Vionic Shoes Reviews

If you have painful foot problems, the below Vionic shoes reviews are for you.

Conditions like plantar fasciitis require shoes with orthotic support, but it’s hard to find ones that look good. Finding a shoe that’s good for you and doesn’t look terrible is an uphill climb.

But there is a solution!

Vionic’s mission is to make good-looking shoes that support your feet and alleviate pain. 

We collated the best models on the market from this podiatrist-approved shoe brand. We found the best model for every situation, from women’s walking shoes to heels to men’s casual sneakers.

Too busy to read our full Vionic shoes reviews? Here are the best Vionic shoes right now:


You’ll find our detailed Vionic shoes reviews right after this detailed guide of what to look for.

Vionic Shoes Reviews


What Is Special About Vionic Shoes?

If you’re not sure about whether Vionic shoes are for you, here are some reasons you should look into them.

Avoiding and Relieving Pain

Vionic shoes are made with comfort in mind, and they include orthotic support for people who struggle with painful conditions. 

A well-fitting pair of shoes with the right support can help you treat these conditions and lessen the pain:

Even if you’re not suffering from these conditions, a good pair of shoes can help you avoid them. From our Vionic shoes reviews, the Vionic Women’s Brisk Miles Sneaker is our top pick for keeping you comfortable, even when working out.


All Vionic shoes include the company’s special footbed or insole. It provides arch support at the midfoot area, quality cushioning throughout the foot and stability at the heel.

One great example of this is the Men’s Mott Brok Sneaker, an ideal pick for people with flat or over-pronounced arches. The heel design and arch keep your foot in place and don’t allow it to move to the sides like it does when over-or under pronating.

Just keep in mind that the insole does wear out over time, so avoid wearing old shoes for the best results.

Concealed Support

While everybody’s taste is different, the best thing about Vionic shoes is that they don’t look like orthotic support shoes. These shoes are usually thick in the sole and difficult to combine with office clothing, not to mention for going out.

Vionic, on the other hand, includes concealed support, meaning nobody will notice you’re wearing orthotics. The Vionic Women’s Tide II Sandal is a good example of this.


Vionic shoes come in many different styles, from dress shoes to sporty sneakers and even heels, like the Madeline Ankle Boot.

While you won’t find any stiletto heels from Vionic, you’ll be able to update your shoe collection for most styles. We included a selection of shoes for every taste in our Vionic shoes reviews below.

Different Widths

People with flat feet will benefit from wide shoes, especially in the midfoot area.

Many Vionic shoe models, such as the Vionic Women’s Spark Minna Ballet Flat, come in different widths, from extra-narrow to wide. They’re ideal for people with wide feet who have a hard time fitting their feet into common dress shoes. The wide fit can help you ease suffering from bunions. 

Not sure about your foot width? Check out our guide on what does shoe width letters mean for men and women.


Are Vionic Shoes for You?

Vionic shoes can be among the most comfortable pairs you own, but they can be painful at first.

Those who aren’t used to them can experience some pain at first. One Vionic customer even described it as the feeling of having a potato under your arch, but this should go away in about two weeks.

In this period, make sure to only wear your Vionic shoes at home and for a short time. Otherwise, you’ll risk getting into even more pain in your feet. This can also make you hate your new Vionic shoes before you’ve given them the chance they deserve.


What Are the Worst Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a common condition the models in these Vionic shoes reviews can help with. However, many bad types of shoes can give you pain:

    • Heels: High heels tighten the muscles in your foot and calf and can cause you more pain.
    • Ballet flats: Flat-footed shoes that don’t have arch support are bad for plantar fasciitis. 
    • Small shoes: The wrong shoe size also makes your feet tense up, so shoes that are too small are a no-go.
  • Old shoes: When your shoes are worn, the cushioning inside them won’t protect your feet. For best results, replace your shoes often.
  • Flip-flops: Common flip-flops have flat soles that don’t support your feet.

Read on, and you’ll see that we’ve included many of these types of shoes in our Vionic shoes reviews. It’s because when the shoe is well-made with comfort in mind, even heels and ballet flats can become wearable.


