Red wing Boots Sizing

Boots are definitely one of our favorite types of footwear as they bear a rustic and classical feel and can be paired either casually or formally. Of the numerous boot manufacturers currently on the market, Red Wing definitely stands tall on our list as some of the best boots you can purchase without emptying your wallet.

If you’re looking to pick up a pair of Red Wing boots for the first time or you’re considering replacing your old pair of Red Wing boots, we have a useful guide to help you determine the ideal sizing for your feet.

We’ll cover the following topics in our article to help you with your sizing issues:

  • Why consider a sizing guide?
  • Red wing boots sizing.
  • Red wing boots fitting.
  • How to fit Red Wing lace-up boots.
  • How to fit Red Wing Pull-on boots.

This is our Redwing Boots Sizing — Ultimate Guide.

Redwing boots sizing

Why Consider a Sizing Guide?

Things get a little tricky when you’re considering purchasing a pair of Red Wing boots, especially in the sizing department. According to the manufacturers, it’s recommended that you measure your feet before you pick up a new pair of Red Wing boots.

You may feel like your foot size is a constant like your actual height, but even here, we see numerous small variations appearing in your foot dimensions over time.

Boots are one of those types of footwear where your comfort ultimately comes down to picking the right size for your feet. Even the slightest bit of deviation from the ideal fit can be uncomfortable. So it’s highly recommended that you pay close attention to the sizing of this brand before you narrow down your purchase.

Red Wing Boots Sizing

To make your decision a whole lot easier, Red Wing themselves have provided a generic sizing chart to give a foundation for your final decision. You can check out the sizing chart for both genders here.

To find the ideal fit, however, Red Wing recommends that you take a trip down to one of their stores and spend a few minutes with their fit specialists. These are professionals who understand sizing to the tee and are more than capable of helping you pick out the perfect set of red wing boots based on your size.

Red Wing fit specialists can use their personalized measuring system to match their products’ various foot dimensions and narrow down your options based on the ideal fit.

They can also offer valuable information about details such as arch support and cushioning, and factor in your foot size, width, and arch height while making suggestions from the Red Wings inventory.

Red Wing Boots Fitting

In general, the vast majority of the Red Wing boots inventory features a B fitting for women and a D fitting for men. Specific styles have their own sizing in this brand, like the six-inch safety work boot for men that comes in an EE width.

For women, Red Wings sizes range from a size 5 to a size 11 in nearly all their products. Some styles even feature half sizes for women.

The men’s size of red wing shoes tends to vary from a size 7 to a size 16 based on the style in question. A few of their selections are also available in a half size between 6.5 and 11.5.

How To Fit Red Wing Boots

Red Wing boots are only available in two major styles — lace-up boots and pull-on boots. Both of these styles fit very differently from one another, and there are few tips worth knowing to find the ideal fit for each type.

Lace-Up Boots

Red Wing makes some great looking lace-up boots for men and women, such as the Red Wing Heritage Moc Toe. The following tips should help you find the perfect product for your feet:

Always Try Red Wing Boots With Socks

It’s always recommended that you wear Red Wing boots with socks when you’re trying them on for the first time.

The fitting of your Red Wing shoes tends to vary substantially based on whether or not you’re wearing socks inside the boots. If you end up trying the boots on with extra thick socks that you wouldn’t normally wear with these boots, you’ll notice a significant difference in the fit when you wear regular socks next time.

Consider Your Orthotics Into the Equation

If you’re the type of person who uses any special soles or orthotics for your foot health, it pays to consider this factor while purchasing boots. It’s easy for you to carry these orthotics with you when you try on the red wing shoes to determine the ideal size with accuracy.

The orthotics tend to take up a fair bit of room within your boots, and it’s difficult to predict exactly how much space they’ll take based on estimates. It just makes the most sense to carry the soles for the trial.

Account for Swelling

Some people experience swelling on their feet due to many reasons; this can be down to warm weather or even standing on your feet for excessive periods. If you’re the type of person who sees swelling on their feet, it makes sense to account for this during purchase.

To help you find the ideal fitting for your red wing shoes based on this factor, it’s best that you try to shop for your boots at the end of the day instead of the beginning; this is because your feet tend to be well-rested in the morning.

By the end of the day, however, your feet will take on the shape that only forms after a long day’s work; this would be the perfect time to shop for boots as your footwear has to match this particular shape of your feet.

Take a Walk

Simply wearing the boots isn’t enough to determine the ideal fitting; you need to walk around as well to see if the comfort levels are retained. Take a quick stroll around the store or walk around your home if you’ve ordered your pair online.

Lacing Test

Lace-up boots feel entirely different from pull-up boots due to the lace element involved in fastening the footwear. You should definitely tie the laces on your lace-ups to see how they fit.

Once you’ve tied the lace, you should not feel any movement inside the boots, and your foot should be secure in its position.

There should be enough space around the foot during your stride to help prevent the formation of blisters and corns. Ensure that you don’t feel any pressure on your toes by giving the piggies a wiggle.

Pull-On Boots

If you’re looking to purchase pull-on boots, a couple of tips from the lace-up section still hold true for this model as well. You should definitely try these with socks on as well, and it’s also a good idea to carry your orthotics during trials. Here are a few more useful tips for this category:

Easy Entry

In general, Pull-on boots are a bit trickier to put on than lace-up boots as you need to get your entire foot inside an opening with little wiggle room. When you’re trying on such boots, pay attention to the amount of force or pressure, you need to apply while inserting your foot.

You shouldn’t have to force your foot in, and your foot shouldn’t be able to slip in easily either. The ideal pull-ons require only a bit of pressure to get your heel onto the footbed.

The Pinch Test

Once your foot is inside the boot, observe the amount of (or lack of) space around your feet. The boot should not press up against your foot, but you shouldn’t be able to pinch excess leather around your feet, either.

 Heel Slips

It’s quite common for you to experience heel slips when you’re wearing a new pair of pull-on boots, but this should not exceed more than a quarter of an inch. Once you break in the shoes, this should eventually disappear.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do Red Wing Boots Run Large or Small?

Redwing boots tend to run about half a size to a full size bigger than normal boots, so it makes sense to order a half size down while shopping in this brand.

Do Carolina Boots Run True To Size?

Carolina boots are known to run true to size for the most part. Only in a few exceptional cases can these boots be a bit larger than size, but not by much.

Do You Buy Walking Boots a Size Bigger?

Yes, it’s better to buy walking boots a size bigger to accommodate the contraction during warmer months.

Taking Flight With Your Red Wings


Red Wing shoes are a great brand to opt for when you’re looking to pick up a quality pair of boots. We hope that our sizing guide has been useful in helping you make an informed decision regarding this specific brand.

Hopefully, you can nail your sizing and get your hands on the perfect pair of Red Wings boots! Those are indeed a rarity!


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