Puma Shoe Sizing Chart: Find Your Perfect Fit

Our Puma shoe sizing chart below will help you get an accurate fit as Pumas run a size too small. Size-up when purchasing to nail the right size for these classic athletic shoes.

Finding the right fit is vital in any shoe—especially in athletic shoes where you run the risk of injury with an incorrect fit.

Puma shoes are excellent sporting kicks, so to help you keep your feet fitting right, we have brand-specific sizing charts below.

Keeper reading to get the perfect fit for your Pumas, as well as some tips and tricks.


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Puma Shoe Sizing Charts

The easiest way to see how shoes fit is by glancing at a Puma shoe sizing chart.

Below, you’ll find a Puma shoe sizing chart for men, women and children, complete with measurements.

Men’s Puma Sizing Chart




38  23.4  9.2
6.5  38.5  5.5  24.2  9.5
39  24.6  9.7
7.5  40  6.5  25.0  9.8 
40.5  25.5  10.0 
8.5  41  7.5  25.9 10.2 
42  26.3  10.4 
9.5  42.5  8.5  26.7  10.5 
10  43  27.1  10.7 
10.5  44  9.5  27.6  10.9 
11  44.5  10  28.0  11
11.5  45  10.5  28.4  11.2 
12  46  11  28.8  11.3 
12.5  46.5  11.5  29.3  11.5 
13  47  12  29.7  11.7 
14  48.5  13  30.5  12
15  49.5  14  31.4  12.4 
16  51  15  31.8  12.7


Women’s Puma Sizing Chart






Length (in.) 




















































Closeup of a white "Puma Gold" shoe

Babies and Toddlers’ Puma Shoes Sizing Chart



Range (months) 

US EU  UK  Length (cm) Length (in.) 
9–12  19  12 4.7
12–18  20  12.7  5
12–24  22  14 5.5
18–24  23.5  14.7  5.8
24  25  15.5  6.1
24–36  26  16 6.3
36  10  27  16.5  6.5


Little Kids’ Puma Shoes Sizing Chart


Age (years) US EU  UK  Length (cm) Length (in.) 
10.5  27  9.5  16.8  6.6
11  28  10  17.0  6.7
12  30  11  18.0  7.1
13  31  12  19.0  7.5
32  13  19.5  7.7
1.5  33  13.5  20.3  8
33  20.6  8.1
2.5  34  1.5  20.8  8.2
34.5  21.6  8.5
3.5  35  2.5  21.6  8.6


Youth and Teens’ Puma Shoes Sizing Chart




US  EU  UK  Length (cm) Length (in.) 
10  35.5  22.1  8.7
10  4.5  36  3.5  22.9  9
11  37  23.1  9.1
11  5.5  37.5  4.5  23.4  9.2
12  38  24.1  9.5
12  6.5  38.5  5.5  24.4  9.6
13  39  24.8  9.75


How Do Puma Shoes Fit?

Puma shoes run about a size too small, so size up if you wish to purchase the shoes based on shoe size alone.

The brand’s shoes also fit narrow, which is another smart reason you should size up. You don’t want your toes squished against the front of the shoe, nor do you want shoes pinching the sides of your feet.

However, it’s best if you measure your feet and select your shoes based on that. On top of that, give your shoes a thorough test once you get them to ensure a proper fit. As there are many Puma shoe styles—classic and new—different models will probably fit differently, length and width-wise.

Puma Gold shoes on a bridge


Ways to Make your Pumas Fit Better

There are two swift tests you should do when your shoes arrive to make double sure they fit, even if they feel fine.

Pro tip: Perform these tests in the evening! Your feet swell throughout the day, so be sure the shoes fit when your feet are at their largest.

Index Finger

Stick your index finger down behind your heel and see if you can move it from side to side, running it along the back of the shoe. 

If you can’t get your finger down there, the shoe is too tight. It’s also too tight if you struggle to get it down.

You could use a shoe stretcher here or go for a larger size.

On the other hand, the shoes are too big if you can wiggle your finger back and forth. While it’s possible to learn how to make shoes smaller with ease, it’s best to just size down.


Thumb Test

Press your thumb down in front of your longest toe. If your thumb’s width can’t fit ahead of the toe, the shoes are too small. Any more than your thumb’s width, and they’re too big.

Next, press the side of your thumb to the sole on the sides of your shoes. You need wiggle-room width-wise, too. If you can’t touch the footbed from the outside of the shoe, it’s too small.


How To Measure Your Feet for Your Pumas

Before you head in-store to grab your Pumas:

  1. Draw around your sock-clad foot on a piece of paper.
  2. Glue the page to cardboard.
  3. Cut around the outline.

Now you have a perfect footprint to marry up to Pumas in-store—don’t forget to do this with both feet and use the largest one for your fittings.

But, to measure your foot more precisely, check out this detailed guide:

You’ll Need

  • A piece of paper.
  • Flat surface.
  • Tall, straight wall.
  • Something to draw with.


  1. Line the page and ruler up against a wall on a large-tiled, hardwood or similarly flat floor.
  2. Draw a line through the middle of the page in portrait orientation.
  3. Step onto the page with socks on or barefoot with your heel against the wall.
  4. Line your longest toe up with the line you drew.
  5. Draw a line ahead of your longest toe.
  6. Also mark out each side of the widest part of your foot.
  7. Repeat the process for your other foot.
  8. Measure from the edge of the page to the mark you made along the line; use the largest foot as your measurement.

With your foot length documented, you can compare the length to the charts above and find out what Puma shoe is best for you.

When it comes to width sizing, check out our guide on what does shoe width letters mean to get clued-up.

Closeup of black Puma Clyde shoes


General Shoe-Fitting Tips

Here are a few other elements to take note of when fitting your Pumas:

  • Tip 1: Return shoes that are too small. Don’t assume they’ll stretch with time; you deserve the best right out of the box!
  • Tip 2: Walk around the house, do some chores, dance around and stay active while testing your new shoes; don’t assume shoes that are fine to walk in are fine to stay active in.
  • Tip 3: Try your shoes in the evening; your feet swell throughout the day, so if the shoes feel fine in the morning, ensure they also feel good at night.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Puma Shoes True To Size?

No, Puma shoes aren’t true to size. They’re usually about a size smaller than advertised. Size up when purchasing Puma to avoid causing your feet damage. For a more accurate fit, measure your feet and take a look at our Puma sizing charts.

Do Pumas Fit Like Vans?

No, Pumas don’t fit like Vans. For example, a men’s size 7 in Vans is around 9.8 inches long, while in Puma shoes, it’s 9.7 inches—a small but significant difference that can make or break the shoe’s sizing for you.

Are Puma Shoes Comfortable?

Customers praise Puma shoes for their comfort as well as their durability. Some sources describe Puma footwear as a leader in both of those categories, worldwide. Given the brand’s popularity, it’s safe to say customers are satisfied with their comfort.


The Perfect Puma Pair

Getting a perfect fit is easy once you measure your feet and ensure your shoes fit when they arrive. 

With the charts and tips above, nothing is stopping you from obtaining the perfect pair of Puma shows to power your gait.



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