Thorogood Boots Sizing: Get Your Perfect Fit

Thorogood company has been making boots since 1892 with hard-working people in mind. You know you’re getting high-quality, durable boots that’ll protect your feet and offer you comfort throughout a long day. 

Although you don’t need to worry about the durability and quality of the boots themselves, you still need to take care of the sizing and fitting. Some models of Thorogood boots tend to run smaller or larger than standard shoe sizes. 

If you buy a size too small or too big, you might feel discomfort, and the perfect working boots might soon turn into a nightmare. This is why it’s important to know how to find the perfect fit for yourself. 

Check our guide below on Thorogood boots sizing to learn how to find your ideal fit. 

Thorogood Boots Sizing infographic


Thorogood Sizing Chart

The best way to see how shoes fit is by looking at the Thorogood boots sizing chart below. 

Men’s Thorogood Boots Size Chart

Shoe Size (US) Inches
6 9 1/4”
6.5 9 1/2”
7 9 5/8”
7.5 9 3/4”
8 9 15/16”
8.5 10 1/8”
9 10 1/4”
9.5 10 7/16”
10 10 9/16”
10.5 10 3/4”
11 10 15/16”
11.5 11 1/8”
12 11 1/4”
13 11 9/16”
14 11 7/8”
15 12 3/16”
16 12 1/2“ 

Women’s Thorogood Boots Size Chart

Shoe Size (US) Inches
4 8 3/16“
4.5 8 3/8“
5 8 1/2“
5.5 8 3/4“
6 8 7/8“
6.5 9 1/16“
7 9 1/4”
7.5 9 3/8”
8 9 1/2”
8.5 9 11/16”
9 9 7/8”
9.5 10”
10 10 3/16”
10.5 10 5/16”
11 10 1/2”
11.5 10 11/16”
12 10 7/88”

Shoe Width Size Chart

Shoe Width Inches
AA 3 1/4 “
A 3 7/16”
B or N 3 5/8”
C 3 13/16”
D or M 4”
E 4 1/8 “
EE or W 4 5/16”
EEE or XW 4 1/2“
4E or H 4 11/16”
6E 4 7/8”


How to Measure Your Feet for Thorogood Boots

Before you head in-store or order your favorite pair of Thorogood boots online, follow these simple sizing directions to help you determine the correct size and width of your feet.

What You’ll Need

  • A piece of paper.
  • A flat surface.
  • A ruler.
  • Socks of medium thickness.
  • A pencil.

How to Do It

Put on a pair of socks of medium thickness for the most optimal measurements and place a piece of blank paper on a flat surface. Stand on the paper and 

hold the pencil vertically (at 90 degrees) and draw a mark at the end of your heel. 

Then draw another mark at the tip of your longest toe, and repeat with your other food.

To get your ideal Thorogood boot size, grab your ruler and measure the heel-to-toe marks on your largest foot, and then check the Thorogood sizing charts. If your foot measures 10.75 inches, for example, then you’ll need to get a pair of boots that are US size 10.5. 

Another important thing to consider is if your measurements are between two sizes, then always opt for the larger size of boots. 

Since Thorogood offers boots of many different widths as well, you can simply measure them by placing two marks on both sides of your feet, preferably where your feet are the widest. Then get your ruler, and measure the length between the two marks and then check the shoe width chart above. 


What Affects the Sizing of Thorogood Boots?

Although Thorogood boots are generally true to size, there can be some small variations. Depending on if the boots are lace-up, pull-on models or have a safety toe feature, this can affect the boot fitting and size. 

Check our guide on how should boots fit to learn more about boot sizing and how to get a perfect fit.

Pull-On Boots

Since you can’t really adjust the width of these boots as you can with lace-up models, it’s important to try them on first.

Pull-on boots should feel comfortably snug around your feet, especially over the instep, but still have about an inch of toe room.

When you put on a pull-on boot, you shouldn’t have to force your foot in, but it shouldn’t slip in easily as well. A gentle push and a little pressure to get your foot inside the boot through the heel section means they’re a perfect fit. 

A small amount of heel slip is completely normal for pull-on boots, but once you’ve worn out your boots a bit and the soles aren’t as stiff anymore, then the heel slip should stop. 

Make sure that you take socks of thickness you normally wear when trying on a new pair of Thorogood pull-on boots. Trying the boots with socks that are too thick might result in buying boots that are too big, and thin socks might end up leaving you with a very tight and uncomfortable boot in cold-weather conditions when you wear thicker socks. 

Check out our article about the terrifying effects of wearing shoes that are too big.

Lace-Up Boots

Thorogood Boots Sizing

Thorogood lace-up boots are generally true to size. You can choose from different widths and, of course, the length shouldn’t be a problem since they have US sizes from 6 to 16 for men and 4 to 12 sizes for women. Additionally, you can adjust the fit by tightening the laces. 

The same as with pull-on boot models, you should wear socks of thickness you usually wear daily to get the perfect fit. If you have any problems with your feet and use special insoles, take them with you when trying as well.

Thorogood lace-up boots might have standard sizes, but wearing insoles or thicker socks will affect how they fit. In this case, it’s better to buy boots that are a half-size larger to avoid them being too tight around your feet later. 

Boots With a Safety Toe

Safety boots that have a steel or composite toe cap generally run about half a size larger. This applies to Thorogood safety toe boots as well. 

The safety toe caps are made to protect your toes, so you have to make sure that your foot is in the right place of the boot. This means that your toes aren’t too far back, as in this case, they will not offer you protection. The ball of your foot should line up with the widest part of the boot, and the flexible point of the soles should be right behind the base of your toes. 

Since working boots can become stinky over time, check out our guide on smelly work boots to learn how to freshen them up and get rid of the odor. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do Thorogood Boots Run True to Size?

Generally, most Thorogood boot models run true to size, but this can vary depending on the style. As mentioned above, you should be careful with pull-on boots that tend to run a bit smaller and boots that have a safety toe as those can run about half a size larger. 

Either way, following the boot fitting tips in this Thorogood boots sizing guide should help you pick the perfect fit. 

Should You Buy Boots Bigger or Smaller?

You should never size down when buying a new pair of boots. If you’re in between two sizes, always opt for the larger size. It’s better to have some extra space in the toe box, as a smaller one will compress your foot and cause all sorts of problems. 


Thorogood Boots Sizing: The Bottom Line

Thorogood boots come in various different styles and sizes, so finding a pair to fit you perfectly shouldn’t be a problem. Following our tips and tricks above, checking the Thorogood sizing chart and measuring your feet should help you get the ideal size for your feet. 

Whether you opt for lace-up, pull-on or safety boots, they should always feel close-fitting but not too tight around your feet.



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