Ugg Boots Sizing: How Do They Fit?

Ugg boots tend to run a size large, and in the UK, it’s a size and a half large. You should size down in Ugg boots and shop with caution as a UK buyer.

If you’re fast approaching winter, you may be fantasizing about Ugg boots. They’re cozy and warm, and so stylish it’s tempting to wear them in hot weather.

Although they go up and down in terms of their trendy nature, Ugg boots are a fashion staple.

But because they’re so expensive, you don’t want to risk buying an ill-fitting pair. So we’ve created some charts to help you fit this fashion-forward footwear—let’s discover the truth of Ugg boots sizing.

sizing of UGG boots


Ugg Boots Sizing

Ugg Boots: True To Size?

Unfortunately, Ugg boots are one of those pieces of apparel that don’t fit like they say the will.

The boots, and all Ugg footwear, run a size large for most of the world. So if you’re a 6, you’ll want to buy a 5.

Ugg Boots UK Sizing

In the UK, sizing is even more off. Luckily, Ugg points this out on the Ugg website.

If you buy Ugg boots and it says 5.5 on the box, those boots are a size 5.

However, we know that Ugg boots run large. So a size 5.5 on the box actually means the boots are a size 4.

UK buyers need to go a size and a half down when purchasing Ugg boots. But to avoid this confusion, it may be best to buy in-store in the UK. Try the boots on and apply our sizing and fitting tips as you walk around the store.

Ugg Boots Size Chart

Not only are the foot lengths in each Ugg sizing chart for Ugg boots, but for all Ugg footwear. Use the Ugg size chart whenever you need.

The calf width in each Uggs sizing chart applies across all boot-like products, too.

Unfortunately, these size charts don’t include half sizes.

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Men’s Size Chart

US UK EU Inches (Foot length) CM

(Foot length)

Inches (Calf width) CM

(Calf width)

6 5 40 9.8 25 13.4 34
7 6 41 10.2 26 13.8 35
8 7 42 10.4 26.5 14.2 36
9 8 43 10.6 27 14.9 37
10 9 44 11 28 15.4 38
11 10 45 11.4 29 15.4 39
12 11 46 11.8 30 15.4 39
13 12 47 12.2 31 15.4 39
14 13 48 12.8 32.5 15.4 39
15 14 49 13.2 33.5 15.4 39

Women’s Size Chart

US UK EU Inches (Foot length) CM

(Foot length)

Inches (Calf width) CM

(Calf width)

4 2 34 8.3 21 11.8 30
5 3 35 8.7 22 12.2 31
6 4 36 9 23 12.6 32
7 5 37 9.4 24 13 33
8 6 38 9.8 25 13.4 34
9 7 39 10.2 26 13.8 35
19 8 40 10.5 26.5 14.2 36
11 9 41 10.6 27 14.9 37
12 10 42 11 28 15.4 38

Children’s Size Chart

Note that there are no calf widths available for kid’s sizes. The boots typically have the same opening size that’ll be wide on most children, but will still feel like a fantastic fit.

US UK EU Inches (Foot length) CM

(Foot length)

7–8 6–7 24 5.7 14.5
9–10 8–9 26.5 6.3 16
11–12 10–11 28 6.7 17
13–1 11–12 30 7.3 18.5
2–3 1–2 32 7.7 19.5



How To Get the Perfect Fit

To ensure you get the right shoe size for your foot measurements, it’s best to measure your feet. Your current presumed shoe size may not be exact—you need exact.

So before you go shoe shopping, you should make sure you have accurate measurements.

If you shop in-store, they’ll be able to measure your feet there. There may even be an Uggs expert who’ll know what size you need.

Shopping online is a different beast, and you need to measure yourself. Basically:

  1. Draw a line down a page.
  2. Put the page on a flat surface, against a wall.
  3. Step on the page, heel to wall.
  4. Mark your longest toe.
  5. Repeat with your other foot.
  6. Measure between the page edge and the line.
  7. Use the measurements from your longest foot.

Once that’s done, and you have the length from heel to longest toe, it’s time to make sure they fit feeling-wise.

The Thumb Test

If you can press your entire thumb down on the toes of your shoes without hitting your toe, you’re in the right size. Your toes need room to wiggle, breathe and flex as you walk all day. You don’t want them hitting the tip of the toe box.

The Stick Test

Ugg boots aren’t like regular shoes. With regular shoes, you can use your index finger.

Find a stick about the same size as your index finger. If you have a hard ruler, you can craft a finger out of rolled-up paper and attach it to the ruler.

Side this down the back of your boot. If you can get it behind your heel without difficulty, you have enough room in the back of the shoe.

The Half-Thumb Test

The right width is as important as the right length. Unfortunately, we don’t have any width charts for you, so you’ll have to guess this.

To ensure you have the right width, see if you can press your thumb sideways onto the sole of the shoe, by your foot. If there’s no wiggle room, your shoes may be too tight.

If they fit in the toes and heel, but not the width, don’t worry. Ugg boots are fur-lined and comfortable, so they won’t chafe or cause big problems.

However, if you’re on the fence about whether your shoes fit and they fail this test, you may need to size up.

And, don’t forget to factor in the break-in room.

u 4

The Calf Test

The higher your boots rise, the more important this test is.

When you sit down, your calf will spread even the smallest bit. So, check your boots fit when sitting down, the backs of your legs against the edge of your seat.

If you can still slip your finger all the way around your calf and shin, the calf width suits you fine.

The Knee Test

Again, the higher the boots, the more important this test is. If they’re barely above the ankle or halfway up the calf, you can rule this out.

Sit down in your Ugg boots that come below the knee. Do you feel a lump behind your knee? They may be slightly too tall—but Ugg boots are special in this case.

Are the boots soft? Will they dig in and cause pain when they sit in your knee groove? If they’re soft and won’t dig in, then you don’t need to worry.

But if you’re sensitive or your boots are on the harder side, it may be a better idea to go for a shorter model.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Ugg Boots Run in Half Sizes?

Ugg sizes run mainly in full sizes, with a few snow and fashion boots coming in half sizes. The size charts across the web, including ours, don’t often include half sizes as the measurements for such are difficult to track down.

How Do Ugg Sizes Run?

Ugg sizes run a size large, but some people find that they run true to size. This is because, upon first purchase, they feel tight. The footbed flattens out over time, making them roomy. So, if you buy your own size, they may end up feeling too roomy once broken in.

Are Ugg Boots True To Size UK?

Ugg boots are not true to size in the UK. The sizing is tricky, and they’re often a size and a half too large. We recommend shopping in-store if you’re in the UK so you can try the boots on.

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What Is a Size 7 in Uggs?

A US 7 is a UK 6, and an EU 40. However, in Ugg boots that run in half sizes, UK buyers may see a size 7.5 on the box.

Should You Buy Uggs a Size Bigger or Smaller?

You should buy Uggs a size smaller unless your feet are particularly wide. Then you can wear them true to size, as your feet will accommodate the roomier footbed once you break in the boots.

If the Boot Fits

Once you’re sure on your Ugg boots sizing, you’re ready to walk into winter or fashion week.

As Ugg boots rise up the leg, you need to be sure they fit in all areas. Hopefully, we’ve helped you with that.

If your friends and family are interested in Uggs, send this their way. Please share your thoughts below.


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