example, if you’re someone who wears lightweight or medium-sized socks, make sure to order a size down from your usual size. If you often wear half-size boots, it’s best to order one and a half sizes below your regular size; if you usually wear a size 9 or 9.5, it’s best to order a size 8.

You will not have to adjust for thick socks because the brand has already done this for you.

If you plan on ordering snow boots from this brand, a different set of rules apply altogether. Snow boots have a rubber section in the front to make space for thick socks and an air pocket to help your feet stay warm. Buying a smaller size is terrible for your feet, even if your shoes are extremely thick.

To find the right fit for this footwear, make sure to carry a pair of sample socks with you when trying the boots on. Once you have the boots on, check for the space between the back of the foot and your heel. You should at least have a finger’s gap here for the perfect fit.

Also, check the toe section by doing the wiggle test. If your toes can move freely, then the shoes work for you. Otherwise, you’ll need a bigger size.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Height of L-L Bean Duck Boots Should I Get?

You can pick up L-L Bean boots in either a 6-inch or an 8-inch. Some models are available in a 10-inch style as well. The height of the boot you’re seeking depends on the conditions you intend to wear them in.

The 8-inch boots, for example, are a versatile version that can be worn all year long. The 6-inch boots, on the other hand, are a specific style and don’t offer much protection in the winter months. For the colder seasons, you should opt for 10-inch boots, if they’re available.

Do L-L Bean Boots Run Big or Small?

L-L Bean Boots tends to run big in both the men’s and women’s options. These boots are also only available in whole sizes and leave plenty of room for warm socks.

How Much Insulation Do I Need?

The amount of insulation you need is directly related to the weather conditions you intend to wear your boots in. It’s important to note that while the 6-inch boots do not contain any insulation whatsoever, you can find the most insulation in the 8 and 10-inch versions.

The 10-inch boots offer the highest insulation levels and can be worn in the winter months and near zero-degree temperatures.

Are LL Bean Boots Comfortable To Walk In?

Yes, LL Bean Boots are comfortable to walk in. They are a great choice for a walk in the woods or taking on a hiking trail. They’re not very breathable, but they are waterproof and have a sturdy design.


Nearly every fan of quality boots seeks out an L-L Bean boot, but not everyone is lucky enough to find the right model or fit. Boot sizing is always tricky, but it becomes more problematic when you have a brand that accommodates warm socks in its sizing.

We hope that our sizing guide has helped you find the right size of boots for your feet.

Once you nail down your L-L Bean Boots sizing, you’re right as rain.


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