Reviews of the Best Vionic Shoes

Our Overview

It can be hard to find a good sandal that looks good while protecting your feet, without that orthopedic sandal look. This one is a flip-flop-style sandal, which can often be painful for people with foot conditions. But, it includes Vionic’s support system for a better fit and protection, so you can wear it for hours.

The biggest difference with common flip-flops is that this shoe has much more arch support to keep your feet protected. Also, this model’s heel cup is deep, so your foot stays in place and centered naturally in the sandal. This helps you keep your feet aligned when walking.

According to customers, if you have wide feet, these sandals are a good purchase. And, if you experience heel pain, they have a 1.25-inch heel that gives you a slight lift to alleviate plantar fasciitis.

As for the quality and durability, the uppers are generally good and last a long time. Customers also love that they’re easy to clean. 

Keep in mind that the supportive sole can get squashed and lose its supportive abilities in about six months. This, together with the relatively high price for a pair of flip-flops, makes it an investment some customers find too steep.


  • Thick, supportive sole.
  • Deep heel cup to keep foot in place.
  • Wide fit.
  • Easy to clean.


  • High price for sandals.
  • Sole wears out over time.

Our Overview

If you’ve had to stop using high heels due to foot problems, the Madeline ankle boot can save your wardrobe.

It’s a quality, 100% leather boot that allows you to dress up a bit while still supporting your feet. You can buy these boots in leather or suede, both treated to be waterproof. 

These ankle boots have a 2.4-inch heel, but they also include a concealed orthotic support that keeps you comfortable for hours. The arch hits most customers at the right spot, which isn’t always a given with heels.

What customers love about these boots is that they’re versatile for use with pants, skirts and everything in between. They’re easy to convert from daytime use at the office to a dinner out. Also, the zipper’s tassel adds a nice detail to the otherwise simple design.

One possible negative is in the ankle design, which is so wide that it can look clumsy with some types of cropped jeans. Another issue some customers have had is that the zippers aren’t tough, and they can slide down on their own as you’re walking.


  • Heels with orthopedic support.
  • Versatile and stylish boot for everyday wear.
  • Waterproof 100% leather.
  • Comfortable for hours of wear.


  • Zipper slides down on its own.
  • Wide ankle.

Our Overview

Vionic may be mostly known for women’s shoes, but the company also makes quality shoes for men that don’t hurt your feet. This pair is an everyday-wear, dressy leather sneaker that doesn’t look too sporty to wear on the town. 

It also includes Vionic’s concealed orthotic arch support that makes walking and standing up for hours pain-free, even with flat feet. Some customers also say it keeps them free of lower back pain. But, you won’t notice the orthotic style from the outside because of the simple, but elegant, design that combines with different looks.

Also, the outsole is a grippy, durable rubber, and there’s an EVA foam insole you can replace for custom orthotic inserts if you have them.

The upper is leather with a perforated V-shape on the sides for airflow and adding a bit of style.

Note that this pair is also slightly narrow compared to Vionic’s usual fit, so it’s not for those with wide feet.


  • Great for flat feet. 
  • Grippy, durable outsole.
  • Removable EVA insole if you have custom insoles.
  • Versatile, dressy sneaker.


  • Narrow fit.
  • Not the most breathable.

Our Overview

Many Vionic users find the brand when looking for extra support for exercising, and this model is an excellent reflection of this. If you have foot conditions derived from having flat feet, you know how hard it can be to with the incorrect footwear. 

A good sports sneaker like the Brisk Miles can help by giving you that extra support your feet need when you’re walking or working out. It has a good amount of support in the Vionic EVA footbed to keep you pain-free during long working hours. 

On the outsole, the rubber is durable and grippy, making the shoe a good option for gym workouts, as well. It aids with balance if you need to make quick movements.

It also has a double-mesh upper that’s breathable but thick enough to not allow your feet to move too much. This feature, combined with Vionic’s insole design, hugs your feet, keeping your heel stabilized in place. It can help correct your foot position, radiating to the rest of your posture, joints and back.

Overall, this shoe’s fit is quite snug and best for narrower feet. The heel is tight and low, and some customers have had issues, such as blisters.

We recommend going up about half a size from your regular size to compensate for this. You can also try our tips on how to stop shoes rubbing the back of your ankle.


  • Supportive, stabilizing insole.
  • Durable outsole.
  • Breathable upper.


  • Narrow fit.
  • Tight heel causes pain for some wearers. 

Our Overview

Ballet flats are another versatile everyday shoe many people with foot issues like plantar fasciitis have to stop using. This is why it’s exciting to find Vionic’s comfortable Spark Minna ballet flats, which come with the company’s arch support system.

What customers love about this shoe is that it looks like a common pair of ballet flats. But, it comes without the painful effects of cheap, flat-soled shoes, like increased inflammation and pain in your heels. It also has a higher price tag for this type of model, but customers generally find it worth the investment.

It’s narrower than many other Vionic shoes, so the normal sizing may not be the right pick for wide feet. However, this model does come in both extra-wide and extra-narrow sizes. This can be a relief for women with bunions, given that this shoe type is often narrow and can be really painful to wear.

Remember that this isn’t an athletic shoe, so you can’t compare it to a sneaker’s cushioning. However, they’re incredibly comfortable for a ballet flat, and their support is often enough if you don’t spend the entire day on your feet.

One issue with this pair is that it’s usually worn without socks, and the design makes your toes sweat quite a lot.

The heel is another problem area, as some users comment the leather rubbing against their skin, causing blisters. We do recommend sizing up about half a size to avoid issues, though.


  • Versatile look.
  • Good support for a ballet flat.
  • Comes in extra-wide and extra-narrow sizes.


  • Not breathable.
  • Heel can give you blisters.

Our Overview

This men’s casual sneaker has a slightly sportier feel while keeping the look minimal and without much detail. It’s an everyday shoe that’s comfortable for walking long distances but looks good enough to wear around town.

The upper is made fully out of soft nubuck with a sock-like feel and is full of small perforations to keep it breathable. Just keep in mind that it’s not a rainy-day shoe and will let every drop of water through. 

But, the outsole is lightweight and flexible, and your feet won’t get tired of wearing them for hours on end. Of course, you should break them in first, but they’re light and easy to wear once you’ve gotten used to them.

One issue from customers is that the leather is slippery and not super durable. While it feels nice on your feet, it becomes unwearable faster than thicker, sturdier materials. The tongue also moves around to the sides easily because it’s so thin, which can get annoying.


  • Soft, sock-like upper. 
  • Lightweight.
  • Stylish, minimalistic look.
  • Flexible outsole for ease of movement.


  • Leather isn’t durable.
  • Tongue moves around.


Do Vionic Shoes Really Work?

According to customers, Vionic shoes do really work. In some cases, they allow people to eliminate plantar fasciitis, even when walking or standing for long periods. In others, they reduce foot pain well, but the extent may depend on what condition you have and how serious it is.

How Long Does It Take To Get Used To Vionic Shoes?

It can take up to a couple of weeks to get used to Vionic shoes. This is because they have a lot of arch support, which feels hard against your foot if you’re not accustomed to it. This feeling should go away in about two weeks if you train your feet properly.

Do You Have To Break in Vionic Shoes?

You don’t necessarily have to break in each new pair of Vionic shoes, but you do have to get used to them. Wear your shoes around the house for one hour at a time every day for two weeks before you leave the house in them. 

Do Vionic Shoes Run Wide?

Vionic shoes run a little wide given that they’re designed for people with foot conditions derived from flat feet. Many models also have extra-wide and extra-narrow sizes, so the company does cater to many different types of feet.


The Winner

Out of our Vionic shoes reviews, our winner is the Vionic Women’s Tide II Sandal. It’s a flip-flop sandal that supports your arches with the Vionic concealed orthotic technology, without looking like an orthotic.

The sole is thick, so you can wear it for hours on end. If you over or under pronate, the heel cup helps keep your foot in place when you’re walking. And, correct foot positioning can help you keep the rest of your body aligned and free of pain. 

From your feet to your ankles, knees and back, picking the right footwear can make all the difference.

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